Ten Little Entertainers

It doesn’t take much to entertain us but those 10 chickens are so funny.

We still have almost all the snow on the ground . . that would be about 8 – 10″.  This was yesterday evening.  Last night we got more.  I’ll never complain about summer again . . maybe.

We never forget that getting chickens was my idea and on those cold, snowy, icy mornings at daylight and evenings at dusk, I have a job to do.  Last night Vince said he’d put them up.  I was so happy because I was in the middle of cooking dinner and it’s just so cold and did I say . . snowy and icy out there?   Vince kept looking out the window to see if they were inside the coop yet and they weren’t.  They were just standing in the walkway to the coop but they wouldn’t go in.

Vince said “There’s a bird on their porch.”  See that little porch off the purple coop?  They have to walk from the run, through the little walkway/tunnel, onto the porch and into the coop.  That little bitty bird was there and the chickens were afraid of it and wouldn’t go inside for the night.

That was enough for me to put dinner on hold, grab the camera, coat and boots and go out into the snow.

And, wouldn’t you know it?  Just when I got close enough to get a picture, the little bird flew from the porch down to the walkway and was able to get out through the chicken wire.  The wire on the porch has a finer mesh and he couldn’t get out there.

So, the big, scary, fluttering enemy has gone and the chickens, led by Ruby of course, can now go into the coop.

All lined up, single file . . ready for bed.  10 chickens, one little bird . . why were they so afraid of that little bird?


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    Carol says

    Too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I guess we all have something that we’re afraid of that others just can’t understand, especially the little birds.

  2. 3


    Yes….I think there is a moral to this story for all of us. (But I”m sure I’ll still continue to be afraid of the little birds in my life!!!)

  3. 5


    Funny story! Animals are so fun to watch. As some of the commenters pointed out, we can take a lot from nature and apply it to our everyday life.

  4. 8


    you are too funny Judy! first I am glad you found your IPOD! and you are a good mommy to those chickens!!! isn’t Ruby a great leader…she made sure they all stayed back in a way didn’t she? until you came out and made it safe for them!!!

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    ruth anne says

    I don’t think I could make it some days without your blog! It is so much fun and I always learn something. I love Ruby!