The Brown Quilt

Sunday night about 9 p.m. I finished Vince’s top.  He had come downstairs for something while the blocks were still on the design wall and I said “What do you think?”  He said “it’s brown!”  Once I was finished with the top, I brought it upstairs and again asked him what he thought.  He said “It’s big.  When are you going to make me one for covering up with while sitting in my chair?”  I said . . want this one?  He said . . no, it’s too big!  I give up.  I think he’s wanting something that’s long . . maybe about 50″, and narrow . . maybe about 30″.  I also think it’s time for a trip to Wal-Mart for something for Vince to cover up with while watching TV.


The top was really quick and easy to make.  Not sure if you can tell but the gold and green squares are a little smaller than the brown squares so except for where the blocks met in the rows, there was nothing to have to match up.  It went together really quickly . . I started it on a Saturday evening and finished it Sunday night. And . . look at those borders.  Nothing is pieced.  What came over me?  🙂

Several have asked for the pattern.  Give me a few days and I’ll get it written and posted.

It needs a name.  Any suggestions?



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    Men!!!! Can’t live with em can’t live without em…..well actually I do live without them……did you want to smother him with that gorgeous quilt

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    Well, all browns remind me of chocolate so my vote is for “Chocolate Nougat” – Vince should use this quilt and be grateful he has such a wonderful, fantastic wife (and tell him I said so).

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    Evelyn says

    Country Lanes? Park Walk? Omi asked for a quilt yesterday and right away I showed her several photos of patterns that I like and asked for a color choice and size preference. She picked 2 different patterns that I enjoyed making in the past so I know it will be easy enough to put together the quilt she will like. I only got to do that though because she asked so it won’t be a surprise. If Vince doesn’t want that quilt – just add it to your trunk show as a good example of a masculine quilt! It is nice! I am sure lots of people will be sewing it once you post the pattern. I also think it would look very pretty in pastels! Cheers! Evelyn

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    With the way Vince treated it, how about “Unloved”???? LOL I’d get a fleece blanket from the store for him now, too. Geesh….MEN!!!

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    Lydia says

    You said the green and gold squares are a little smaller than the brown squares, but it looks like they’re actually a little larger? I noticed that on your EQ mockup, too.

    I really like this design. Don’t know what Vince’s problem is, but I think you need to get him to tell you specifically what it is he wants.

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    Diane says

    I like “Not Vince’s Quilt” also. I’d ask him one more time exactly what does he want….being a quilter will you be happy with him under a walmart fleecy?
    The quilt is great. Lots of us are going to want to make it for sure. OMG I’m never going to get caught up if you talented designers out there don’t knock it off for a while and let me catch up! 🙂

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    Judi says

    If that quilt needs a new home my dh said he loves it and it reminds him of socks so what about SOCKS.

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    Randi says

    How about “Hugs & Kisses”? The brown outlining the white squares look like the o’s and the little nine patches, the x’s. This was the first thing that came to mind. I know the colors don’t really ring true for this name, but thought I’d still put it out there.

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    He’s a builder, why not have him draw out the size he wants. Then have him choose 2-3 colors he likes. You could even give him some block choices but that may be going too far. I am very lucky, anything I make for my husband, he thinks is GREAT.

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    Donna in KS says

    Rejection Dejection! Sometimes it is just too hard to figure out what they want! I like the design. dfb

  11. 21

    Jane says

    Oh there’s just no pleasing some people!!! LOL I love it and can’t wait for the pattern!! :o)

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    Sound like Vince wants a flannel quilt or an easy fleece quilt. I think the flannel quilts I have made for family are the ones that got used the most!

    The pattern reminds me of a trellis, but I can’t think of any catchy names right now.

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    Sarahe4e says

    Vince’s Boon Doggle. (Boon Doggle is something that was planed out but didn’t work as it was intended, or as the dictionary says: a pointless work). Men just don’t realize how much size it takes to wrap up into comfortably.
    I like this quilt and would be proud to wrap up with it.

  14. 28

    Cindy says

    Go get him one of those icky Snugglie things. Then you could use it when you are crazy enough to get up at 5 in the morning!

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    quilting gail says

    I like some of the titles already suggested. I did name one of mine, “Not Mandy’s” … so simply, “Not Vince’s”

  16. 30

    Regina says


    I love your brown quilt. Don’t you wish you hadn’t asked Vince what he thought and just wrapped it and gave it to him 🙂

  17. 31

    Elizabeth says

    I love the quilt. I was looking for a pattern to make purple quilts for two sisters. Looking forward to the pattern.

  18. 32


    Judy, You are simply amazing!!! I have been following your blog for a year now, and I don’t know where you get all your energy to do all the things you do. I wish you would bottle some of it and send it to me. I get tired just reading all the things you accomplish. lol
    I think you Big Brown Quilt is beautiful. I want to make a quilt for my family Doctor and I think this would be a great pattern for it. I was going to do Friendship Stars but your design is a lot classier. I hope you find time to post the instructions and you will get full credit for the pattern. Keep up your excellent work and ideas.
    Vince not accepting the quilt is his loss.
    Regards, Lee

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    Lisa says

    I think it should be called “Lisa’s Gift” and you give it to me! LOL! It’s a beautiful quilt! He should have loved it regardless!

  20. 34


    Hmmmmmmmmmmm I saw the green and thought of Pistachios… and then something with chocolate. So maybe Pistachio Fudge Sundae??

    and poo on Vince…. I love snuggling under a BIG quilt while watching TV. If he doesn’t want it, send it to PA :o)


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    When i was little my dad would tell me that he had to walk to school, uphill both ways in the mud. And this quilt reminded me of mud hills. So I think it should be called “Uphill both ways”

    I love it!! And you did a great job!! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. 36

    pdudgeon says

    i’m going along with the crowd here. Get Vince a fleece blanket from Wal-mart and call it good.

    I happen to think that’s a great quilt!

  23. 38


    “It’s Brown” or “Persnickity” .

    “Persnickity” has such a perky name, kinda like the corners, sharp contrasts, with just an “edge of” being peeved! 😎 This would be my choice. 8-))

  24. 41


    How about one of those ugly Snuggies that are advertised all the time? Oh I forgot that you don’t watch tv. But if you did you would have seen one of the ads. They are a fleece blanket with arms that wraps around you from the front so that you arms are free. It’s kind of like a robe on backwards. You could even make him one. I’d like to see pictures of that. Vince would probably love it.

  25. 44


    Lets see for a name “Vince’s Big Brown Quilt”…… this reminds me of a story… son…..also a male wanted a quilt. So I took him along so he could pick out the fabrics…..he picks two fabrics……so lets pick a pattern……..he said….no….one fabric for the front and one fabric for the back!!!! He was 7 at the time. It maybe his last quilt…

  26. 45

    Alma says

    Chocolate Delight

    it looks like a chocolate candy bar with a yummy delightful center!
    Makes me hungry just to look at it. Sorry, I am addicted to chocolate!!

  27. 46

    Becky I says

    I didn’t have time to read the previous posts but my suggestions is “Chocolate lovers dream” It is pretty no matter what Vince says!

  28. 47

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    How about putting flannel as the backing. That makes it soft and cuddly. That is a salvage option. I thought “Brown Derby” for a name.

  29. 48


    Wow, that was fast! Keith’s still waiting for him.

    I tend to make Keith’s sofa quilts twin size — not so wide but long which is nice since he’s 6’4″

  30. 49

    Darlene S says

    How about “Brown Lickety Split” I can’t wait for you to post the pattern (next year). Dar S

  31. 50

    Carol says

    How about “Unbelievable” ? Since Vince likes to shop, send him to Wal-Mart to buy his own fleece blanket snuggle thingy!

  32. 51

    Joe Piontkowski says

    Vince is too short to need a longer quilt. I say you make him one that’s wider. 🙂

  33. 52

    Jean R says

    I thought of several names for Vince… Oh, you meant for the quilt. Okay, here are some options:
    – Vince’s Dilemma
    – Men Schmen
    – Nuttin’ for Christmas