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    I really love what the stripe does for this block. I don’t have anything up – just lots ready to be made into something today with some kids! Wish me luck!

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    Hi Judy,
    I followed your blog when I was making quilts and enjoyed it immensely. Your sense of humor keeps me laughing. Your stash busting is something I can certainly relate to and I have had three large fabric sales to move some stash along over the past few years. Now that I make dolls I only buy 1/2 yard pieces of fabric…still the stash grows, LOL.
    I’ve added you to my feed again as I realised, again, how much I enjoy your writing.

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    I love this challenge – sometimes it’s the only “excuse” I give myself to sew. One of my goals in 2010 – give myself a few hours each week just to sew !

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    Mary says

    I just found some striped fabric and was looking for a pattern. Maybe this one will do it.

    I’m still getting things done because of this post. Thanks so much for continuing it. I get a push to work, and I get to see what others are doing. We have a 2 hour delay, so I might get some sewing done this morning, but brrrr, it’s cold outside.

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    Bear Paw is one of my most favorite blocks so this really appeals to me. I, too, find that the striped fabric gives a new look to it. Cool!

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    I havent been posting or doing much else other than trying
    to get 2 deadline quilts done…and it sure shows on my design wall