Quiet Christmas Eve

That’s what I thought.  We’d celebrate a nice, quiet Christmas Eve.   We’re supposed to get snow starting about 4 and then all night . . maybe up to 6″.  No company . . just us for Christmas.

First thing that happened, Vince took his shower and came out in a rage because Chad had used all the hot water.   But .. Chad hasn’t had a shower yet!  The new water heater isn’t working right.  While we don’t expect our water heaters to last much longer than a couple of years, less than a month just isn’t right!  🙁  Called the plumber and he was willing to come out today but we can make it til Monday if we space the showers and laundry and dishwashing . . I hope!

Then Sharon, who is from here but lives away and reads my blog, had told me she was going to be in town so we met at Burger King and had lunch.

When Vince and I got home, there was a message that our turkey is ready so back in the truck . . went and got the turkey.  Before we got home, the cell phone rang and it was Chad.  He had left his lights on and his battery was dead.  So, Vince and I went in the freezing rain and jump started his car and brought it home.  It’s on the battery charger now and we’ll go get him when it’s time for his dinner break at 4:00.

And to think . . I had hoped to sew today!


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    So much for that quiet Christmas Eve! I wonder why you blow through hot water heaters so fast. I’ve never had to replace one yet. One house I had almost 30 years, and two others for 15 years before I sold them. I think you said it was your water, but still it seems odd.

    Judy, I wish you, Vince, Chad and Speck a wonderful Christmas. You have been such an inspiration and blessing to all of us, and especially to those of us who have met you personally! (Hugs)

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    Laura says

    The old saying “When it rains, it pours.” Hope it will stop and you can have a quiet Christmas. Laura

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    Toni says

    We’ll have a rainy Christmas here in middle Tennessee. Christmas greetings to the whole family and abundant hot water in the New Year!

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    Donna in KS says

    Yes, quiet would be nice! A brother-in-law thought he needed to get a tree limb away from wires before this storm came in here; they ice in KS and we lose electricity. His ladder broke; hip broke, he is having emergency surgery today, my husband is there. I will try to finish food prep. We were looking forward to a relaxing evening before the hustle of the next two days. And the storm has arrived here.

    As Vicky said you are a blessing and inspiration to many of us. I definitely count it a blessing to be able to call you friend. Thank you for all you are! Merry Christmas to your family.

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    With storms arriving everywhere, it’s good to be staying home! If I were you, Judy, I wouldn’t answer the phone any more today! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for all the entertainment and education you provide to us throughout the year.

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    You can’t say your life is boring….:) Wishing you and the boys a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

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    meredith says

    Have a great Christmas day, and may everything go smoothly. We’re going to have a pleasant day- it was 110 degrees on Wednesday, but it’s cooled off now, so we won’t have to have the ac. on. Son Matt and I would like to have a cold northern Christmas one day, just for a change!
    Thanks for all your entertainment over the years, and I’m going to try and bust heaps of stash next year, just like you.Don’t you love the fresh start, it seems like everything’s possible.
    Love to everyone, Mereth

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    Linda says

    Quite a day you’ve had. Once you get Chad home it’ll be time to settle in for that nice quiet Christmas. We had a little of the storm yesterday & last night. Very little snow today, wind blowing pretty good. Now, my DH just came up from the basement to tell me the radio is saying the Winter Storm Warning has been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning through Friday. I have not plans to even stick my nose out the door. We changed our family Christmas dinner to Sunday so I hope the weather settles down after tomorrow so everybody can get dug out & venture out on the roads. We’re just not used to weather like this for Christmas, though I can remember on Christmas Eve when the bottom of the car was dragging in the snow for our 15 mile drive to Christmas Eve supper. No wind, just snow, and no highway crews.

    Merrry Christmas to you and your family and Speck too.

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    So I don’t think you want to know that we are sitting quietly, watching some TV and looking forward to chili and presents a little later. And, I think you should start heating your water on the stove: you don’t have any good luck with water heaters. Merry Christmas.

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    Julie H. says

    Water heaters going out must be a quilters thing. Ours went out last week then we’ve had problems with the new one. I think there is a thermostat problem. It’s not the same temperature day to day. We did get 20 years out of the last one so I shouldn’t complain.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

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    Merry Christmas!

    We are still having a blizzard here in OKC… get ready for the snow. The official total so far is 11″, but I don’t know how they figure that out with winds in the 50-60mph range.

    They have closed most of the roads, the airports, all Christmas Eve services & I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some Christmas services canceled.

    It’s nice to be at home sewing…


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    Debbie Bailey says

    I am so sorry you are having one of those days. We are too. My husband thought it would be a great day to get the oil changed on my truck first thing this morning. As he was headed home from that chore he noticed a bad sound. Turned around and went back…turns out my 4-wheel drive was going out. I live in Eagle River, Alaska so I can’t drive far without 4-wheel drive. $1400 later my truck is fixed. We also have a cronic water problem…electrolisis occured in our hot water pipes. We have resolved what was causing the problem but the damage to our pipes is done so we get pin-hole leaks every now and then. Minor in the big scheme of things but it will need major addressing when we need to sell. I feel such kinship with you…definitely no sewing today!

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    bettina walia says

    hope that was all the going out you had to do and merry christmas to your family and the blogging community

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    carol c says

    so sorry Judy that all these “things” happened, but aren’t you glad your deadlines were over and the time was there and the stress was better? LOL, i hope you know i said that in a kind way! so tonite, you are home, hopefully and if you saw the show on abc tonite, Prep Landing, i thought it was really great and excellantly done. I hope that Chad and Vince, and especially you have the best ever of health and happiness–Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

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    Tricia says

    We are cold-water buddies! We live at about 8000 feet in the mountains of Utah and it is below zero and our water heater just can’t take it! It takes FOREVER to heat up the water heater itself-much less the water! It was a Christmas miracle that my husband got it working tonight and then we all made sure to shower/do laundry/wash dishes while it was still going since you never know what will happen tomorrow!
    Thank you for your hard work this year-quilting and cooking and general blogging for our entertainment…it means a lot to me being snowbound for most of the year…you make me feel like I’m connected!
    Have a happy holiday!

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Merry Christmas and a have a very happy, healthy New Year in 2010. Thanks for the delightful blog that you do so well and may things settle down in the water department. We only have rain and lots of wind here in St.L temps in the 50’s, but we hear that change is coming to us soon. I want to join your Stash Busting group too, but I don’t have a blog. Hope I can stilll participate. Dar S

    PS my socks didn’t get done yet, maybe in 2010.

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    My husband had to follow my daughter to the local Good Year this am. She had a 4″ nail in her tire again. she had just been refilling the tire until last night on the highway- calls daddy for help 10pm. So O- dark hundred he wakes her this morning to go to Good Year. I guess this was for NOT taking care of it since October. Funny thing this happened a year ago too, but she took care of it sooner. Funny she works at a pet store, we used to work at an hardware store and always had nails in our tires. Got to love our kids 🙂
    Good luck with than darn water heater.

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    patti says

    hmmmm, should’ve picked up that snow shovel too while you were out. i had my husband read that post and he enjoyed it as much as me. the thing is that we live that kind of life, it’s easy to laugh when it’s someone else’s story. i so enjoy your blog and recipes.