Look at this Mess!

I’m not the neatest person in the world.  I’m probably the messiest person I know.  Today I made 14 dozen hot tamales and then I started a batch of springerle cookies.  When I finished with all the cooking and looked at my kitchen, I almost ran away from home.


What a mess . . but it’s worse in other areas of the kitchen.


This is when I wish I had someone to come behind me and clean my messes.


Every square inch was a disaster!

For a brief moment, I thought . . I’m too tired.  I’ll clean it later. But, I knew if I sat down, I’d never get up and finish it.  So, I started with this corner.


That didn’t take long!


This is the section of the countertop where I work most all the time . . unless this area is already full of clutter and mess and then I move on to another section.  But now it’s clean too.


Even the stove is sparkling . . buttons taken off and cleaned.  The pot sitting there is going to be used for dinner so I just left it there after I washed it.

8 dozen hot tamales delivered to Vince’s  co-workers.  6 dozen in my freezer.

I hadn’t planned on making springerle cookies but when Vince was home at lunch, he asked if I wasn’t going to make them and I said I didn’t have time.  He looked at me like . . what do you do all day? So, I made them . . darn it!


Can you see the designs?  They’re so cute . . and they taste so good!  They sit out overnight and get baked tomorrow.  I love these cookies!  I love all cookies . . except chocolate!  🙂



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    Oh…I LOVE the look of those cookies even before they are baked!!! As for the mess in the kitchen, I am sure I could give you a run for your money in the MESSIEST kitchen department. I’m not neat when I cook, either. You did a very nice job of cleaning up, though…and I know just what you mean. If I sit down, then I usually won’t go back and finish the clean-up, either.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I just know that I should be your neighbor. That house is still for sale……….

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    The cookies look kind of like Shortbread. Are you sharing the recipe? At least you do clean up… My mom used to dirty every dish in the house when she cooked. I got that from her. My father cleaned up after her and we children had to wash a lot of dishes. I washed dishes in the restaurant where she worked and she dirtied all the pots and pans there too. Wish I could have her here to make Divinity for me…mine has never turned out. Any tips? Have you ever made Divinity?

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    Sounds like and looks like you were busy today . Those cookies sure looked good made me wish I had bake some today. I felt like I had done good just watching a 16th month child and then quilting on my Christmas table runner which such be done before Christmas. But looks like you worked circles around me today. Keep up the good work your kitchen looked so clean maybe it will movitate me to do more. Enjoy your post every night. Thanks

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    You were really industrious to make that many tamales by yourself… and then GIVE THEM AWAY!! And I bet they were enjoyed by all.

    I’m afraid if the cookies had to sit out at my house, they would be about half gone the next morning… I much prefer the dough to the baked cookie.


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    carol c says

    LOL Judy, do you need my snail mail addy? tamales are my favorite thing to eat with con queso on top when it is cold.
    and the cookies look very tastee

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    Evelyn says

    Sounds like a successful day in the kitchen! I always clean right away because if I sit down for a minute to rest – everything seems to cake on and be just that much harder to clean up. In December we always keep dough for butter cookies in the fridge and usually bake a tray every other day – last night I needed 2 dozen for my son’s school party and the dough was all made – I love that! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Kathie L. says

    That swing-out drawer that makes use of the ‘never can reach anything’ part of your corner cupboard is great. Where can I get one??

  9. 9


    Ok what is a “springerle cookies ” they look lovely. You are really bad for my “no cooking habit” I really want to make some. Are you putting the recipe up? I have American cups and measures so might be able to give them a go……. yummy.

    Diana freezing in England

  10. 10

    June Piper-Brandon says

    LOL!!! If I made a mess like that in my kitchen Skip would have a bird, no wait, a cow. When I’m making dinner he can’t wait until I’m done to start trying to clean up after me. Sometimes I can’t even get dinner on the plate because he’s in the way. Our kitchen is so small that two people can’t be in there at the same time without tripping over each other. The only thing I miss about my old house is the kitchen, cause I had it renovated and made just the way I wanted it. Now, I have a dinky little kitchen but a big house in a great neighborhood – I guess I can’t have it both ways. And, no body complains when I cook, just when I don’t!! Those cookies look amazing. I’m going to bake this coming weekend for Christmas. I starte preparing Skip last night for the upcoming mess!!

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    Ooooooh your kitchen looks so sparkly!!
    Love how the cookies look. I’ve never heard of them before so now I must google.

  12. 12


    Since you just got two packages in the mail, why exactly did you bake these?

    I baked sugar/shortbread cookies last night – new recipe. (Not what I was expecting.)

  13. 13


    Your Springerle look beautiful! Do you have a springerle board or a rolling pin to form them?

    I forgot all about them. I’ll have to make some.

    *puts anise on hubby’s shopping list*

    You’re such a multicultural cook. Are you going to make lefse this Christmas? You’ve got tamales and Springerle, ya gotta make lefse!

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    Sarahe4e says

    I wish I lived next door to you. I would just have to come over at meal time or when the goodies come out of the oven and hint, hint, hint until I shared your marvelous cooking. I get so hungry reading your blog.

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    My kitchen gets like that every weekend. By the time I get my cooking and baking done and the kitchen shining again I am to tired to do anything but sit.

    I ordered a springerle mold yesterday. As soon as my kitchenaid comes in I will make some of those delicious cookies myself.

    Not to sure about the hot tamales though