Design Wall Monday 12/21/09

Didn’t get a lot of sewing time this week.  Finished all the four patches and if you remember from last week, there was one really dark blue one that was much darker than everything else so I replaced it.  Started adding some of the black and white triangles to complete the secondary design.  Photo was taken with cell phone so . . sorry if it’s kinda blurry.


Anyone else still finding time to quilt this close to Christmas?  If so, please share what’s on your design wall!


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    It is 5:30am. monday morning and I am up working on Christmas totes…does that count for sewing? LOL I still have about 5 more to make before Tues. I like the way you placed your 4 patch on the diagional…Merry Christmas!

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    second week that I can’t show what’s on the wall. My DD and SIL call it secrets for Christmas. But there isn’t really anything on there. Just a Christmas Panel. You could just make the pinwheel blocks and alternate them with the 4 patches too. Cute idea as always.

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    Cindy B says

    Interesting how you are piecing the blocks. I would have made the black and white as one block from HSTs and set on point with the four patch. I’ll have to try your method.

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    Merry Christmas Judy,
    I really like the quilt you are making, the contrast is great.
    I’m just working on a last mintue Christmas gift.
    Cleary k.

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    carol c says

    that is a combo i never thought of, i dont think i have made just 4 patches. wow, its really neat and colorful as well. Great insight there Judy-i love it

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    Ida says

    I’ve posted a link to my ‘inspiration’ wall … photos around it show my sewing room in its glorious disarray.

    I needed to pull my desk out so I could extend my leaf to support my son’s quilt (87 x 87) as I quilted it on my home machine. So, everything got moved/piled/shoved …. ah, what a glorious mess.

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    Becky I. says

    I really like this layout. You have such a creative mind! Thanks for sharing your photo’s and talent with us.