More About the Stash Report

One misconception about the stash report that I need to clear up before I break into hives . . we do not (or at least no one I know does) track our whole stash — just what we use.  I don’t have a clue how many yards, inches, pounds, pieces . . not a clue . . what’s in my stash.  I track what I use and what I add.  That’s it!

Several of you have asked if I have a goal for yardage usage next year.  Yes, I do. It’s a lofty goal and I doubt I come close to reaching it but I’m a firm believer in setting your sights high.  Will it bother me if I don’t meet my goal?  Nope!  Will it energize me tremendously trying to reach my goal?  Definitely.  Will I tell you my goal?  Yes, on December 31, 2010.  Just to keep me honest, one person will know my goal.  Only one person.  Because if I don’t tell someone, you’ll never know on December 31, 2010 if I’m telling the truth or not .. except I think I always tell the truth . . unless I accidentally don’t tell the truth.

How do I track my usage.  I use Google documents.  It’s free and I can access it from anywhere.  As soon as I keep a spreadsheet on my downstairs computer, I need to see it from my upstairs computer.  Here’s a screen shot of my 2010 Stash Report document.


You can track your stats anyway you choose .. no rules .. just have fun with it!

Yes, I’m excited about starting over for 2010!



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    Hives? Hopefully no one is stressing you that much! I think it would take some ladies most of 2010 to measure their stash, much less use any of it!

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    Anyway…do we really want to know how much fabric is in our stashes???? I know I don’t want to know, that’s why I keep mine hidden in a closet out of sight…..I’m not sure how you do it having it exposed on your shelves like it is… would be to much for me to handle.

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    Lofty goal… I’m going to guess 1,000 yards used, and that you’re hoping you don’t buy more than 500 yards in 2010… so you’ll actually make a dent next year! 🙂 Keep that up, and you’ll actually reached a point where you need to buy as much as you use. That’ll be fun. 😉

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    Since I have to reorganize my stash again, I’ve thought about weighing it to estimate what I have. On the other hand if my DH knew, he would probably stroke out and I really want to keep him around for awhile. LOL.

    I have to reorganize because my Army son is doing a permanent change of station with some schooling in between leaving Hawaii and going to Ft Stewart, GA. So DIL and grandkids are coming to my house for several months. This means a change of rooms with youngest DS. He moves in to what is supposed to be my sewing room (DD calls it my Tribble Room cause it keeps growing with me doing anything to it. LOL) and DIL and girls will get DS’s room. My stash will be reorganized and moved to the living/dining room. I have to have this all done before the end of January. I think that I need some Christmas elves. LOL

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    Oh…I see….and I have to admit that I am one of the DOPEY ones who thought in order to particpate in your stash reduction stats, I had to know the TOTAL in my stash on hand. I’m glad you clarified that. Maybe I can start to keep track as of now……just of what I use and what I buy and I can just not concern myself with the mountains of fabric that are already here!!! LOL

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    I use Google Docs for my tracking worksheets too. I have several including one for tops quilted, stash used, quilts donated, UFO’s, and new quilts started….I just keep adding sheets as I decided I want to track something.

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    Good grief, I would never try to measure what’s up there! Whatever goal you set, if anyone can do it, YOU CAN!! I also told someone my goal for 2010. 12/31/10 will be interesting!

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    Cindy says

    Ok, this gives me some hope!! I REALLY DON”T want to haul everything out of all the closets to measure it! Could take days!!!

    BUT, I could commit to reducing my stash by a certain amount in 2010!

    I also want to set a goal for completing all my UFO’s (Un Finished Objects)!! One a month shouldn’t be TOO much!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Thanks for sharing the Google Documents hint Judy – I might just start a stash report here in my sewing world too – but not until Jan 1, 2010 – – – that will give me a starting point and I will then know to some extent what stash i’ve amounted as I use it up!

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    My good intentions starting a stash report in January 2009 seemed to fizzle out mid year, and as my fabric cupboards seem to be overflowing, my guess is I bought more than I used. A local retailed packed up her business and sold off great fabric really cheap.. well that’s my excuse!!
    Like joining weight watchers I will join stash busters again in the new year !
    Yo ho ho Diana

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    pdudgeon says

    thanks for the tip about Google Docs! i’m hoping to have more in my ‘used’ column than in my ‘added’ column……

    or at least to have some empty drawers and totes!

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    I would like to hear you ruminate about how you select material to go into your stash. Do you stick to certain brands, certain designers? Do you chose by color, design? Do you buy for a new project? What goes through your mind when you first walk into a new quilt shop?

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    I’m one of those that started strong and fizzled out. I like the reporting because it’s made me aware. I plan to join in 2010 and bust a great deal.

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    Evelyn says

    I don’t report much because I just don’t buy very much at all! But I am inspired to use what I have on hand – just buying borders, backgrounds, backings as needed. I don’t keep track of yardaged used either – but do like keeping track of what projects I’ve finished throughout the year. Being part of the Stashbusters is great motivation! Cheers! Evelyn

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    If I had to measure everything in my stash I wouldn’t have joined at all. Could you imagine, all that fabric? I think it would make me sick to know how much is there. Could you imagine if our hubby’s had any clue how much is there? Not knowing and not seeing it in print is the safest.

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    My stash is out of control. I am not familiar with Google doc but having taught Excel, I created my spreadsheet — I “kind of” borrowed Judy’s headings, haven’t created my formulas yet, but will. Thanks for sharing – my goal: use more fabric than I buy – shop the stash first. I’m working on my last UFO – a double wedding ring quilt that I started about 25 years ago (my first quilt) and it’s been in the garbage bag for about 8 years now. I have it out – the goal is 1/2 row per week.