Out With the Old

Dishwasher that is. Sunday afternoon Vince took out the old dishwasher, and probably not a minute too soon, and put in the new one.

I get pretty nervous when he starts working on things in the house .  . especially on Sunday afternoon when there’s probably not much we could do if we had a serious problem.  He assured me this was a piece o’ cake and nothing could go wrong.  The old one is out.  Nothing went wrong!


Hmm . . I kinda like this spot.  I could maybe put a chair here and use it for a little desk!  Or, maybe put in another set of drawers.  Do I really need a dishwasher?  YES!  I DO!!  🙂


Please don’t dent it.  Please don’t scratch it.  Please don’t bang up the cabinets getting it in.  This is the point where Vince said “Go downstairs and keep Speck company!  Please go away!”


Gotta love it when the husband takes the time to read the directions.  Only because he couldn’t figure out where to hook up the drain tube.  The little thing that is supposed to hang down was kinda tucked up out of the way and it was hard to find.  But, he found it!


Ahhh . . it’s in.  It’s hooked up.  It works.  It doesn’t leak.  It’s so quiet you can’t even tell when it’s running . . that’s why those three lights are on the front.


Look inside!  (Told you it doesn’t take much to excite me, does it?)  Don’t you think it should do more than just wash dishes?  I can hardly wait to put some really gunked up dish in the back where those big red jets are that are supposed to clean even the messiest of messes.  If the SmartWash® is everything it’s supposed to be, I’m going to love that feature.  No doubt this one is more energy efficient than was the older one.


The old dishwasher I think was the first one that had these little tops over the silverware section.  I kept them open but I read the book with the new one and if you close the little lid and stick the silverware handles down through the holes, the silverware doesn’t get all mushed together and gets cleaner.  Who would have known?

I’m very happy with my new dishwasher but probably should have waited a few days before telling Vince that I’d like to replace the kitchen sink.  That didn’t go over so well but . . we’ll mention that again in a few days or . . a few months.



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    I am so jealous..I want a new dishwasher and lately ours has been showing it’s age..maybe if I share your blog with Andrew and he can see that Vince did it maybe he’ll decide to buy me one and hook it up…do ya think that would work?

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    Judy, Isn’t it great to get something new. I got a new dishwasher about 2 months ago and am amazed at how quiet they make them now. Can’t wait to hear how the pot scrubbers work.

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    Sandy says

    Judy, I am so glad you like your new dishwasher. Mine is a Kitchenaid and it sounds like a freight train coming thru. Honestly, it isn’t the quiet one like the old Maytag I had. Maybe I should be talking to Santa.

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      Even the salesman said the Kitchenaids are quiet when they’re new but get louder with just a little time. Since ours is Kenmore, who knows who made it. I just hope it stays as quiet as it is now.

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    Diann Smith says

    Keep your silverware holder from the old one…great for holding QUILTING NOTIONS.
    I’m a rinser..can’t stand gunked up anything going into the dishwasher. So I guess I am the “prewasher” for mine.

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    Toni says

    Judy, I got a new Bosch about two years ago. I love it except….you have to really be careful with hard clear plastic. It really messed up the lid to my crockpot, now it is frosted looking and it was on the top rack. It’s something about the steel tubs and they get so much hotter. Doesn’t hurt soft type plastics though like storage containers. Watch out for your food processor parts. Now I hand wash all hard plastics.

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    Love my new Kitchenaid, but I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. I wanted one with the delayed wash, because we’re in the kitchen so much in the evening. This one is so quiet, I go ahead and run them right away! I’m still getting used to how to load it though — you get so efficient when you’ve had a dishwasher for a while.

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      I noticed the learning curve with loading it too. I don’t feel like I’m getting as much in the new one but I’ll figure out a plan. I love the delay wash setting. The old one I could set to start up to 8 hours later but I think the new one has 1, 2 or 3 hour delay settings. I only used the delay to conserve hot water at shower time in the evening because our water softener came on at 1 a.m. and we couldn’t have water running then but the new dishwasher uses way less water so I may not have to mess with the delay at all.

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    Cindy B says

    Judy you could have put that dishwasher in. I put my last one in myself. DH brought it home but had to go away for business. I had the thing sitting in my way in the kitchen. I read the directions and it was easy to pull the old one out and slide the new one in. The connections were simple and I plugged it in and it has worked perfectly. Two screws holds it inside the cabinet. Of course I did it early in the morning so I could call someone if needed. I really like the inside of your new one.

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    I’m glad it’s all working nicely for you now. We had to replace ours a little over a year ago and the new one is much quieter.

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    Claudia W says

    Judy – My 2 yr old dishwasher is almost exactly the same model as yours, the inside looks the same. And we find that the flatware does get cleaner if you load the handles down through the slots in the silverware basket covers. The side baskets that are next to the large one are great when our grandkids come over for holding tiny sippy cup valves and parts that wouldn’t work anywhere else. With the covers down, nothing can escape. Enjoy! claudia

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    Kathy BC says

    We got a new dishwasher from Sears last year, and LOVE it! We paid a little more for the SS inside and the extra quiet motor, and we can’t even hear it work! I had to sacrifice cabinet space for it, but it was well worth it. Thanks for posting about the cutlery containers. I never read the directions, and I’ve always had it open. Now I am going to try it closed, and slide the cutlery through. I never knew why they had lids on it, and never bothered to check. But it makes perfect sense. Maybe now ALL of my spoons will come out clean! Thanks for the tip!