Sleepy Monday

I slept half the day away!

Yesterday when I posted about all the eggs my sweet chicken keep laying for me, Liz sent me a link to a  recipe or Eggs Florentine Casserole posted on Pioneer Woman’s site.  It uses lots of eggs – 18 to be exact.  I need to send a dish — snack, cookies, cake . . something . . to work with Vince tomorrow so I thought . . perfect!  Eggs Florentine Casserole!  But I didn’t want to send a never tested recipe for everyone to eat, though I trust Pioneer Woman’s recipes completely.  So, I made a small one last night, stuck it in the fridge and planned to fix it for our breakfast this morning.  Breakfast needs to be on the table by 6:40 so I set my clock for 5, which is way before daylight.  Got up, took the casserole out of the fridge so I wouldn’t be sticking an ice cold casserole in the oven, though it was probably not much warmer in the kitchen at 5 a.m. than in the fridge.  Our thermostat is set for 60° for the night and starts about 4:30 coming up 2° at a time (have I said lately I’d love to have a gas heater — anything other than a heat pump?) so by the time we get up around 6:15 on the average day, it should be about 68° in the house.  So . . at 5 a.m., it was cold.  If we turn the thermostat up higher than 2° at a time, the emergency heat comes on and Vince says “DO NOT DO IT!” so I DO NOT DO IT!

It was way too cold to sit comfortably so I went back to bed and set my clock (which is really my cell phone) for 6:00 so I could get up and turn the oven on to heat.  While laying in bed, I kept thinking . . just set the oven to come on at 6:00 and you won’t have to get out of bed til 6:10 to put the casserole in the oven.  Good grief!  I couldn’t go back to sleep for thinking about . . should I get up and set the oven to come on or should I just get up at 6 and turn it on?  10 minutes!  At least it was warm in bed.

Anyway, finally got the casserole done and it was good.  I will change a few things though.  I think it needs more potatoes on the bottom and I’m going to crumble the sausage instead of cutting it into patties and placing them on the top.  And, I didn’t see the need to mix the spinach in with the egg.  I just put the spinach on top of the sausage and then put the grated cheese and then poured the eggs on top of everything.

And, the recipe on PW’s site just says to salt and pepper the potatoes.  The eggs really need salt and pepper too.  So, I made those changes and I will make all this again tonight in a larger version and send it to work with Vince in the morning but . . I will set the oven to come on and I will put a cold casserole dish in the oven.  I need my sleep!

At 7:00 Vince left.  At 7:15 it was light enough to let the chickens out.  At 7:20 I went back to bed.  I told myself I would only sleep a few minutes because the trash man would come before 8 and that would wake me up.  He came but it didn’t wake me up.  The phone woke me up at 9:40!!  I think I had plenty of sleep.

A batch of tamales is started and otherwise, I’ve spent the day knitting, when I wasn’t sleeping!  🙂



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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I don’t know about Missouri but we have been having a lot of gloomy days. I think we need a sun shiny day. When it is gloomy for several days in a row, I get where I slow down. I wish I could say that I have spent the day in bed just to do it. I ate some soup on Sunday, (it was good, but boughten), I got food poisoning. I have never been so sick in my life. I have been in bed since yesterday afternoon and most of today. My temperature is finally back to normal. I just know if the sun was shining, I would feel better. Your casserole sounds so good. So far today, I have had some jello and an ensure and gatorade. I will eat tomorrow, I think.

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    I’m glad it was good. I am defrosting some sausage to make the casserole and I was planning to just use the crumbled sausage and not patties – much easier. It just sounds like a great recipe when you have extra taters to use up.

    Or in your case, eggs!


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    Bobbie says

    My combuter is fried again^&(*&%$##@!()*&^%%%% AND I am ticked off–can see my favorites list or get my email–I had to search thru history to even get on here. I am the most stuoid outfit about the computer–hope one of the kids come by and fix it!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Bobbie

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    Julie H. says

    A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I don’t know anyone who gets enough sleep anymore.

    I have the same alarm clock. Is it a Nokia?

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    Carol in SW IN says

    That is too funny, I made a recipe from PW tonight too. It was the apple cake in a pan. My son is in FFA and they are finishing up their fruit sales. I am loaded with apples, pears and pineapples. I made and canned 16 pints of applesauce on Sat and I have enough to make 16 more, plus some to slice and freeze. I love PW’s recipes too, especially all of the pics on her blog. I will have to look up the egg dish and try it when I have some more.

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    Brenda B. says

    It was really good!! Thanks for sending it with Vince, it made a nice warm breakfast during our morning meeting. And I did like the spinach layered on top. Yummy! Yummy!