We’ve Come A Long Way!

Last weekend while looking for a dishwasher, the sales lady at Sears was touting the front load washer/dryer set.


I liked this green set a lot.  Vince didn’t.  It has everything.  It has some special setting for silk!  Other than one silk scarf (Thank you Susan!), I have no silk.  It has a handwashing setting for wool.  I have some wool socks that I wash in the sink in the laundry room.  It has steam.  Hmmm . . not exactly sure why I need that in the washer and the dryer.

Since Vince was in the deal making mood, they were talking about this discount and that discount.  We looked at Bosch, at Samsung, at Kenmore brands.  We decided to go to the local appliance store and talk to those guys.  I like them a lot.

They had this set that really wanted to come home with us.


Tango Red! I would love that in my laundry room.  Seriously!  I only go in there to wash clothes and occasionally iron a shirt or two.  I think the red would make me smile.  But, we decided to think about it.  They’re surely not inexpensive.

We got home and really . . there’s nothing wrong with our washer/dryer.  Yes, the new ones are little more energy efficient.  They use less water and less electricity.  Our current set is probably 7 years old and working just fine.  When it’s not too cold, and even sometimes when it is cold if it’s sunny, I hang my clothes on the line so our dryer doesn’t get overused.

Then I started thinking about my grandma.  She was perfectly happy with the old wringer type washer and hanging all her clothes on the line.  No dryer at all for many years.  And her mom and grandma probably used a rub board and were thrilled with the wringer washers became available. What would they think about these red appliances that do so much?  And, what would they think about the price?  🙂

Thinking about them and their clothes washing, with cold water they drew from a well and heated on a wood stove if they wanted hot water . . I think I’m perfectly happy with my old style top loading washer and dryer!

Some day we’ll get a new washer and dryer, and I’d love to get something spiffy and stylish but I’m surely not complaining about what I have, nor am I getting rid of a perfectly good washer and dryer.   And, besides, after having to buy a new water heater, water softener and dishwasher . . I hope I’m not buying anything at all for at least a few months.



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    Patty says

    I hate my front loading washer and wish I had the option to go back to a top loader. The fact that it has to seal to keep from leaking also leads to sealing when it is empty. Unless you leave the door hanging open. And you have to get the clothes out and into the dryer in a timely manner or they sit in that sealed vat and start smelling. The ones we have came with the house and the washer, while being relatively new sounded like a helicoptewr taking off when in the spin cycle. So we bought a new one and while it does sound better I make sure to wash the clothes when we are not planning to watch a movie. The stands they are on tend to make them loud and wobbly. My repair guy says that is just the nature of the beast. He also said that the best ones they have found are made by Frigidaire.

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    Julianne says

    I love my front loader, It washes fabric and quilts so nicely. No more twisted and tangled large pieces of fabric. I do not have the stands and we have the plainest model I could get.

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    I think you made a wise decision, Judy…and maybe Vince will encourage you to spend some of that money you SAVED him (by not buying a washer) for quilting supplies!!!

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    I think you made a wise choice, Judy. And there’s nothing wrong with looking now, so you know what you want when your current appliances eventually break down and then you won’t be making a decision in a rush. I love car shopping when I have no intention of buying a car, so that we know what we want when we suddenly need to buy a car.

    Our electric dryer that we bought for fifty bucks at a garage sale, while ugly, did last us 6 years, I think it was. It died this spring, was revived briefly (but I used the clothesline most of the summer anyway) and then finally kicked over about a week before Thanksgiving when we were expecting out of town guests. I put up notices around town asking to buy someone’s used dryer. On Thanksgiving Day we were GIVEN a beautiful dryer with maybe 2 years’ use on it. It’s the nicest we have ever had! It was from someone who only buys sets and her washer broke down so she figured the dryer would, too, and bought a replacement set.

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    We got a stacking front loader set when our old set died. I like them a lot. Especially the part where my husband does the laundry.

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    I need a new washer/dryer, and wanted a front loader. But I read an article about the seals mildewing and having to be cleaned regularly. I’ll see if I can find that for you. Someone else mentioned to me the noise and vibrations. I think I’ll just get a top loader, but a large capacity. The tub in mine is too small. That’s what I get for letting the ex pick them out!

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I have a LG front loader washer and dryer. I really like them. They are quiet (for washers and dryers). I live in the deep south, so mold is a problem with almost everything. You just have to be careful about dampness. When I first bought mine, I didn’t know about the odor problem. I have found that if I leave the door open on the washer after I wash until everything has air dried, it takes care of the problem. As for the seal, I wipe it off when the whim hits me. Maybe once a month I run an empty cycle with bleach. You cannot let your clothes set in the washer. You need to remove them within a reasonable period of time. I like the dryer. It has a refresh cycle. If you don’t get your clothes out before they wrinkle or if you want to freshen something up you can toss it around in that cycle. They are very cost efficient.

    And Judy, the way to get a new set……..When Chad gets his own place and he needs a washer and dryer you give him yours and you go shopping.

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    Diann Smith says

    Well you’ve had your set for seven years..put an ad in the paper and sell them for half price. You’ve lost nothing and then you can get your red set.
    We’re moving in a month and I’m having front loaders in my new house. My daughter loves her set and encouraged me there.
    Funny memory..when I was a child..fifty+ years ago we had a front loader washer and I was so ASHAMED..all our friends had top loaders and I thought ours was a dinosaur and didn’t want anyone to see it. Of course back then you hung your clothes out to dry..no matter if it was winter. I seen several sets of frozen clothes coming back into the house.
    LOVE YOUR BLOG..it makes my day

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    We just went through shopping for a dishwasher, and came home with a range and washer & dryer besides. We had added incentive though; DS#3 just bought a duplex and needs all new appliances for both sides, so he was delighted to pick up our used appliances. Maybe it’s a sign that you are supposed to wait until Chad needs some used appliances? I kept saying over and over, “It’s not about me, it’s all about Rob…” Yeah, right!

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      Oh, and we got an excellent deal+rebate on Maytag Bravos models for the washer/dryer, and the washer is a top loader. I was a little leery of the front loader.

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    My friend had a front loader and loved it, so we got one when our washer died. Unfortunately, Maytag was in a court case about the mildew/odor/staining. It only covered the machines purchased before the court case…you guess it! We bought ours DURING the court case. My friend that suggested it bought a different one in the meantime. I’m stuck with the one I don’t like. I also got talked into a cabinet depth refrigerator. UGH! I have to clear out a WHOLE shelf just to jam in a turkey. No room to cook ahead or buy on sale. As soon as I make a bit of money quilting, I’m buying myself a chest freezer. ::::stamping foot:::: THAT is the end of THAT!

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    We bought a new washer/dryer in April. Then it was the air conditioning season. I have to say that my electric bills have been through the roof. And the dryer is gas on top of that. A\C season is over and the bills are still high. Are these new appliances not all that energy efficient or what? I called the utility company and they couldn’t tell me anything other than to turn down the a/c. Makes you kind of wonder doesn’t it?

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    Alma says

    I hope that anyone considering a new front load washer gets the extended warranty!!!!!

    My daughter had a new one that had to be fixed about 7 times. It then broke beyond repair yet was only about 4 years old.

    My daughte -in-law had to have hers repaired – circuit board went- to the tune of $700.00!! (not under warrenty)

    My husband was usually the one to sit and wait for the repairmen at daughter’s house and all the repair men say the same. Yes, they break down and yes it is expensive to repair.

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    Ruth says

    Judy – Love your thinking process. Here’s something else to think about – what is it that you really want? What if you took the $$ for the red (loved the color too!) washer/dryer and used it to a gas line installed into the kitchen? Then you could get that gas stove that you have been dreaming about.

    I have a front loader too and learned the hard way you must empty it promptly and leave the door open for it to air out. Mine is a Kenmore, and you can’t do small loads in it.

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    Evelyn says

    I’m the youngest of 7 and for years we did not even have a washer – we had big rubbish buckets and a special plunger with holes. 1 soapy bucket, 1 rinse bucket. Dad screwed an old wringer on some 2X4’s and we rung the clothes out and hung them to dry. Kept us kids busy for hours, I tell you! Mom knew what she was doing I guess because what kid doesn’t like to play with the hose? I have a front loader in my apartment and can’t do laundry after 8 pm because it makes so much noise the downstairs neighbor complains! If I really have to wash something at night, I do it in the tub and hang it up to dry – go figure! Glad to hear that at least you don’t NEED a new washer/dryer yet. Cheers! Evelyn

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    my sister has new front loaders and has a problem with clothes smelling if they are not removed promptly, so the water you saved, may now be wasted because the clothes have to be rewashed! Another thing is you have to use special “high effeciency” detergent, the regular detergent, it can’t be used in those machines . . .

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    Deb says

    I am another one who loves my front loaders. My dryer broke during my step son’s wedding (200+ people here for the wedding, 50 here for atleast 3-4 days) and so he said he would buy us a new dryer for hosting the wedding. I jumped on that, as the laundry was really starting to pile up, and others too, who were staying here. But, if you are going to buy ONE, why not buy BOTH? So, we hooked it up, and THAT dryer didnt work either! Hmmm…..here my hubster rewired something to get power for the wedding and messed up the dryer, and our other one wasnt broke at ALL! They werent going back! I did about 15 loads of laundry in about 8 loads, and it was amazing. (We ALWAYS have a TON of laundry.) But our electric bill DID go down about 30 dollars a month, since we were using less water, it spun WAY better, so the dryer worked less, and it left me more time for quilting. Yes, if you leave them in it can smell, but for how long? Usually overnight if i forget, but not in the hours that I sometimes do. So i dont feel too bad about occasionally rewashing a load. and once in a while do a bleach load to clean it. On the other hand, my sister in law has the top loader without the agitator, and that is a REALLY nice one too, I would buy that one also. All I can say is LARGE CAPASITY. Sorry this is so long!

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    Linda H says

    From about 1948 on, my mother had a good, sturdy front loading washer and dryer set. What she had before that, I don’t remember. She loved those front loaders and no way would she have anything else from then on. Never any trouble with them. I’ve never thought about it, but it does seem that the washer door was always slightly ajar when not in use, and I remember seeing her wipe the moisture off that door when she finished the laundry. It doesn’t seem like that should be such a terrible chore. Shoot! –I leave my top loader lid up because that machine can develop a sour smell if I don’t.

    I would love to return to my Mom’s Bendix front loader, but oh my how the times have changed $$-wise. I’ll be satisfied with a good used washer of whatever type. Actually, a wringer washer with a set of tubs is a very efficient way to wash a lot of clothes quickly. When my first child was born, I had a wringer and a dryer! A line is a really handy appliance, too.

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    Bobbie says

    UH-What about the dishwasher?? Did you get a little side tracked?
    Last Friday,Holly took me to Sears and we picked out and bought a new stove-NO–not a gas-DANG IT-BUT A VERY NICE ELECTRIC–I have always had coiled burners and was insting on that, because I heard you shouldn’t use cast iron on the flat top and I use cast iron most every time I cook-but she persueded me you could use cast iron and I loved the stove, so-sold-Do any of you have any input on that? Oh this one has a warming oven in the botton drawer-(where I usually keep my cookie sheets and racks) my old one has that too and I do really like that feature. You can even raise bread in there. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Angie says

    My daughter has the top of the line Bosch front loaders. Loves the dryer. But, it disappointed in the washer. She thinks it could use a bit more water in the machine, and the clothes would come out cleaner. So, she ends up using the more heavy duty cycle to get the clothes cleaner.
    My son and his wife have the top of the Whirlpool front loading duo. It cleans clothes better, but the washer vibrates quite a lot when it’s in the spin cycle. They also have the “steam” setting on the dryer. It is sort of like ironing—without actually ironing. So, if you have some wrinkled fabric or batting or shirts—put it on “steam” and the wrinkles disappear. I would probably use that setting a lot to “fluff batting”!
    Me, I have an older Kenmore top loading top of the line washer and dryer. I’m keeping it forever. Love the washer. Dislike the dryer because the automatic sensor that tells the dryer the clothes are now dry located near the dryer door. So, the edge of the towel that swipes by the door sensor that is “dry” stops the dryer cycle. But, when you open the door and feel the load of supposedly dry clothes…they are still damp in the middle of the dryer. I just set the dryer to dry longer now. But, I really wish that sensor worked like it’s advertised. That’s all I know about washers and dryers. I am getting a new over the range microwave on Monday! Our 12 yr. old GE over the range started sparking and making strange noises this past week. I’m keeping my 27 yr. old GE gas range though. I can’t seem to find anything nicer. It’s pretty! If a range can be pretty. Lots of nice enamel. Chrome touches here and there. And best of all the oven temp is reliable and it’s self cleaning! I like all your appliance reviews—I’m just waiting for you to get that perfect range! Maybe then I will get one if you yours is wonderful!

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    Penny says

    We don’t get top loaders over here unless we can buy an American make and they are so big, our little houses are not really made to accomodate them. So we nearly all use front loaders, although none of them come with those stands and they mostly fit directly under the work top in a run of kitchen cupboards. What are the stands for? Are they just to save you bending so much when loading in or out? Yes, you have to leave the door open to air dry the insides otherwise they start to smell musty, I usually wipe the door and seal dry once I have finished washing for the day. I also remove and wash the detergent dispenser drawer periodically as well otherwise this part goes particularly manky. My latest one is a Seimens and I love it, its got AA ratings for energy and water usage and isn’t noisy, even when on final spin. So much better than my very first which was a secondhand twin tub. Did you ever have those in the States?

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    I love the front loaders too but when we moved here to the townhouse and I needed to buy a new washer and dryer, I knew they wouldn’t fit in my laundry closet so I got the HE set but top loading for the washer.