A couple of weeks ago, there was a note on the Heartstrings group about making pillowcases.

Mary has the best pillowcase instructions/tutorial here.  I started making them, made a few last night and a few this morning and so far, I’ve made 10 pillowcases.

Here they are all spread out.

This wild fabric on this one is a Laurel Burch fabric.  When and why did I buy that fabric?  I love it but I can’t imagine that I ever thought I’d use it in a quilt.

Won’t this one make a good one for a little boy?  There’s two of these.

I’m going to try to make some more but there’s just not a whole lot of this type fabric in my stash.  They’re fun to make though.  The ones that don’t have a quilt to go with them will be donated to ConKerr.  Seeing the pictures on that site and reading the stories makes me want to start making pillowcases and never stop.

They’re fun to make and they run up those stash numbers!


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    Diane H in Alaska says

    I saw that on Heartstrings and in the magazine. I am all for that. We make alot of pillowcases for the foster kids in our area and put shampoo, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste in them for the kids. What a great way to use up our fabric and help someone out.
    Happy New Year.

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    Diann Smith says

    Thanks for your feather quilting video..enjoyed it very much.
    I like making the pillowcases too but I do mine a little wider and use up ugly fabric and put my finished quilts inside to be stored in the closet or the cedar chest.

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    Mary’s tutorial is great! I learned this method from another source, and the dimensions might be slightly different. It is great to see Mary’s pictures and explanation, as it is a little tricky to do it from just the printed page. Great stash-buster!

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    What a great way to start of the new stash busting report. Pillowcases use a lot of fabric for a quick and easy project. And all for a great cause too. If I didn’t have a sick kid, I’d be sewing a few up right now.

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    quiltbea says

    I’m eager to make pillowcases, but I tried this tute and I just couldn’t get it right. It seems the old brain has a harder time figuring out instructions these days.
    Your cases are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    • 6.1


      I can’t imagine what’s throwing you because it’s so easy and Mary’s instructions are great. If you want to take pictures along the way and holler at some of us where you’re stuck, we’ll be glad to help.

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    The pillow cases are great. I love that Laurel Burch fabric you used. I used some of that in the first quilt I ever won a ribbon for. It’s very bright…!

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    Toni says

    This is the same way I make pillowcases. Two years ago I made a new pillowcase every month for a favorite cousin who is in a nursing home far from here. She really looked forward to the packages and enjoyed the extra attention from patients and staff. I have a new series ready to go in the mail this coming week. Now I really look for some oddball stuff like I love Lucy and french fries.

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    Glenda says

    Judy, the pillowcases are welcomed at QOV also. I took about 40 cases to MQS last year for them. Have a safe Happy New Year ! Glenda

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    Alma says

    I love this method of making pillowcases and use it all the time. It looks great when done. I did some pillowcases early last year with the Fine Stitchery website. I think she collected over 800

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    Becky I. says

    I used this website to make pillowcases for Christmas gifts. I busted 57 yards of stash! You could see the difference in my shelves then a friend gave me enough fabric to more than fill my shelves again. I didn’t even bother to count it though I should have. Oh well, now it’s a new year and a new count begins today! In that fabric she gave me enough Christmas prints that I cut out 17 pillowcases and they are setting by my machine ready to put together. Our LQS does the million pillowcase project at Christmas each year for local nursing homes. I have a head start on next year already! Thanks again for all you do to keep us going!

      • Carol says

        Great tutorial. I found the instructions at the ConKerr site confusing. Now I understand the “hot dog in the bun” or the “sausage” method.

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    Laura says

    My neighbor is 92, and for each holiday I make her a pillowcase. She just loves each one I make (from this method). I usually embroider her name on each one too. Laura

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    I helped two girls make 100 pillowcases two summers ago. I cut the fabric and they did the sewing. And you know what, I didn’t see a dent in the fabric stash either. The fabric just expands to take up more room. The girls had a great time and donated all of the pillowcases to ConKerr. I was thinking I should get started for next Christmas for some presents and maybe this is what I will start working on…not today though, I must be working on becoming the ‘feather queen’ that will take some practice you know 🙂

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    Kathy C says

    I make these for Christmas gifts and for my Quilts of Valor.
    I was suprised the first year I made them and so many people requested them the following year.
    Love the taco, or hotdog or whatever method people call this. I usually make all I need for Christmas in a day. GREAT way to bust your stash too.
    When I make a baby quilt for a gift I usually make a pillowcase for any older siblings so they also get a gift.

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    They all look great! I’m going to get started on some tomorrow but I may not have fabric as cute as this in my stash – will be nice to start the year with a good stashbusting project.

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      There’s not much print in my stash so I’m not sure how many more “cute” ones I can make but they sure are fun to match up.

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    Jane says

    I made10 pillowcases this year for Christmas gifts for my dayhome kids….excellent stash busters, fast and fun!! Great for using that focus fabric or large prints!!

  16. 18


    Judy … I just love your thoughtful and huge heart! Thanks for sharing this link with us. I have never heard of this project. I need to put this project on my list of things to work on this year. I have plenty of stash that could be used for cheery pillowcase.
    Thanks again for the link.

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    laceflower says

    Thank you for the pillowcase idea. My mom is in a nursing home and I never know what to give her. I will make some and hope they brighten her day a little.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Good for you Judy L !!!! – My “Golden Girls” sewing group of five have donated over 90 pillowcases this year to the ConKerr, “A Case for Smiles”, group in Charlotte NC. We also found this method of making the cases and use it all the time. My husband and I initially donated the $100 inventory of fun prints for the cases and coordinating borders and each time one of the group pulls from the pillowcase inventory they pay $2.25 – that way we always have money to replenish the fabric. Our group meets bi-weekly and we start the day making a pillowcase to donate. They add up quickly.
    Judy C in NC

  19. 22

    Trish says

    I’ve been making them this way for a few years now and really LOVE this method! The only difference in mine is that I use 11″ x WoF for the bottom band. I have made many as gifts, since they go together so quickly and people really seem to love receiving them.