What Caused My Insanity

If you watch this video, you see the door. That’s Chad’s bedroom door. The table to the right is my ironing board. About 4 feet in front of his bedroom door is my sewing machine, on which my camera was sitting when I took this video. Just to the right of the sewing machine is my cutting board.

At times during the video, you will hear me cutting strips of fabric.  Most of the time though, I’m standing there thinking . . someone please tell my son there are no ducks in this house!  No ducks can get into this house so his calling ducks 24/7 is only driving his mother insane!  There are duck calls in his car, duck calls in his bathroom, duck calls in every jacket pocket.

Half the time, he’s watching some video on the computer trying to learn to call ducks so the video is calling ducks and Chad is following along with his own duck calling .. NOT harmonious duck calling but double the noise.

I do believe I’m going to call his employer and beg for more hours at work.  After today, Chad doesn’t work again til Friday.  This is Sunday.  I’m not going to make it!  🙂


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    I’m sorry, I’m about to fall out of the chair laughing! When he starts making his own calls—oh dear!!! My only advice is to connect your headphones to the ipod, turn the volume up a little and start singing along. Loud! LMAO

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      My luck, he would video me singing without me knowing and post it on the internet. That would NOT be funny! 🙂

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      He didn’t notice the camera at all. You’d think he would get tired of hearing the duck calls too! Maybe he gets tired of hearing my sewing machine! 🙂

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    Sandy says

    Way too funny. I recommend playing classical music or opera LOUD. Hopefully he doesn’t like that (I love it) and he will get the message and stop the duck calls for awhile.

    Judy, could you send him outside and practice on the chickens?

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    Cindy says

    The only thing I can come up with is …. will he be going back to school soon or is he all done? Then he can entertain his roommates.

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    Connie says

    Totally funny. Maybe some earplugs or better yet some really loud music on your side of the door!

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    I remember when Bob used to practice calling turkeys – he practiced everywhere. His favorite place was in the bathtub after he got home from work. Used to drive me nuts.
    You have my sympathy.

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    Rita says

    I know how you feel, my 17-year-old son plays the drums!….talk about loud! I just keep telling myself…..at least he is staying out of trouble. Happy New Year!

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    ROFLOL. All I can think of is that you were so sad he was going away to school last year and now you can’t wait for him to go back. Good luck keeping your sanity this week.

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      lesthook says

      LOL! My niece was in the finals at a duck calling tournament in Stuttgart,Arkansas a few years ago. Her mom knows your pain!

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    Just Me says

    That is really funny- to the outsider.
    Is this the same son about who you shed tears when he went off to school!!
    I agree with the suggestion that you just put your ipod on and count the days until Friday.

  9. 11


    LOL!!!! Too funny!!!

    I’m with you though, I wouldn’t make it till Friday either!!!

    If I was you, I would find a CD of one of your favorite, his least favorite artist and play it loud enough to drowned out his duck calls, or drive him to go upstairs or anywhere else lol.

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    Gail says

    Only you would film a closed door and duck calls — TOOO funny! No suggestions to help you survive, just hang in there, maybe put a little something in your Dr. Pepper so you won’t care.

  11. 13


    I’m with the gal who said you should fire up your sewing machine while he is still sleeping in the morning. Then when he complains, tell him that SURELY it can’t be anymore annoying than having to hear duck calls 24/7!!!

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    Eve says

    LOL! I sure hope that you survive this week, Judy—and that you allow Chad to survive it, too! Don starts w/ the deer calls, the rattling antlers, etc. He recently mentioned joining this year’s turkey hunts!! OH,NO!!
    Of course…… if he’d just go hunting, I’d sure love some quiet time. LOL!! Eve

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    carol c says

    hilarious, quack quack

    me thinks he would do better out in the field
    if a duck hears him, thinking it is a good call, then duck will
    open door Chad, go out in the field
    awwwww mom
    you told the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 18


    I am still laughing here…….will not be able to look at a duck withoug picturing your video. Someone suggested headphones…….that’s my votes as well, but add to that chocolates just to mellow things out.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, your video QUACKED ME UP!! Too funny. I like the early morning sewing session PLUS your favorite music playing in the background – loudly! If he plans to go duck hunting with a friend, maybe you could suggest he practice with that person, so they could compare their calls. Hang in there. You know at our age time flies by. Dar

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      Can you imagine being a serious hunter in the blind near Chad and his friend? I’m betting his friend is as bad as Chad is. This afternoon I think he was trying to do a song with the duck call. He’s funny!

  16. 20


    Oh my gosh!! That is hilarious and I’m wiping tears off my face. I gotta go listen to that again. Make sure to let us know what he does when he finds out you put it on the web. Definitely go with the headphones or loud music.

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    Norma says

    Ha Ha, this is so funny. Reminds me of the years when my son Scott was home practicing his turkey calls. To my knowledge, he has yet to kill a wild turkey. Just remind yourself, one day Chad will be gone again, and maybe you’ll miss him this time. How quickly a year changes things!

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      Oh, he has the turkey calls too. I think he just likes to make noise. Yes, I remember how badly I will miss him in just a week!

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    Bon says

    My suggestion is to have him loan you one of his noise makers and tell him you want to learn how to do it too. Then you can practice early in the morning outside his door. LOL Loved the video.

  19. 24

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I thought the closed-door duck calls were hysterical! (Of course, I don’t have to live with them.) So did DH! He actually laughed out loud. (He does this maybe once or twice…a year.)

    I’m thinking the 6:00 a.m. long-arm session, together with romantic duets from the operatic repertoire…hmmm…tenor/soprano or baritone/mezzo? With the occasional aria by a soloist? [wicked grin here]

    But for sheer orchestral volume, backed up by chorus and male soloists, it would be hard to top Mussorgsky’s “Boris Godunov,” esp. Act I, Scene 2, the crowd scene, where Boris himself appears before the crowd. Orchestral gongs, cymbals, tubular bells, full percussion battery, etc. are brought into play for this 20- or so minute-long scene. Oh, be sure and turn up the bass speakers–a LOT!

    Guaranteed to scare/wake the daylights out of any intruding ducks, whether they’ve been called into the house or not!!!

    • 24.1


      Chad was up and gone at 5 a.m. this morning to hunt ducks so all the plans to fire up the longarm at 6 a.m. didn’t do any good!

  20. 25


    Calling all quacks! Maybe he should practice chicken calls. At least there are some in the vicinity. Then he could go out there and do the chicken dance. That should keep him out of your hair until Friday. Anyway, it’ll be something to talk about when he gets a girlfriend.

  21. 26

    Carol says

    Oh, my ! I tried to look at the video at work but it was blocked. I’ve waited all day to watch it. LOL ! Who says you have to make noise at 5 am. What time does Chad go to bed?

  22. 27


    i think you should get a duck call for yourself. when he practices a call, answer him! hee hee hee. and i feel your pain because my son plays guitar…in the basement…his bedroom is right below mine… one time i grounded him when he was younger and he went to his room and proceeded to play ‘folsom prison blues’ for hours on end!
    tammy k. in illinois where baby it’s cold outside!