Design Wall Monday – December 28, 2009

One of my goals for 2010 is to make more scrappy quilts.  I don’t save small pieces but as my yardage declines (am I optimistic or what?), I want to be able to make quilts that use more bits of this and pieces of that.  Here’s one that took a lot more thought than it should have.  First . . it’s as scrappy as it gets for me and second, it’s not brights.  Maybe brights compared to some but there’s really no glow in the dark lime green or orange in there.  Another goal is to make more masculine quilts.  The orphanage in Louisiana needs more boy quilts than girl quilts and I figure most QOV’s will go to men but I think you’d be surprised to know what a struggle it is for me to use “man” colors.  But . . I can do anything I want to do, right?  So I can make masculine colored quilts and I can make scrappy quilts . . and I will do it!

Here’s what’s currently on my design wall.

What’s on your design wall?  Thanks for sharing your project with us.


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    Scrappy quilts are my strategy fr reducing the stash in 2010 as well. I’m starting with tumbler quilts.

    Happy New Year to you and the rest of the famiy

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    pdudgeon says

    as i am going thru my “throw it in there”(rather than on the floor like Eleanor B does) drawers of extra fabric (one for each day of the week!) i’m finding more left over fabric that i can use in quilts, and only a few handfulls of scraps that are too small or skinny to save.
    I’ve managed to rescue some noodles left over from a jelly roll of “Sunshine” from April Cornell, as well as a yard of a nice flowered blue and white, and some blue on white sashing strips.
    With 5 drawers to go, i hope to find enough in my stash for some borders and binding to make a couch throw, all from stash.

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    I also need to make my “guy” colored quilts. Such a high precentage of our guilds charity quilts end up girlie. I posted a pic of my design wall even though it is only fabric strips at this point.

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      I have the opposite problem. I can’t bare to throw even the teensiest scrap away and so have bins over flowing with little scraps. Thank goodness I love scrappy type quilts. But at this point, I could make quilts all year with just scraps and not even touch my stash fabric. The little scraps have taken over my sewing room!

      • says

        I wish I had that problem. Just finished vacuuming around the machine and there were several 2.5″ squares on the floor. I tossed them rather than set them aside to put them back in their box later. I feel kinda guilty but not enough to retrieve them from the trash.

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    Diane says

    Good luck with the masculine quilts! I’m the opposite I prefer the dark colors and shy away from pastels and brights-unless they’re bright batiks. Sometimes just changing your background to a darker fabric will give you that masculine-y look.
    I’ve so enjoyed the Design Wall Monday, thanks for hosting and looking forward to 2010!

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    Your design wall looks almost done…just add a border and you have a beautiful quilt! I know what you mean about making more masculine quilts…it is harder than falling in love with pinks and such! Very nice pattern! that could make a good masculine pattern…like a bears claw.

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    I’m still waiting for Christmas to be celebrated one more time before I get back to my quilting for me. With 3 grandson’s quilts still in the works I have to finish them first. Borders it is this week- Hope the wrist holds up… I need to cut! I’ll be back for Design Wall next week.

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    I like what you have up on your wall now. Not as scrappy as some quilters, but I can see where it’s outside of your normal designs. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the new year.

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    Linda C says

    I love the look of those bear-paws. I’m right with you when it comes to saving small pieces (just say no!) Fortunately we’re in the minority, so my middling-sized scraps (2″ or better) go in ziplocks and get taken to guild or bee when the bags are full; they get snapped up with glee and I am guilt-free.

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    The blocks look very nice. Could it be that your scrappy does not look as scrappy as others’ because you tend to use tone on tone or solid fabric? I think that sort of reins in the ‘scrappiness’ a little. I like the controlled scrappy look. I have the hardest time making scrappy quilts because I plan the layout too much. It gets too painful and then I give up on the scrappy look totally! One of these days, I must make one by sewing arbitrary fabrics together without pondering colour combinations … but that is a huge step, I am afraid!
    I finally posted my design wall update – after 2 months! 🙂 I can only hope to be more regular in 2010.