Pooling Pink Socks

Pink must be my new favorite color!  I just finished these pink socks and the next pair I started has pink also.  Normally I’m not much on pink for myself but I do love the color.  Most hand dyed sock yarn is intended to either be a tone on tone type yarn or stripe.  I’ve heard other knitters complaining about sock yarn “pooling” but I’d never had it happen til these socks.

On the sock on the left, once I finished the heel, I decreased an extra stitch or two just to see if I could get a stripe and I kinda did.  I don’t mind the pooling in this but I’ve seen some that was downright ugly!  This is ShibuiKnits Sock yarn . . this color to be exact, even though my socks look more brown than green in the picture.  I liked working with this yarn a lot and will definitely order more of it . . some day!

They are kinda funny looking though, aren’t they?


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    Judy, The socks are lovely. I’m not sure what you mean by pooling though, Is that where big sections of color just sort of show up? I;m gusessing I may have just answered my own question.

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      Pooling is when you get “pools” of color, rather than evenly spaced stripes or planned designs or even just randomly spaced colors. Pooling is something most knitters want to avoid.

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      No! They are not hard at all. I put off learning to make them for years because I thought they were hard. At first, using all the double pointed needles (DPNs) seemed awkward but now I love that method. There are other methods – knitting two socks at once on long circular needles or knitting one sock at a time on a shorter circular needle. By the time I finished my first sock, I was hooked! If you think you want to do it . . try it! There are lots of videos online that will help you get started and help through the confusing parts.

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    Laura in AZ says

    I agree with Kelly Ann…they look kind of hip and groovy and your feet won’t care as long as they are warm :-).

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      Yes, my feet don’t care but for what I pay for sock yarn, I also want them to be pretty! I’m not saying these aren’t and I will buy this yarn again but it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. Not the yarn’s fault though.

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    I learned to make socks this year and have made a pair of similar color. I LOVE handmade socks. Yours are beautiful!

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    Diane says

    Learning to knit socks is on my list of things to learn this year. Are knitted socks easy on the feet? I would hate to make some and them be uncomfortable.
    I have been in a “love the color pink” mood for a while myself. I have never really cared one way or the other about the color then one day I bought a pink computer and computer bag and now I have several pieces of pink fabric and ideas to use them. Funny how our tastes change.

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    I think they are fabulous!!!
    If I can make socks, anyone can. I taught myself to knit 3 years ago and started with dishclothes. Only because I want to knit socks and now I do! My feet love their knitted socks. 😉

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Maybe I should learn to knit socks. My daughter wanted cashmere socks for Christmas. Two pairs set me back almost $100.

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    Linda says

    Unique, not funny-looking. Almost a camo look. Maybe you could make Chad a pair. LOL Pink & green camo. After all, they’ll be inside his boots where the critters he hunts will never see them. 🙂

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    I love your socks! The second pair I made “pooled” and I thought I did something wrong – but I love them anyway. If I have yarn that pools again, it will be ok with me. They are unique and draw lots of interesting comments! I just checked out the website where you got that yarn. They really have wonderful yarns! I wouldn’t be knitting socks without the help you gave me to get started and the website to turn the heel! Nothing to it now.

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    Martha says

    I ususally don’t care about color pooling in my socks because the spot usuallly end up in my shoes. BUT I knitted a pair of fixation socks that were purply-blue and pink with a taupe included. The taupe pooled. Unfortunately, it looked like a laundry bleach accident.

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    My oldest would LOVE those socks like that – if they weren’t pink. She’s really into camouflage – that’s sorta what it looks like . I think they are awesome !

    Still having my knitting needles and yarn I ordered. I still can’t figure out how to get started. I may try and find an experienced knitter to show me at least once or twice.

    I have pink in my newest quilt project – not exactly my color – but my younger 2 girls love it – and since it’s going into their hallway – their choice !


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    Actually, unless the pools are huge, I often like it when the yarn pools, as long as both socks are more or less the same. Kind of reminds me of Holsteins and my childhood on the farm–although the colors are prettier than black and white cows!

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    Carol says

    Now I know what “pooling” is. Make sense. Back in my younger days when I used to knit, I found pooling sometimes interesting and sometimes annoying.