Goals for 2010

Not only do I have a number in mind for the number of yards of fabric I want to use this year, I had some pretty specific numbers in mind for the number of quilts/projects I want to do this year.  If you go over to my sidebar and click on 2010 under Goals and Accomplishments, you’ll see my plans.  25 quilts to be given away; 12 UFO’s to be completed.  Those UFO’s may or may not count towards the 25 quilts.

What is a UFO anyway?  Something I started last week, but then set aside to work on something else?  I have the binding to finish on the Black Friday quilt that I hope to mail out next week.  Is that a UFO?  I don’t think so.  You can determine for yourself what is or isn’t a UFO but for me, it’s going to be something that has been stuck in one of my UFO boxes.  I can’t believe it was August when I bought all those boxes . . I could have sworn it was not longer ago than mid-October.  I’m telling you . . time flies!  Something I’ve been working on but didn’t officially put away . . that’s not going to be a UFO for me.

My sewing/knitting goals are all nailed down, and now I can get busy getting everything accomplished.  Wish me luck!  🙂

We had the customary cabbage, blacked eyed peas and pork so we should be healthy, happy, lucky, prosperous and all that good stuff!

The pork is smoked and will be pulled.  The cabbage is smoked.  There’s green tomato relish in the jar.  Yum!

What we didn’t eat of the pork, I’m boiling and it will go into tamales tomorrow.  We don’t like leftover smoked pork.


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    Yup pork and cabbage is supposed to be good luck….us Northerners have our cabbage as sauerkraut!!! Last summers batch of kraut was the best we have ever made.

    I look forward to hearing what your yardage number is.

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    Nancy says

    Goals: somewhere in this room I have a list of quilts that need to be finished…but for the life of me I can’t remember what happened to it?! LOL Maybe I should find the list…
    Judy, I would like to thank you for the quilt patterns you have given to us! Your free patterns are fantastic! I love your “Lime green kitchen” recipes and have even tried some…mmm good!
    Have a wonderful year from someone who was born a southern gal, but living in frigid Michigan! Every winter I want to head south! I’m freezing!
    Nancy in SE MI

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    Thanks for your great blog, I read it first thing every day. I hope to finish some UFO’s this year too. I do not stress about it though because the UFO boxes are like little presents that I can open and see what goodies are inside. I also want to make charity quilts this year so I will continue to follow in your footsteps in this regard.

    I also appreciate and try your recipes, thanks for all the work you do.

    Linda D

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    Still working on my goals for 2010 and updating my UFO list. Those items are on my to do’s for today as well as fniishing my fabric inventory. I find it easier to just count everything once a year than to keep track of the ins and outs as they happen. I already know that the total went up this year…I just don’t know by how much.

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    Bobbie says

    I have already got out one of my “gotta have’ UFO’s and even got a couple of blocks done-a Spider Web Quilt. Getting shut of those strings. But I love this (gonnabe )quilt too.
    We had our black eyed peas yesterday also-I’m from the South-the outlaw state-Texas-never ever have missed a New Years without them-my Dad was a rodeo cowboy and a lot of times we were on the road on N.Y. Day -getting to a rodeo-I can remember a few times-we stopped at a grocery store, ran in and got a can of them, opened them with a pocket knife and took at least a spoonful from the can-went on down the road. Could not and would not ever go without them on N Y Day. Hugs, Bobbie

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    We had the Pork and Cabbage but no black-eyed peas. We fed 60 some of our extended family. Picture of all of us on my Blog. I think they liked it too. Yummy!!! So Monday starts my New Year of Quilting. I’ll be up early to see what is on your design wall. I might have some UFO blocks to put up on mine…or one of the many Mystery quilts that I’ve printed off the web this week-end or maybe just a quilt I started in 2009 that needs to be finished. A few quilts never got put into a UFO Tote, they’re just in bags waiting. QIW= Quilt in waiting…

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    patti says

    green tomato relish, hmmmm. would love it if you’d post that recipe in the lime green kitchen. since we have such a short growing season i always have green tomatoes left on the vine as the first freeze approaches. last year we pickled them, but i sure didn’t like the way they tasted. but relish i could use for alot of things.

    leftover smoked pork is wonderful in ponsit — the ponsit is so delicate that a little pork goes a long way. packed with vegies, still crisp, mmmmmmm – i’m getting hungry, and i just got up from dinner.

    will join you in getting some UFOs done this year, but no commitment as to a timeframe or number. too much going on in life to not be able to remain flexible for quilting.