Blue is the New Brown


The pattern is written and I made this quilt to test the directions.  All I have left is the setting triangles and iborders and it will be done.  I think I like it better, or at least as much in the blue.  This quilt is so quick!  I wrote the instructions yesterday morning and started sewing late yesterday afternoon and have done a few things in between.  Yep, sleep was one of them!  🙂



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    The quilt looks wonderful…I do like the blue better…….and now a question…..Are you going to ask Vince if he likes this quilt??? Would make a great Christmas present and it’s not brown!!!!

  2. 3

    Robin says

    I second that- YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I’m in awe! It would take me so much longer to piece that and even longer to get it quilted.

  3. 6

    pdudgeon says

    yep, i can see this one in jewel tones on a black background too!

    like they say, if it’s got ‘good bones’ you can do it in any color combination, and it will look fabulous!

    another job well done, Judy!

  4. 8

    Lydia says

    Wow! I really liked it in the brown, gold and green combo, and I really like this one as well. I can’t really say which one I like better — at least, not til this one is a completed top as well. I’m going to be making this one! I like pdudgeon’s idea of jewel tones and black, too. Oh, I have a feeling I’ll be making this one more than once 😉

    Thanks, Judy, for all you do and share with us.

  5. 9

    KatieQ says

    Bravo! You’ve done it again. The blue looks fantastic. Of course, I also thought that about the brown. I can’t wait to see the directions. I love this quilt.

  6. 10

    Becky I says

    You amaze me. I’ve sewn all day (well 8 hours anyway) and all I’ve gotten made was the pieced sashing for my quilt. It has 18 blocks (on point 3X4 with 6 setting blocks. You have made an entire quilt and set it together too! Amazing, just amazing! Of course, there is no pattern for mine, I’m designing it as I go with no EQ, but still you are FAST!

  7. 11

    pdudgeon says

    can’t wait to get the fabric requirements….
    well, yes i can, but i wanna see if i have enough flannel to do this one.

  8. 12


    Thank goodness I was already feeling like a slug today before seeing that you’d already pieced another one of these tops. I accomplished very little but I did enjoy my book and the fire!

  9. 17

    JOY says

    I love blue, so much better than brown (though my dd is more into brown)…waiting patiently for instructions!

  10. 19


    I wanted to make my son another quilt. This may be the one. I want to mainly use orange so will have to decide what other colors to use….

  11. 20

    Cindy says

    Wow! Changing the colors just changes the whole quilt, doesn’t it? Did you EQ the color combinations first or did you just dig in.

    I miss you! It seems like forever since we’ve talked. Lunch, maybe? In the next couple weeks?

    Are you getting ready for Christmas guests…?