Safety in the City

These guys don’t know how lucky they are!  No hunting or shooting of any kind inside the city.  I couldn’t get good pictures because I was outside without my coat and it was about 10 ° and I was shivering!


Yesterday evening as I was watching for the chickens to go into the coop so I could close them up for the night, I looked out and saw this.  There were 7 or 8 deer out there.  They really don’t get too concerned with me being out there unless I make a sudden move.


They walked through my back yard and looked around for something to eat but found nothing; went into the neighbor’s back yard and munched on a few of her plants, then crossed the street.  They’re standing on the corner . . I guess trying to decide where they’re headed, when cars begin to stop and look at them.  It’s strange that most of the town and half the country folks don’t see deer like we do.  They live in the woods behind our house and I knew that no matter where they went, they’d be passing back through soon as it was about to get dark.


This particular car stopped and the lady got out with her camera.  She must have a blog!  🙂  The deer decided to start heading back towards home . . no matter which direction they turn, there’s a lady with a camera!  Hey . . better than a hunter with a gun, right?



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    Marsha says

    We were in Colorado Springs last month. My cousin lives right in the middle of town She had four deer lying down in her back yard. Marsha

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    Bobbie says

    (my computer is fixed)-(my Christmas shopping Isn’t!!!!)

    We have deer in our back hay pasture-they are friends with our horses-4- and get along together very well. I love them and let me tell you, if anyone tryed to get them -all hell would be to be paid. The studid lady over there<<<< doesn't like them because they have ate one of her flowers–too bad!!! She turns her 2 little darling Bashons out for them to bark and scare them away. POO ON HER!!. The fawns are getting bigger now and the 4 point buck is very happy with his girls. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Patty says

    We have deer in our backyard on a regular basis. We have a feeder set up for them. We also get a regular flock of wild turkeys. I just wish the squirrels and rabbits would go away. I finished my Big Star quilt top last night. Your directions are amazing. Everything fit perfect. I am hoping to get it pinned today and start macine quilting. This is the biggest one I have machine quilted so wish me luck. I will send pictures.

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    Gwen says

    We have seen deer at the farm several times this fall, but yesterday was the largest group this year. There were all ages and seem to be healthy whice is a good thing considering the drought this summer. I love seeing them. We want to put out a feeder. We don’t hunt and the neighbors joining us don’t, but across the road in front does. Our cows will share their water and hay so deer know a good place!

  5. 5


    We used to have them here the first few years after we moved in…until the developer decided to strip away the wooded area behind our home. *sigh* I really enjoyed seeing these critters and yes…better you and that lady each with a camera than some hunter with a gun!!!

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    Cindy B says

    I was watching animal planet and was surprised to learn that deer are compared to rats to the animal experts. They do nothing but transmit disease and over populate in areas. I think they are beautiful and graceful animals. And I do have venison in my freezer.

  7. 7

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Go to any gardening discussion group or forum and you’ll find out just how destructive those beautiful deer can be. 🙁 Gardeners go to great and extreme measures to protect their vegetables, bushes, young trees, every single plant, from deer.

    Deer are natural herbivores; they can’t help it, it’s how Nature made them. And people have, in some cases, built houses close to deer habitat. But, at the same time, many governing bodies have made it difficult to hunt deer (this from my uncle, a deer hunter until age and declining health made him put down the rifle). So the deer have ample food and no predators: recipe for a population surge.