A Treat For Santa


This picture from yesterday reminds me of leaving treats for Santa . . cookies for Santa and dog food treats for the reindeer!   We don’t leave those treats any more and I miss that!  The treats weren’t for Santa though . . chocolate chip cookies for anyone who wants them, chocolate chip cookies without chocolate for me and dog food for . . you know who!




  1. 2

    Mary Beth says

    Is that your dog?? I would have never guessed! You know how they say a person’s dog usually resembles them? Not in this case :o)

  2. 3

    Bobbie says

    my treats are horse treats, dog treats, and always milk and cookie for Santa. I just love Christmas, although talking it slow and easy is not my kind of Christmas. All will be fine soon. Everyone-Have a GREAT Christmas. Hugs, Bobbie

  3. 5

    Diann Smith says

    Why don’t you eat chocolate? Isn’t that a food group. I am now diabetic and miss chocolate so……………will fall off the wagon at Xmas..craving it too much.

  4. 6


    I thought I was the only one who liked chocolate chip cookies without the chips. Not that I don’t like chocolate mind you… It’s complex.