Enough Already!

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Hot Tamales – time consuming but so worth it!

For most of my life . . maybe for all of my adult life, I’ve said winter was my favorite season.  I’m on the verge of changing my mind. Once I shoveled our driveway in Kentucky.  It was a long driveway to be out shoveling with snow still falling.  Vince still laughs that he came home, it was dark, my hair was frozen, my nose was red and I was still out shoveling.  We didn’t learn a whole lot about snow and driveways and shoveling in southwest Louisiana.  This picture shows the driveway . . obviously without snow!

Other than that one time, my experience with winter has been to stand at the door and wave goodbye to Vince as he went to work.  On really cold days, if I needed groceries or something, Vince would get it for us and I’d sit in the nice, warm house and sew or cook.

Until . . chickens!  I’m not complaining!  Helen, wherever you are . . I love my chickens!  I don’t mind freezing my buns off to take care of them but I will be real happy when spring gets here.

We bought an extra watering container so I’m not out after dark trying to clean the water container and re-fill it.  If I open the door to their run while they’re in it, all 10 of them rush the opening and they’re free range chickens til I can catch them so I wait til they’re safely locked in the coop before I refill their water bucket.  But, with the extra can, I just take it out after I put them in the coop for the night.  That one is usually frozen solid . . because Vince still hasn’t hooked up the water warmer for outside, though he does have the heater working inside the coop.  I’ll bring the frozen one into the garage and it will thaw overnight and the next day, about mid-day when it’s hopefully above freezing, I’ll go out and clean it and re-fill it for the next day.  Sounds way more complicated than it is.


This is inside my garage downstairs.  Water can clean and full.  It will not freeze inside there because that room has heat.  Food pitcher is filled and ready to go.  Fuzzy warm boots are ready for my cold toes.  In the mornings, I run downstairs, put on my boots, run outside and fill the chickens’ food container, stick in the fresh water container, let them out of the coop, run back inside . . takes about 2-1/2 minutes to do it all.  Yep, I will be very glad for spring to get here.  I have a whole new appreciation for farmers who have to feed livestock all winter.



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    Judy. We have chickens and goats that all need attention every day. Today, in south central North Dakota, we’re not expected to get above zero. BRRRR!

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    I don’t like winter either, but I’ve got 6 inches of snow right now to contend with. I don’t think the chickens would last here.

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    Linda says

    Spring is a long way away, Judy. Last night we had our share of the great midwestern blizzard. Snow Day!! The wind is still blowing pretty good and now, at almost noon, it’s still about 0 out. Our grill blew over in the wind last night, but no way am I going out to try to set it back up. I knew I should have pulled it around closer to the side of the house, but didn’t want to go out in the cold yesterday either.

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    Denise says

    Judy we got somewhere between 13 and 16″ of snow since yesterday! Snow day for me – only about the 3rd time in 25 years I couldn’t get to the office. You’d have flash frozen chickens and eggs if you were here and you’d need hip boots! 🙂

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    Shoot, I’m outside walking Chesty longer than 2 and 1/2 minutes and I do that several times a day .. in fact, I need to wake him up and get him out once more tonight or he’ll never make it all night.

    I agree, it’s worth a little work (even in the cold) to have something you want.