I Think I’ll Keep Him

Mr. Fix It has earned his keep! 🙂

We have a big jetted tub which I think is a total waste of space and everything else but it came with the house.  If ever we build a house, which we probably will not, I’ll stuck one bath tub somewhere but the rest will be showers that are walk in and big enough to have no shower doors.  Anyway, we never use the tub but once a month we fill it water and run the jets.  Last nigh Vince decided to do that .. thankfully right before I took my shower and a cold shower on a 15° night is always fun but . . the jets didn’t work.  Didn’t do anything . . dead!  I said “Let’s just sell the house and move to the country!”  Vince thought it a better idea to have the tub repaired.

This morning while I was fixing breakfast and Vince was getting in my way at the sink, at the stove, at the fridge . . while fixing his coffee, he asked if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean.  Yes!  NO!!  They’re supposed to be clean but they’re not.  It’s stuck on “lock”.  Tried everything but nothing unlocked it.  A dishwasher full of dirty, stinky (I do not rinse!) dishes and a dead dishwasher to go with the dead tub.

For the last week or so, when I start it, I’ll come back upstairs in a couple of hours to unpack it and the dishes aren’t washed.  They may be wet but even the soap dispenser hasn’t opened.  I’ll re-start it and eventually, it washes the dishes.

Remember . . I’ve been wanting to get rid of this dishwasher for several years but I got the instruction booklet out and read about all the buttons to push to unlock it . . nothing unlocked it.  Vince read about it on the internet and decided to turn the power off to the dishwasher and yes . . that unlocked it.  I’ve had to re-start it twice though so it’s time for a new one.

While he was out dealing with the breakers, he happened to look at the tub breaker and it was off . . I guess during the water heater change out something happened to it so he flipped it and now the tub is working too!

At least the dishes in the dishwasher will be clean.  I was dreading unpacking those and hand washing them after they’ve sat all night.  Vince says Kenmore dishwashers have a decent rating . . so we’re headed down to our little Sears store to see what they have.



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    Marilyn says

    Judy, now is the time. Get one of those kitchen appliance packages…New STOVE (gas), new dishwasher and new refrigerator! Tell Vince that it is your Christmas present!!!

    Marlyn (IQuiltToo)

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      I don’t need everything and even the plumber told me not to mess with adding gas. I don’t think we’ll be here that much longer so I’m replacing what needs to be replaced and living with everything else.

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    I was thinking about the stove, too….and wondering if you can work a “deal” and end up with your new (gas) stove? Let us know the outcome. While I do like my big soaking tub, I am thinking the space would be much nicer converted to a big fabric storage closet!!! LOL (Wonder what future owners would think about THAT in the master bathroom area? Heck…there’s still a walk-in shower there, so that should be sufficient!)

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    Bobbie says

    I want a new cookstove-I would die for a gas one, but like you Judy, we have no gas in the house, and he won’t even hear about it. My house was built in1004, so it is just” plain old” -noy very big, but very homey and I guess I love it. Walk in shower????I would love that. You know what, we are happy and the kids and Grankkids are here a lot-this is their other home to them. I guess I’m a pretty lucky person. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Karleen Taylor says

    The walk in showers are nice without doors or curtains but because of their size they are very cold. I would try one out before you build your house! 🙂

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    Alison in UK says

    Life’s too short for messing with dodgy dishwashers, buy a Bosch and call it a job well done ;o). Good luck with the shopping …

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    I totally agree with you about bathtubs. When we bought this house we had to gut the master bath and we only have a shower – but it’s a steam shower. I use that steam generator a lot more than I would every use a tub!

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    Carol says

    We have a Kenmore dishwasher and love it. Had a Bosch and it never worked right so traded it even for the Kenmore…

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    We have a newer Kenmore and it’s great. My SIL has a Bosch and she loves it. I bet either would be better than what you have now.

    We have one of those giant jetted tubs and I’ve used it a handful of times in the 10 years we’ve lived here. What a waste. I didn’t know I had to run the jets once in a while tho…

    The shower is large with a glass door and while I like it cos of the space, it is cold! Large bathroom combined with large shower = one cold quilter!! Just FYI. I suspect if it was the walk in kind with no door it would be even colder…

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    I can relate to the bathtub …. the one in the house that I bought is a sunken tub…. I think I have used it once or twice since I moved in.

    I figured it was easier and cheaper to heat up and jump into the hot tub than use the bathtub. I store pillows in the tub, in case I trip and fall in 😉

    I have also used it for a tornado hidey-hole. The only problem was that there was a skylight above it, but at least the tub was below ground!

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      When I read your comment, I thought you said “tomato hidey hole” and I was thinking you were growing tomatoes in your bath tub. Now . . that’s an idea that may make that big tub worth the amount of space it takes up! 🙂

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    Wow fancy a white christmas,with deers on your lawn,and enjoying hot turkey for christmas lunch.I have a dishwasher my hubby disconnected after 6 months complained it used too much water.I love reading about life where the seasons are reversed to the one here.What happened to the little bulb at the back door did it bloom or freeze.My garden is frying with the heat and I enjoy the colur of my stash when there is nothing but browned dry grass outside.Better dry brown grass than black burnt ambers which are in our area at this time. Judy

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    I have a Kenmore dishwasher – works great. Also have a jetted tub – have to say we don’t use it often but love it when we do. It’s great when your achy and/or cold.

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    Claudia W says

    Judy – You need a new dishwasher, which you have obviously figured out. Good luck with the shopping.

    Dishwashers new or old (even when they are working perfectly) eventually stop getting things quite so sparkling clean, especially since you don’t rinse, like I don’t.

    There is a product you buy in the grocery store near the dishwasher detergent called Dishwasher Magic.

    Dishwasher Magic cleans and sanitizes your dishwasher like nothing else and when you need it, it is like magic. After you use it, the inside of your dishwasher sparkles like new and it cleans a lot better too!

    This was recommended to us by a dishwasher repairman. He said that if your dishwasher seems to be functioning properly but not cleaning the dishes very well to use Dishwasher Magic first before calling the repairman. It might save you the service call. It has worked for several members of my family. claudia

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    yep, been there, done that and replaced the dang thing with a Sears.

    I was just thankful that I didn’t have soap/water/yuck all over my kitchen floor

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    Mary says

    Hi from a peeper. I’m chuckling at the comments at bath tubs. Several years ago a friend asked how I kept the tile in my tub area so new looking. I laughed and said we don’t use the tub! Now we use it to store paper goods, TP, Kleenex, paper towels, etc. I do put a bit of water down the drain every once in a while. We have a shower which is about the size of a tub. We took the doors off a few years back and replaced it with a old fashion shower curtin. I love it, when it gets grungy, it gets replaced and no glass door to clean.

    My dishwasher wasn’t emptying correctly and the dishes looked unclean. I was almost ready to get a new one when I discovered the vent was clogged. My dishwasher vents through a little thingy up by the sink faucet. Cleared the clog and everythings is back to normal.

    Good luck on your shopping.