Busy Girls


My chickens haven’t slowed down with their laying.  Now that it’s gotten really cold, they may but Friday I was begging people to take eggs!  Found homes for 4 dozen of them but we hardly used any eggs this weekend.  Maybe it’s time to make creme brulee!  🙂



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    quiltbea says

    I love seeing all those eggs. It makes the thought of keeping chickens even better.
    I see the Easteregg layers aren’t doing as well as your Red Stars.
    Thanks for the chicken update.
    Love it.

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    This title came up on my blog list and I said to myself that this entry must be about Judy’s chickens and sure enough.

    I wish I lived closed enough…

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    if only you could mail eggs…even though I live in the country it’s so hard to find fresh eggs…and I need eggs for my Christmas Pound Cakes….

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    I see alot of angel food and sponge cakes in your future…..the only way to make those homemade is with fresh eggs. Enjoy the fresh eggs……I will admit I miss having them (my fresh egg guy got rid of his chickens three years ago)!!!!!!!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    (small, hesitant voice…)

    I don’t know why Vince was in the hospital, but…did the doctor say he could continue eating as usual? If so, bring it on!!! 🙂 If not, maybe separate the yolks and whites for custards and meringues, respectively?