I Knew Better

The blue Saratoga Lights top was loaded and I had already quilted one row and I noticed a block was turned wrong.  You know those kinds of things bug the heck out of me but I figured . . it’s a donation quilt and I’m not taking it off the longarm, taking that block out and fixing it and then re-loading it.  That would take me a couple of hours.  So I finished it — without fixing the mistake  Nancy, one of my blog readers, very nicely said “Is it me or is one of the sashing strips on backwards???”  No, Nancy . . it wasn’t you!  I thought about it and I said to myself . . I can’t let that quilt out of here with a block turned wrong so I ripped out the quilting in that section, took a part of the block off, replaced it, re-quilted that section and really . . I’m never doing that again!

If you see a mistake on this one, please don’t tell me!  🙂

I’ve added the horizontal sashing for the bear paw blocks.

Loose Change is loaded and I hope to quilt on it tonight.  I might be changing my mind about the feathers . . not sure.


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    shannon says

    It looks beautiful!

    I don’t know if you ever read about my trials with this quilt. I had blocks turned the wrong way twice. I couldn’t just leave the mistakes.

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      I did read about the first one. I didn’t notice it until I read what you wrote but then I saw it. I think I even commented that I wouldn’t be able to leave it like that . . so why did I think I could leave mine wrong?

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    Sue says

    That block could’ve been your “humble block”! You know, making a mistake because no one makes anything perfect except God. (And even she makes a goof now and then!)

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    Robin says

    It took me awhile to find it also but like you and VickyI would have to change it since it would just drive me crazy knowing it was there. 🙂 I mean ,I’m the one who has ripped out seams because they were off an1/8 of an inch.

  4. 5


    I give – I don’t see it! It’s beautiful! So what had to be changed?

    I don’t quilt, but I’m the same as far as if I notice something, I can’t let it go. Have to fix it.

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      In the first pictures, if you look up at the right, kinda where it’s draped over the quilt machine, you’ll see a portion of a red square that’s not where it’s supposed to be. See . . I knew a non-quilter would never have noticed it!

      • Peggy says

        I looked and looked and didn’t see the problem until you told us where to look. That would have bothered me also, so I feel you did the right thing,

      • says

        I’ve been staring and studying the corrected quilt. I’ve counted squares and rows – should have had the 1st and 2nd and I could have played “can you tell the difference” It’s beautiful before and after!

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    I didn’t notice the mistake when first viewing it, but then when I looked at the photo again, I could see the “missing” red square immediately. It probably wouldn’t ever have “appeared” to non-quilters, but I applaud you for all that unsewing and resewing. Definitely a pain but now its all fixed and purty. Love it!

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    Darlene B says

    Nancy really has a good eye – maybe I should send her pictures of all my quilts before I send them off to the quilter. I did look back at the previous post and really had to look to find the turned block. But I think I would have had to change this too….these mistakes keep us humble, don’t they?

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    Lavina says

    I made a quilt for my daughter and when I was finished I had my upper threads poking through the back of the quilt (it was backed in white). I had been in a hurry to quilt it and it was done on a Flynn frame, since I don’t have a long arm. It took me 40 hours to remove the quilting stitches, then I put a new backing on the quilt, regulated the stitching and spent another 7 hours quilting it…What a work of love, but now every time I see the quilt at her house I am SO GLAD I reworked it.

  8. 10


    I finished all but the binding on mine. It turned out really good and the pattern was so easy to follow. Can I post a pic online?
    When my family came for Christmas I had to hide it from my mom after I showed everyone. She already has 5 of my quilts and was working her way to having a 6th. hahahaha
    Thanks for sharing Judy!!

  9. 11

    Diann Smith says

    Your work is beautiful but I’m like you in so many quilty ways. I’m making Ocean Waves and there’s ten million pieces and I realized in one block I had used the same fabric triangle twice. I thought..no one but me will know and continued on. So I’m getting through and what do I do? Look for HOURS trying to find that one block and then ripping into it to fix the problem. Now why didn’t I do that when I first realized it?
    BTW I’m not kidding. On my tombstone I have asked for this phrase…”Nothing came easily” Hope I get it. I’ve sure earned it.
    Quilt on!

  10. 12


    I feel so much better knowing I’m in good company!!!! I have to fix errors or it drives me crazy. That’s why I don’t get nearly as many quilts finished as one of my friends. She goes with the “10 feet from a running horse rule”, meaning if you can’t see it from 10 feet away while on a running horse, it’s good enough. I’m just too much of a perfectionist to do that. Your quilt looks great and was worth the extra effort.

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    Hey – I thought you were SUPPOSED to make one mistake per quilt – at least ??? Didn’t I read that somewhere?

    I love both quilts though – and the receiver will also, I’m sure. And I’m doubly sure that they would have never noticed any mistake ! Next time – leave it – it was beautiful either way !