Communicating with My Man

A few weeks ago, maybe before Thanksgiving, we drove up to a butcher out in the middle of nowhere . . really . . and bought a cured, smoked turkey.  It was so good and we had decided to get another one for Christmas.  Last week I had called the butcher to be sure he had some before we drove up there.  Vince and I had discussed it and the plan was to go on Saturday and get a turkey.  Then he came home Friday and said some guy at work smokes turkeys and they’re supposed to be really, really good so we went to the grocery store, bought a turkey and took to him.  We’ll pick it up Christmas Eve.  Friday night, I said to Vince . . we don’t need to get a turkey from the butcher because I really don’t have a place to put it.  The freezer is so full.  OK!

I had baked a ham Thursday and that night Vince cut all the ham off the bone and I froze it in six different packages .. seven if you count the bone too.

Saturday I had wanted to go up to the Amish store to see if she could get tapioca flour.  We started out and went to one little town and I asked why we were going there.  Vince said “We’re going to make a big circle.”  OK.  When we left that little town, I asked if we were going to the Amish store.  No . . we’re going to get the turkey. What turkey?

Somehow, Vince figured that cutting the ham off the bone made enough room in the freezer for the extra turkey but he didn’t mention that to me.  How cutting the ham off the bone, saving the ham AND the bone makes more room in the freezer . . I don’t know.

Found room in the freezer for the turkey.  We’ll still be eating turkey when it’s spring break!

Saturday was so cold.   Though it wasn’t officially winter yet, it was cold . . miserably cold.



Looks pretty cold, huh?