Could Be My Lucky Day


Third time in two months that our Dish receiver has gone out.  Doesn’t bother me one bit . . I’m not going to say I wish the TV would go out because I know we’d just go buy a new one but . . I’m no fan of the TV.  Tonight Vince said . . if it goes out one more time, I have a good mind to cancel the whole thing.  Then he saw the excitement on my face and he clarified . . if it goes out one more time, I’m canceling the DVR and the HD.  He was so aggravated with them today that he canceled part of what we had.  We’re down to just the basic channels now.  Oops . . just read this to Vince and he said . . no we’re not.  We have lots of channels.  Dang it . . maybe after 4 or 5 more receivers going out, we can get down to the basic channels.

I don’t see the point in having a TV but if you have to have one, why on earth do you want to pay to watch it?   I remember when I was a kid, we only got 3 or 4 channels and it was free, and we sat down at talked as a family!  We went for days that the TV was never turned on.

I suppose, if I really stretch my imagination, I can think of why it’s kinda fun to have a TV if there are certain shows you enjoy watching.  I’ve really tried to get hooked on shows . . I just can’t.  There have been times when everyone was raving about a series and I thought . . I’m going to make myself watch that and like it and I just couldn’t.  American Idol, Dancing with the Stars . . never seen a single episode.

Know the last thing I remember being interested in?  Flamingo Road.  How long ago was that?



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    peggy says

    I think the last show I watched regularly may have been Mork & Mindy. Now that was a long time ago. My hubby tivos everything and watches endless cop shows. (Our son is a police officer.) I try to find something to watch regularly, too. I am sort of interested in The Good Wife, but if I don’t see it, it’s not a big deal. All of this reality TV is a mystery to me. Why? If someone has a suggestion for a worthwhile series, fill me in!

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    Just wanted you to know I truly enjoy your daily blogging. I too live in Mo. and enjoy listening about your chickens. I was raised on a farm but have been a city person since 1966.I love quilting but seem to be a lot slower in getting them done.

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    Sandy says

    I wish I wasn’t hooked on a few shows that I like to watch. Such as The Young and the Restless I have been watching since day one……..March’73.

    Judge Judy, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, HGTV decorating and house buying shows…well, you get the picture. I got alot more done before these shows started and I didn’t know how to use the computer.

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    Marilyn says

    I am not a tv watcher either. Sometimes, I feel I just have to sit down and keep him company. Ha – I try but I fall asleep.Then again, he controls the remote and most times I could care less what he chooses to watch. I can do without. He would go nuts, and drive me nuts without it. I think it hould stay, but only for that reason. I could go on and on, but it keeps him busy and I can go do my thing.

    But again, a gas stove aways seems to work (except when the oven goes out like mine did in the last week)……..



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    Evelyn says

    I grew up without a TV, but Mom would rent on for the winter Olympics and if someone was really sick. My brother only has TV in the winter months – as soon as it is nice out it goes up in the rafters of the garage! In our house we just have the bare minimum of channels. I hate reality shows – it is a super cheap way for TV shows to be on – have a competition and the winner gets $10K or something like that- gone are the days of super high saleries per episode to the actors. And now they don’t have to worry about writer’s stikes either. There just isn’t any content! I would much rather rent a movie than watch what the current offering is on TV – and no commercials either! Cheers! Evelyn

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    I’m a TV junkie…It comes on when I get up and goes off when I go to bed, don’t ask me what’s on it but I want that background noise. I know I can listen to music but it’s not the same…

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    I’m not one for reality (I too have never seen an episode of American Idol or Dancing with the stars) but I love BBC America…

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    I’m with you Judy–just not a TV watcher–never have seen an espisode of The Bachelor or American Idol, etc. My husband, thank goodness, is the same–we haven’t even had a TV in our house in over 8 years and to think he used to sell and install the huge satellite dishes and then the smaller ones like people use today. I would much rather read a book or sew but the internet is almost as captive as a TV these days!

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    Bobbie says

    Judy, I,m not much of a watcher as I am a listner-the TV is on most of the time-a news channel , mostly that because I can’t stand dead silence and I think I was the last person on earth to learn about 9/11. I do watch certain sports on in the evening, but I have my sewing or knitting right there with me. And, if you will watch Greys Anotemy-Thursday nights-I just know you will like it-funny, sad, educational and what good looking Doctors. Hugs, Bobbie

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    I have the TV on a lot, for the noise in the background. It is mostly for the news, weather and sports. There are some shows I watch, mostly the mystery type. I like the old movies.

    But, everyone needs a way to unwind after work. Sometimes, zoning out on some silly show helps. If Vince didn’t have the TV, would he want to go shopping more?

    What are Vince’s hobbies, other than shopping, enjoying your great cooking and building chicken coops?

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    Carol says

    Like others have said, my tv is on all the time but mainly for background noise. Only when I am reading is it a distraction, but when I’m on my laptop or when I am stitching, the tv is on.

    AND I hate reality and really only watch mystery/crime fiction! Of course here is enough of the latter to keep the prime time hours filled up!

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    I hate background noise (which includes the TV) Love the silence of my home when DH is out of town and all I hear is the humming of my Lap Top, that I’m addicted to, it replaced the TV for entertainment years ago.

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    Cindy B says

    I like to watch Discovery and History channels. The classic movie channel always has a good old time movie playing. I can’t remember not having a tv in the house. I love the new flat screen tvs, everything is built in, no wires running everywhere. It’s the same as hanging a picture on the wall, no floor space required. I saw on the news that the new tv out soon will be a wireless wall screen that will be a computer, phone, tv, all in one.

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    Carol says

    I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I find TV relaxing after another day of work but most of the programming is pitiful. I do like to what certain channels and I do have a few favorite programs. I also use the TV like a radio – it’s on for the background noise and if I hear something interesting, I stop and listen and watch.

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    People always ask me how I find time to do so much quilting. I don’t watch TV! Frees up a lot of time. I’ve never seen those shows either.