Happy Birthday Chad

My young man is 22 years old today.  Boy, that time has flown by!  He worked and has gone to a friend’s house tonight so other than breakfast, lunch and dinner, I didn’t get to spend much time with him.

Dinner was one of his favorite meals — fried shrimp, hush puppies, shells and white cheese (out of a box!) and I fixed lima beans because a bag of them fell out of the freezer when I was trying to find something else so I figured they were meant to be dinner too.


One more picture . . I think the last one was blurry.


Oh, I think they’re getting tired of the camera at dinner time!  🙁


Is he 2 . . or 22?  A goofy face for the camera!  Or, could it be that all those candles have blinded him?  🙂


He blew out all the candles.  Maybe he’ll get all his wishes this year.  Vince seems to be enjoying the heck out of this event, doesn’t he?


Red Velvet Cake!  Yum!

Happy Birthday Chad!  You’re a great young man!



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    Deb says

    O.k., I give, what is Red Velvet cake? It looks yummy, but then so does everything you show us!
    Happy Brthday Chad, and it seems like not that long ago that he was turning 21, and how nervous you were! MAN, it goes fast, and he isnt even my kid, or one that I KNOW!

  2. 4


    happy birthday Chad. It’s been fun following along over the years.
    Hush Puppies and red velvet cake…what a MOM!!

  3. 6


    Happy Birthday Chad!!! I’m not sure what it is about boys the cheesy pictures…..my son is the same way. And that look on Vince’s face…..looks like he worried about wax dripping on the great looking cake or he’s trying to remember if his wife made him a great looking cake on his birthday!!! It looks like fun was had by all.

  4. 7

    Linda says

    That second picture says your camera is in serious peril. The expressions say it all. LOL
    Happy Birthday, Chad.

  5. 11


    Happy birthday to your son!! He is a handsome young man, and I know your are so proud of him. Red Velvet is my favorite!

  6. 13


    The years are flying by aren’t they? Chris turned 26 in Oct and Adam will be 25 in March. I can’t remember the last time I made a birthday cake but I did always make their favorite meals.