Design Wall Monday

From the number of great stash reports we had yesterday, I’m hoping to see lots of design walls today!

For my own design wall, I’m showing what you’ve already seen on the blog.  I got all the blocks finished but they’re actually off the wall now because I had planned to get them all sewn into rows yesterday but that didn’t happen so there’s nothing on my design wall at this moment.  I will maybe (BIG maybe!) get this top finished today . . depending on how much time I get to sew.

Please share what’s on your design wall.  Don’t forget to make sure your link is to your specific blog post and not to your main blog.  For me, the link is not but whatever the link to this post is.  To find that out, make your blog post, then go back to your blog once that post is published, click on that title and copy that address.  The reason I ask you to do that is if you post other entries on your blog, and someone comes along on a later date and wants to look at all the design walls, links to main blogs will go to that blog and the reader will see whatever you happen to be talking about that day  . . not your design wall.



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    No stash reporting for me. I’m not brave or foolish enough?!:) I’m going to do my best with the design wall though. Next week, hopefully, I’ll get to play again! Happy New Year!

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    Just leftovers on my Wall. I started a twins size charity quilt yesturday, just so I would have something to show on my wall. then went and finished the top yesturday as well. So what should I do with these leftovers? Baby quilts? Or maybe boarders for a future kids quilt?

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    I’m back with a Quilt for Kids quilt on my wall. I’ve thought about quilts all year, counting them printing patterns for them and stitching this top together. I still don’t try to do much cutting, but at least I have been sewing a little. It really does save my sanity! Happy New Year!

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    Judy! I am always in awe of all of the quilts you are producing!
    How many quilts do you get done in a week?
    I just glanced at my website and realized that I made a typo… I’m going to have to redo that! New laptop….not used to typing on it yet!
    Keep up that stashbusting!
    I think I will have to join you soon.

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      I don’t always make a quilt in a week. Sometimes months go by without my finishing one. Sometimes I work on bits and pieces of several different quilts and then they all get finished at about the same time and it seems like I finished more at once than I really did.

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    You have been busy – you are such an inspiration!
    I’ve got blocks from Ann’s NYE mystery quilt on my wall today. I used the June Tailor Perfect HSTs ruler to good effect making 588 HSTs for this quilt. I love it – thank you once again Judy! (I won it in your giveaway.)

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    Judy, You are a big inspiration. I decide to join the fun. Design Wall Monday, here I am. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Have a great week

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      Judy, I add a Google translator botton on my blog thinking it will help the nom Portuguese language bloggers reading what I write there. I know the translation isn’t 100%, but you can get the idea. Let me know if it works for you. Hugs

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    This is so exciting. A fun and exciting incentive to get things done in 2010. I hope to have many things to post in the coming weeks.

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    Julianne says

    I am trying to finish up my 2009 BOM.

    I must have done something wrong because when you click on my name( mister linky ) it says the page I linked from to does not exist but if you then click on my name there it takes you to my blog? I will do better. LOL

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    did you delete some from Mr.Linky? I was trying to get through the list and I am sure there were more links when I started. :/

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    My design wall is completely blank — I’ve been making pillowcases and QAYG blocks since I got home (when I haven’t been reading my Kindle).

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    I started a blog, for myself, on the 1st of this year with the main intent being working on UFOs, so your site is a perfect match for me! And, when I saw that item #4 on our list was the first to be worked on I was thrilled because I had started on #4 in my list…LOL

    My friend, Pieceful Jane, told me about your site and I’ve been lurking.

    I figure I have everything to gain by joining in and nothing to lose ~ it’s a WIN-WIN situation!!!

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    I signed up but now my name is gone (boo-hoo)!

    Was I was dropped because I don’t have a separate page?

    I’m trying to make a separate page for Design Wall Mondays but right, at this moment, I am reading the HELP section … any suggestions would be welcomed.

    I did get some things done and will post as soon as I figure this out.

    Should I add my name (again) when I do get the 2nd page up?

    Sorry, but, like the turtle I may still win this race [with myself]…LOL

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    I really figured this out now … I needed to make another Blog! Lightbulb moment … LOL

    Judy, would you delete my listing for #63, please? I apologize for my ‘brain fart’, forgive me?