Dishwasher Shopping Trip

Whew!  Shopping is never fun for me but trying to make a decision on a dishwasher, with Vince, is just not easy.  He wants the best with the most features, for the least amount of dollars!  I was happy to close my eyes and pick one.

We have the smallest little Sears store but it’s full!  It has dishwashers, of course.  It has water softeners.  Well, it only had one and we bought it last week so technically, it doesn’t have water softeners right now but it will have another one soon . . I’m sure.

It has gas grills and charcoal grills.


They have washers and dryers.


And . . they have this!


Vince kept saying . . come look at the dishwashers!  I kept saying . . this is all I want . . ever!  I’ll never ask for anything else . . the rest of my life.

We got this and while I couldn’t tear myself away from the gas stove to get a picture of the new dishwasher, I did manage to take one picture of the inside.  Pretty normal looking dishwasher, huh?  Now . . I’m going back to drool over the gas stove!


If you think my husband can’t work a deal . . get this!  The regular price on this dishwasher was about $1,300 but because this is the last one of last year’s models and the new models are out, though there’s hardly any difference, this one was marked down.  And, because Kenmore appliances were 20% off through Saturday, it was down farther.  And, today is Friends & Family Day at Sears so you get an extra 10% off.  Somehow, Vince worked a deal to get the 20% by buying it on Saturday and the 10% off by picking it up today and we got the $1,300 dishwasher for about $489.

I should rent him out for shopping trips, huh?



  1. 1

    Becky I says

    Amazing deal! You gotta keep that man! You think he will let you spend the money he saved on quilting fabric? I know…. just a thought.

  2. 2

    Linda says

    Oh that is one good deal!! You’ll be happy with the new dishwasher – but I’m with you drooling over a new stove. I made cookies and told my hubby if this was the first time I had made cookies, I would NEVER try it again as it was so difficult with my darn oven that doesn’t work right. – I’m over it now. I’ll try more cookies later.

    Congrats of you new dishwasher! And with all the money Vince saved, he’ll be able to get you a good deal on the new stove when the time comes.

  3. 4


    He is a keeper, wish I had somebody like him in my life!
    Enjoy the new dishwasher, can’t live without one myself, maybe one day the stove will also be on a special price.

  4. 6


    Just did the appliances thing a couple of weeks ago — dishwasher, range, washer & dryer. What an ordeal. They came last week and got installed. LOVE them all!!! The new dishwasher purrs compared to the roar of the old one. Yup, your hubby is a keeper!

  5. 8


    I may have to “borrow” Vince for my next big ticket item…
    Congrats on your new dish washer!
    May I ask one more question concerning your stash report? When is a fabric “out” of your stash, once it is cut, or sewn,r once the quilt top is completed or only if the quilt is bound and done? Thank you – I am planning on joining your next year stash report.

  6. 9

    Linda says

    “I should rent him out for shopping trips, huh?”

    I should say so!!! I thought I got a good deal on my stove, with the $80 hidden dent and all, but he practically stole that dishwasher from them. LOL Give that man my congratulations.
    That gas stove looks pretty nifty too, too bad he didn’t have them throw it into the deal………
    It also goes to show they are making a killing on these things. You just KNOW they still made a profit, even with the deal Vince talked them into.

  7. 11

    Sharlene says

    That range looked wonderful and not larger than a standard range. And, when is Vince going to work is magic on that????

  8. 12

    Connie says

    Is Vince for hire if one should need a negotiator for high ticket items? I too love that stove. Maybe Santa will bring you one!!!!

  9. 13

    Mary Beth says

    My blasted dishwasher is on the fritz too. I have had it for 4 years – somehow I thought it would last longer than that. I had a bad experience with Sears last time I bought appliances, so after shopping at Sears all my life for the best appliances ever….we have sworn them off and we are taking our business elsewhere. I hate shopping for appliances too….Would Vince just go for me, take my checkbook, and call me when they are ready to deliver :o)

  10. 14

    Bobbie says

    I’ll bet you money that Vince snuck away from you and told the sales person to hold the stove, he would be back after he got rid of you to pick it up!!! There is still hope. We just got home from trying to find me a new stove. I want a gas one so bad too, but, like vince, Holly won’t hear of it–we also have no gas in the house-no way will he have it put in=I think they are related. I’m waiting on a call from the sales person now to see if he found the one I want at the warehouse in almond color. By the way almond is no longer being made-it is now called bisque-same thing-go figure. I have a coiled electric now-the smooth tops are very nice, but I heard you can’t use cast iron on them and I cook with it a whole lot-every night, I would say. He says that you can use cast iron on them-just don’t drop it on there–Sales pitch or is that so? Hugs, Bobbie

  11. 15


    No gas stove? You better work harder on Vince. It seems that no matter what you buy there’s a deal to be made. Just gose to show how much of a mark up there is.

  12. 16


    Judy, since the gas stove is a must have and we all know how much you want it… should buy it for a Birthday present….Vince’s birthday present…..he can’t hardly take back a present can he??

  13. 17

    Toni says

    My husband is pretty darn good himself at getting bargains. Maybe he should team up with Vince. It would be an awsome twosome!

  14. 18

    Katherine says

    Wow – great deal on the dishwasher. My DW just died and we went to Sears, but the $499 one was going to cost over $800 when the smoke cleared because of installation and the optional side panels we need because it’s at the end of the cabinets and not in the middle. That’s quite a difference from $1300 down to $500!

    I did get a new 5 burner gas stove last year with a huge oven and I love it so I understand your cravings for a new stove. Good luck on that one. I’m off to bake Christmas cookies.

  15. 19


    WOW….that is some deal. Maybe you can challenge him to find the best possible deal for a gas stove and he will accept the challenge????

  16. 21


    Dang….I should have gone out and bought my new freezer while they were on sale. Mine is dying a slow death and I HATE shopping for appliances. Can he just go and do it for me since he got such a great deal???????

  17. 22

    Carol says

    Maybe if you applique a fleece blanket with a gas stove motif for Vince, maybe he’ll make a similar amazing deal and get you that gas stove.