This Couldn’t Happen Twice

Maybe about 8 years ago, we happened to be in Evansville, IN, which was just across the river from Owensboro, KY and we lived in Owensboro so being in Evansville wasn’t that big of a deal.  I could even cross the Ohio River Bridge back then .. probably couldn’t now.

I love Christmas cookies with icing so while in Evansville, I stopped by Donut Bank.  They had these little squarish stamped looking cookies.  I asked about them and was told they were springerle cookies.  I’d never had them but tried one and loved them.  They’re only available at Christmas but sometimes in June or July, I get a real hankering for springerle cookies so I found a recipe, found myself a springerle pin and started making my own.  Mine aren’t as good as Donut Bank’s and while they’re not hard to make, they have to sit out overnight before you bake them and it’s sometimes not easy to find a spot, depending on what’s going on around here.  I’ve already been calculating in my head and there is just no time this year to get springerle cookies made.  It’s just not Christmas without springerles but it just isn’t going to happen.

Last week, Nancy, a friend near Evansville, wrote me for my address because she had something to send me.  She’s a quilter and a longarm quilter so I figured it was quilt related.  Yesterday Vince was home for lunch when the mail man came and I thought I saw him stick an Amazon box in our mailbox.  When I raced out to get the mail . . in the 10° weather, I grabbed a box and the mail.  Vince said “I thought you said he had an Amazon box.”  I said “I guess it was just this one.”  It was from Nancy and when I opened it, it was a package of springerle cookies from Donut Bank.  I was so excited!

Later I went to the grocery store and when I passed by the front of my mail box, I noticed a little Amazon box in the bottom portion of my mail box.  Grabbed it and it was a package from my friend, Becky in Owensboro.  Guess what it was!  Springerle cookies from Donut Bank.


Go figure . . I’ve been here three years now and have had no springerles from Donut Bank.  Two friends who do not know each other, each send me springerles and they arrive on the same day.  Think I am in springerle heaven?  Yes I am!

Thank you Nancy and Becky.  You made my day!



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    KatieQ says

    I sure wish Nancy and Becky were my friends so I could have such a lovely surprise in my mailbox. Enjoy your cookies and the knowledge that you have many friends who admire you even though you may not have met them.

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      Michelle Cyr says

      I’ve never had those cookies, but they sound delish. I know how a hankering for something can take over our minds and bodies! Double blessing to you on the same day wow! Enjoy and have a cup of coffee with me in spirit!

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    So…my husband has been talking about making these same cookies for two weeks now — do you have a recipe for yours? I’d have to search through tons to find mine! I do have the rolling pin though! Thanks.