The Day After

OK . . who’s shopping today?  You know who’s not going shopping.

Yesterday after the snow shovel was retrieved, our day was normal.  I made a rib roast for lunch.  Started out just rubbing it with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Stuck it in the smoker.

Turned it on just a bit over 225° and enjoyed our Christmas Day!  Pretend the top of the smoker isn’t filthy.  It was too darned cold to even take time to wipe it off.

And when it was time to eat, this is what we had.

That was so good and the best part is . . there are leftovers and this makes a fantastic sandwich!  Today my family can have anything they find in the fridge . . for breakfast, lunch and dinner . .  because I’m spending the entire day sewing!


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    peggy says

    Your roast looks done to perfection! My brother in law cooked one as well. We were all stuffed, but content. So many of us are so fortunate. I am grateful for what we have. On another topic, how are the girls doing in the snow? Do they lay as many eggs? Is the frozen water issue solved?

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    I’ll be sewing – and shopping (online that is !) Wish there were leftovers in my fridge – but I’ll be cooking again tonight – sigh.

    Enjoy your weekend !

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    pdudgeon says

    another non-shopper here. I’ll wait until next week when a lot of people are back at work.

    I’ll be playing in my stash this week, getting fat quarters and strips organized, and putting all the extra (non-designated)yardage in one spot.
    that way, when Judy pulls out another show-stopper pattern (*wink, wink*) i’ll be able to shop the stash first without having to pull out every single drawer to see what i’ve got available.

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    Denise says

    Yummy – I’ll be over for lunch. I’ll fix my own sandwich and even make you one so you don’t have to stop sewing. Just save me a corner to sew in. 🙂 I’m probably headed out to the store because thread is needed!!!

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    I plan to go shopping later this evening. My husband worked yesterday, so we will be enjoying a nice meal out and running around. We really need some new pots and pans. The two pots that came with my set, over 30 years ago, have lost their handles. Yep, a good time for new ones. If anyone has any suggestions on a brand to buy, please leave a comment on my blog.

    The roast looks absolutely wonderful. I think I should have asked Santa to bring my husband a smoker.

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    Bobbie says

    We had steak and shrimp and my son-in-law and me had some fried orysters (all the others are wimps and wouldn’t touch them with a 10 ft. pole). There were 11 of us-all our kids and and grand kids.) We have a blast when were all together. I was thinking last night-I be able to spend all day in the sewing room now–its been a while. Have a BEST NEW YEAR!! Hugs, Bobbie

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    Merry christmas from Australia we are receiving lovely rain the greatest present of all times.I love your snow pictures of christmas.Looking forward to 2010 and sewing more bags and quilts.

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    carol c says

    the smoker is NOT dirty Judy, i am told that is pre seasoning-lol…………… looks wonderful……even to one who has never had one. i meant the meat looks wonderful. I look forward to 2010, with you all.

    • 11.1


      I was actually talking about it being dirty on the outside. It stays in the garage and I usually wipe it down on top before using it but it was just too cold this time.

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    Carol says

    Your roast looks delicious. What kind of chips did you use? So what if the outside is dirty. You cook on the inside, right?

  10. 13

    Sandy says

    I don’t know the easiest way to ask you a question. How do you store your recipes? Only on the computer, if you have a paper file, how do you do it?