First Top of 2010

Last night I completed the Bearly Dancing top.

It’s turned wrong here for the picture.  To the list of things I must have in a house . . gas stove, wood stove, no carpet, basement, walk in shower . . I need to add that I have to have a good place to take photos of my quilts.

Even though the drawing shows one background fabric, I used 6 or 8 different background fabrics.

Here’s the EQ drawing of how it looks when it’s turned correctly.

Simple blocks!  To liven things up a bit, the horizontal sashing is narrower than the vertical sashing.  The first two borders (orange and brown ones)  are a bit different from normal.  It’s a fun and quick quilt to make.  The completed size is about 62″ x 80″.  The EQ file can be downloaded by going to the sidebar, clicking on Free Patterns and Projects, then going down to Electric Quilt Files to Download.  You will need EQ6 to open the file.


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    Penny says

    Thats a lovely quilt and I love the name. Have you tried laying the quilt on a floor or bed and standing on a step ladder to photograph?

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      We don’t have a step ladder in the house and as many quilts as I make, it would be a hassle to bring one in every time I want to take a picture. For now, this will have to do.

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    LOVE this quilt! And the name. The different width sashing is really unique and very attractive. I like all the bright, bold colors you use.

    Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.

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    Margo says


    I am always inspired when I read your blog. I make a point of reading it each and every day. I live on the west coast, but was raised mid-western style in another state. Your blog gives me a sense of satisfaction on so many different levels. Thank you for all that you do to inspire us – especially your weekly stash busting accounting!

    I thought that I was computer literate, yet I can not for the life of me open Pinwheels on Parade file from your side bar, which by the way is a stunning quilt! I love the way that you finished off the quilt with the clever borders. The file downloads, but I can not open it. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can correctly download and view this file?

    thank you,
    Bakersfield, CA

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      Susan says

      Hi Margo,
      I live in Maryland and got to drive through Bakersfield last week.
      Dang, now I know where our food comes from!

      Are you saving the file & opening it with EQ6?
      Happy Quilting

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    This is very cute — I’ve got a bunch of scraps I need to cut up for a scrap quilt and I want to use the GO — I was thinking of one with all the same size half square triangles but I really like this this one too. I may just have to make enough half square triangles for both.

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    Donna says

    That is a lovely quilt design. I can see myself sewing that up sometime soon. Thank you for all the lovely things you have shared. I have EQ, and enjoy “seeing” what my colors would look like before sewing, and of course modifying size to suit as well. I have been trying to organize my projects so that I am sewing the boring bits while sewing other projects (starter and enders) – all those half square triangles could be done like that.

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    Lee says

    Hi Judy,

    I’m amazed at the quantity of stuff you do and enjoy reading your blog. On the EQ pattern, (and oops? your finished top), I noticed that the first block of the second row seems to not be in the direction that its mates are headed. Was that intentional?