Week 52, 2009 Stash Report

Ahhh . . the last stash report of 2009.  Thank you to everyone who added your links to the stash report . . whether you did it once or every single week.  It’s so fun to see how everyone is progressing.  2010 is going to be an amazing year as far as stashbusting for me . . I think!  🙂  Stay tuned and no laughing at me if I fail!

This past week I finished the pink and black top and that was 8 yards and that puts me into the black for 2009.  Anything used after today goes on the first 2010 report.

Used this Week:  8 yards
Used year to Date: 464.50 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 457 yards
Net Used for 2009:  7.50 yards

How are the rest of you ending 2009 as far as stashbusting?  Please share a link to your blog post and if you don’t have a blog and want to contribute, please leave your info in a comment. There’s room at this party for everyone!


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    Thanks Judy for hosting these stashbusting reports and encourging all of us to go first to the stash to “shop”.

    Next year will be fun!

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    Hi Judy, I just read about your stashbusting. Sounds like lots of fun! The problem for me would be I have loads of fabric but it isn’t in nice easy yards to measure. I also have no idea just how much fabric I have, and I really don’t go and buy fabric. I use what people give me. The only fabric I might buy in a great while is a white or muslin. So, I couldn’t join your club/group because I have literal remnant pieces. But it is an interesting idea. I also have been trying to use up what I have before I would even think of buying anything. Waste not, want not they say, and besides, use what God has provided for you. I also get donations of thread, laces, notions that I use. These aren’t always what someone would want, but that is the challenge…to use them up and create something nice with them. God bless you and your sewing Judy. Thank you for your ideas and free patterns also.

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      Cindy in California says

      The good thing about Judy’s Stash Busting is that you don’t have to know how much you have when you start!! You just count what you add and use!

      Also, you can participate by measuring (or estimating) each finished product.

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    I’m one of those that started strong and faded by the wayside. MY goal for 2010 is to keep up with the weekly posting and bust lots of fabric in the new year. Thanks Judy for the inspiration and encouragement.

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    Congrats on ending in the black! It’s really the year end that matters anyhow, not how many oops there are in between (although some of those HAVE been hilarious!). Thank you for hosting the posting and encouraging everyone, and I’m ready to cheer when you bust some crazy stash numbers next year!

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    Thanks, Judy, for hosting this wonderful Mister Linky!

    I’m all ready to keep a detailed record of how much stash I bust in the New Year!

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    Judy, thank you for providing a fun challenge and a way to be accountable. It was lots and fun and very informative to see what I did with my stash and how others did.

    I think using over 450 yards of fabric in one year is phenomenal. I don’t know what you are aiming for next year but I think you did super this year.

    Bring on 2010. I’m ready.

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    Good job on having positive usage this year!

    Thanks for hosting this year and continuing to do it 2010. I think we’re all more aware of what we buy and what we use.

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    I’m going to participate next year (week) – so this year (week) I’ve ordered over 20 yards … but my stash needed it – so next year – I’m going to try and not buy anymore (but I will be buying EQ software … that doesn’t count !)

    Thanks for hosting this each week.

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    I love reading all of the stash busting reports. Unfortunately, I do not have any stash to speak of to report. Sometimes I am glad, but then on days like today, I would like to start a new quilt but will have to go purchase fabric first. I’ll be rooting you all on in 2010.

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    You did it! Hooray! I was kinda feeling bad about that box that landed on your doorstep! 🙂

    Thanks for doing the stash reports this year. Even though I have not ended in the black, I have two years of buying/busting trends now to guide me in 2010! It’s going to be a year to end in the negative!

    Happy New Year, Judy! And THANK YOU!

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    I know that I have a positive number used myself, but I lost track somewhere in late spring. If a gun was held to my head… I would say I bought no more than 20 yards, and probably used up around 200 yards. I think used is the wrong word though, because I ended up giving over 100 yards to friends and the quilt guild. It helped my stash become a lot more cleaner and filled with fabrics that I like and love.

    I also did not dye fabric this year with my mom – too much going on. But that normally adds 50-100 yards to my stash every summer. I kinda wish I had dyed some anyhow… cuz there’s NO way I can do it next summer with a newborn. 🙂 Ahh, hoping for 2011 then!

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    Evelyn says

    I’ve been “shopping the stash” with you ever since 2005. Five years have really made me concious of every purchase and I usually go with a detailed list in hand before setting foot in a fabric store – works for me! Cheers! to another successful year and all the fun we have had via the web together! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Cindy in California says

    I just organized all my flannel into two 66 Gallon totes. I will be able to make baby blankets, burp cloths, PJ bottoms and nightgowns for many years without buying anything! Before, it was so hard to find anything in all the bags, I would just go out and buy more fabric!

    Now I need to organize all my cottons and UFOs.

    I am looking forward to reducing my stash in 2010!!!

    Thanks Judy for the encouragement!

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    Thanks, Judy for helping me stay focused! I didn’t make my goal, but I only purchase 33 + yds this past year. Not only that, but because of our discussions here, I refolded part of my stash and reorganized other parts. I rearranged my sewing room and purchased a HQ16 to increase my productivity. I’m not sure Ernie thanks you (snicker, snort), but I sure do! Your quick patterns have helped bust the stash too as I’ve made several of the ones you’ve posted. I’ll be cutting a few more of them after the first of the year.

    Thanks again! You rock!

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    Judy … thank you so much for doing this challenge for us to hold ourselves accountable for our buying and using. This has helped me so much. It inspires me to use from my stash and actually get more sewing done. I love reading your blog. I hope you continue to do this challenge until we all use up our stashes and finish all our UFOs. lol
    Happy New Year to you!

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    I didn’t finish with the numbers I had hoped for, but it was a reality check. Thank you for all of the time and help you put into helping us all make a dent in our stashes. I have high hopes for 2010. Happy New Year!