Friendly Contention

What Vince and Chad can’t find to disagree about!  It was all in fun, of course, but at breakfast Christmas morning, they were arguing about which orange juice is better.  They seriously have better things to argue about!’

Chad likes Minute Maid.  Vince likes Tropicana.  Chad decided to do an official taste test . . don’t ask me how that was supposed to work because he knew exactly which glass came from which carton.  As usual, Vince is trying hard to contain his excitement over this little project!  🙂

There’s the color/looks test.  Vince is getting more excited by the moment.  Did you notice?

Then there’s the smell test.  Chad had already finished breakfast so he got a piece of bread pudding to cleanse the pallet.  Don’t ask me how that works.  Something sweet before and after orange juice doesn’t sound good to me.

Chad is finding this amusing.  The truth is . . I think Chad did this whole thing  just to get two extra glasses of orange juice!  🙂

Oops!  I think he’s had enough of my camera.  Get that thing out of my face!

The final result:  Chad likes Minute Maid best and Vince likes Tropicana best!  I’ll stick with Dr. Pepper.


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    I prefer my orange with a bit of champagne!

    My neighbors came over with the 3 year old granddaughter and the new sled. Had fun watching them use my driveway (one of the steepest on the street) for a luge run. One more day of the snow & I’ll be ready for the sun to start melting the snow off the roads.

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    I prefer Dr. Pepper, too. Wish I had some! I’m not sure WHEN we’ll be dug out, but it won’t be any time soon. I’ll be lucky if I’m able to venture out of the yard by Monday!

    The snow is still falling, falling, falling and blowing, blowing, blowing, though, thankfully, the wind is calming quite a bit.

    Like Connie, I don’t do orange juice unless I have to, but I’m with Vince…Tropicana is better, lol.

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Speaking of bread pudding – what’s your recipe? I looked in your lime green kitchen but couldn’t find a recipe. Do you ever make brandy sauce with it? I’d love to hear about how you make it. Thanks.
    PS> Your boys are a riot!!

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    Linda says

    Ah, those guys!!! You have to give them credit for their entertainment value alone. Here’s something you should try. Buy plain old store brand orange juice & pour it into both cartons. See if they can tell the difference. he he

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    carol c says

    when i use to be able to drink it, i side with Chad. sry Vince.
    i would take it and add a slice of orange to the rim of the glass, put a marachino cherry in the ice chips>serve icey

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    Carol says

    LOL. I had to see which brand is in my fridge and it’s Tropicana. I like Florida’s Natural also.

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    Marilyn says

    My favorite oj is Naked Juice (Costco) or juice from Trader Joe’s. Yum! From the market, I will buy the Tropicana Valencia juice. But the best is the juice from the oranges off our tree in the backyard. We love fresh orange juice.

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)