Final Edit is Done!

Editing a manuscript with all the numbers and diagrams is very difficult for me.  I find it difficult to keep my mind on track and not wander.  Probably, I have that problem with whatever I’m doing (that’s why I don’t like following a pattern when knitting and plain Jane socks are my favorites).

But, yesterday I sat and and finished my final edit.  No putting it off, no waiting til the last minute.  Done!  And, so worth the work on my part and I hope AQS feels the same!


See that little jibble of Christmas wrapping paper?  That’s 3M Scotch Plaid wrapping paper I might add.


Tell me why . . with all the paper in this house . . notebooks Vince finds on sale, post-it notes, etc. . . why am I using this little jibble of Christmas wrapping paper for my notes.  I’ll probably lose this paper before I get my notes typed up.  I amaze myself sometimes . . not in a good way, you understand!

The good news is . . I think my part of getting the book ready is done and it should be out in February.  There are 16 patterns, all in the Quilt for an Hour format, some have delightful pieced borders that can be used on any (or every!) quilt you make!  🙂  And, there are a few of my time saving recipes in the book!

Pre-orders can now be placed on my Sunshine Quilts webpage.


I know you’re going to love it!  🙂



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    Glenda says

    Congrats on your new book !! Can’t wait for it. Will the brown quilt be in it ? I’d love to do that one next year. It’s beautiful, but then all of your designs are ! Glenda

  2. 3


    I’m going to the AQS show in Lancaster in March…maybe this will be a good thing to pick up in person there!!! (I used to do a fair amount of proofreading for a small newspaper and know how tedious editing can be….but now you are DONE…..Hooray!!!)

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Congratulations Judy! A terrific accomplishment for the end of the year! Sounds like a must have book as I really enjoy your patterns and all you share with us. Love those pieced borders.

  4. 8

    Evelyn says

    Way to go Judy! How wonderful to have the completed manuscript done! I can totally relate about the scrap of paper for notes – I do that all the time too! Sometimes I tape them to paper though and then put them in a 3 ring binder if they are important. Cheers! Evelyn

  5. 9


    The quilt on the cover makes me want to buy the book, even if I never make one of the quilts! I am a collector of books, yet only make the same three quilts over and over again. I need to branch out and try new quilts this year. I think that will be my New Year’s Resolution. I tried last year, but it didn’t work. Want to come over to my house and help me?

  6. 11


    Isn’t it a great feeling to be done? Congratulations! The book looks wonderful. I’m getting way too many great ideas on what I can spend my Procrastination Challenge money pot on . . .

  7. 12

    Marilyn says

    Judy, saw it advertised on the back cover of The Quilter magazine. It is a beautiful cover and I am sure it is filled with beautiful quilts!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  8. 13


    That would make a great late birthday present! Maybe I’ll have to suggest that to DH (who does not believe in shopping ahead and only has 3 weeks to think about it!). It looks fabulous!

    • 14.1


      OOPS…. guess I should have gone to the website first, where it says that you’ll sign it…. my order is in.

  9. 16

    Carol says

    Congratulations. Just placed my order.
    I don’t know what it is about writing things down on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, those magazine cards that fall out, ads, napkins, ….(must have missed a few) but you’re not alone. Is it just because we’re too lazy to go get one of the bargain notebooks or a symptom of something worse? Hmm?

  10. 17

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I clicked on the link at your website, but the only payment option currently available is PayPal…. PayPal and I have an agreement: if I don’t use their “service,” they won’t bill me ridiculous service charges….

    Is there another option? I’d much rather send $ to you than even AQS!

  11. 19


    You are absolutely the Border Queen, I have the first book and will have this one also. Congratulations. I will buy mine from Amazon where I don’t have to use PayPal.

  12. 22

    Mary Lea says

    I just ordered your book. CAN NOT wait to get it. I like all your patterns. Keep it up!