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Today on Lime Green Kitchen:

Jailhouse Rolls – they’re yummy and you can make the dough ahead and save it in the fridge for up to 14 days.

Unless this is your very first day to read my blog (if it is, please come back again soon!), then you know two electronic items I dearly love have been missing.  One is my beloved iPod and the second is my BlackBerry that I still have a love/hate relationship with.

The iPod is a bit illusive.  I lost it and then about a week later, I found it.  But then I lost it again.  I promised myself I would never ever lose it again.  I would always put it back in the exact same spot . . forever and ever . . I would never lose it again.  Til June of this year (I casually mentioned it in this post), I lost the iPod again.  Truly, I spent days searching for it and couldn’t find it anywhere so I said to myself . . I’ve wasted enough time looking for this thing and purchased a new one.

Six months later . . I have not lost the new iPod not even once.  When we’re going somewhere — trip, doctor’s appointment, Home Depot . . most anywhere — I always grab a bag with a knitting project, the Kindle, the iPod, or whatever else I feel like grabbing.  My theory was that I would find the iPod in a bag somewhere with a knitting project.  I was wrong.

Yesterday Vince found it in his junkroom office.

I never go into his office . . ever!  It’s scary in there.  The charging base was with the iPod and I never use the charging base because my docking station charges the iPod.   I must have had the iPod and charging base with me when we went on spring break last year and we’re thinking it got packed with some of Vince’s stuff.  I’m very happy to have it back because it has a whole bunch of books from when I was a member of Audible and I no longer have those files.

I am never going to lose it again . . ever!  🙂

About that BlackBerry . . still haven’t found it and I doubt we ever do.


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    Sounds like me, but I always use the excuse, “the _________ that I lost grew little legs (one of four little sets of legs that live at my house) and walked away.”

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    Glenda says

    Isn’t it amazing that we all have the same ghosts ! I swear I put something down and 15 minutes later I can’t find it ! LOL Have a great day. Glenda

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      And, the more that I say to myself that I’m going to remember where I put things, the more I lose them! If this gets worse with old age, I’m in big trouble.

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    Yeah! 🙂 It’s kind of like when DD2 crates up the kiddos toys and puts them away for a few months then swaps out the bins. New toys!
    I think it’s time I try the jailhouse rolls….I’ve had the recipe forever and today is a good day to make them.

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      I used to make those rolls all the time and had kinda forgotten about them. They’re so good. They make great little sandwiches too.

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    Diane says

    Glad you fpund your iPod! I am thinking of joining Audible, what do you think about it? Did you like it, or was it a waste of your money? I listen to a lot of audio books while sewing and driving long distances and have listened to almost everything my little library has to offer. I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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    Judy, I understand your pain. I lost my camera. I thought my husband had left my car unlocked and someone had stolen it. He thought I might be right. I had only had the camera a few months – so he bought me another and it wasn’t cheap! About a year later I found it packed with some sewing projects. My daughter is now enjoying that camera. I have a missing ipod. I am pretty sure I must have thrown it away. I still have hope.

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      Oh, Sue . . you are as bad as I am. Does your husband know you found the camera? Remember the camera that I spilled Dr. Pepper in and Vince sent back to get repaired? Yesterday I dropped it on the tile floor and now it won’t zoom in and out. He was not very happy with me.

      When my BlackBerry first was missing, we went through all our trash . . just in case, but it wasn’t there.

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    Judy – even though you’re no longer a member of Audible, I think you can still log in and get your library. I was told that they never delete them. I’m so glad you found the iPod!

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    Evelyn says

    My Dad lost something years and years ago – it was something we heard about for years growing up and it sort-ov became a “folk-tale”. 25 years after his Dad died, my Dad opened Grandpa’s desk (it had been in our foyer all that time) and there was the missing “treasure”! It is funny how we sometimes just never go into a spot in our own homes! Glad you found your iPod! Cheers! Evelyn

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      I keep thinking that maybe when we move, I’ll find the BlackBerry but I’m afraid I know the truth about where it is and it won’t ever be found at my house.

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    Julie H. says

    Congrats on the missing ipod. My missing stuff usually turns up somewhere where DH had it. However, I’m missing a piece of fabric and I don’t think I can blame him this round.

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    Check Chad’s room for the Crackberry….who knows…maybe you walked in there for something…placed it on a dresser then he comes home puts a huntin’ hat on top and poof…it’s gone…just saying…

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    Good thing Vince was moving some things around in his office……from the way you describe it, I think he doesn’t often do much straightening up in there…and it might have been lost forever!!!

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    Norma says

    Perhaps your Blackberry is in the same place as my camera. Hubby bought me a new one, but I liked the other one much better. I was convinced I lost it in my sewing stuff, but have turned everything upside down many times and it hasn’t shown up. But take heart – my sister found her diamond bracelet that had been lost for almost a year!