They Don’t Understand

It’s just too cold to play outside!  It’s only about 10° on a warm day!

We’re keeping the chickens in the coop where it’s warm.  Yes, there’s a heater going in there.  Everyone pretty much minds their own business and finds something to do to keep busy.  But, they really, really want to go outside!

The official spokeswoman of the flock, Ruby, decided to have a one on one chat with me.

We want out and we want out NOW!

I petted her little head, rubbed her little chest and explained that it was all for their own good!  Frostbite on bird legs and combs is not a good idea!

She still didn’t understand.  I knew she wouldn’t. She begged and pleaded and resorted to trying to escape through the open egg door, but she’s still staying inside til it gets warmer outside.  And I hope she appreciates that I’m going out in the cold to care for her, and pet her and take pictures of her.  I’m betting she wouldn’t do the same thing for me!

And then I look and . . look who’s watching me.

Lynn!  The mean chicken.  The worthless Ameraucana that is 10 months old and has not layed an egg yet!  She’s just watching to see if she can catch me not paying attention and then she’s going to sail across the food and water cans and peck me.  That’s ok . . I’m thinking . . gumbo!  🙂   But for now, it’s cold and I’m going in the house . .


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    Your posts are a bright spot in my day. I even share your posts with Dear Hubby. He really liked hearing Chad and the duck calls!

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    I think Lynn is trying to get close enough to you to tell you she understands why you are keeping them inside…and she thinks Ruby is being very silly to insist on going out in that freezing cold weather. I think Lynn is trying to be friends with you now. LOL

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      Bobbie says

      Ruby is SO smart and tho we have never met-I love her to pieces. There may be another Ruby soon to come see you??? Hugs, Bobbie

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    okperi says

    Judy, if you make gumbo out of Lynn you had best be prepared ro eat a tough bird, lol! Happy New Year to you! I have cracked up laughing at your post the last couple of weeks… have kept me smiling!

  4. 10

    Carol says

    Maybe Lynn just wants to have her picture taken too! Maybe she feels someone should share the limelight with Ruby.

  5. 11


    Trust me, you can let them go in and out as they please, they won’t stay out there if it’s too cold for them, and the fresh air and sunlight will do them good. Mine came out as soon as we cracked about 13 degrees F here. (They’re back inside again, snuggling under their black light bulb, now that we’re back down below zero.)

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    Linda says

    Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your blog, and chicken updates?

    I just watched Julie and Julia the other day. Hmmm….your blog would make a fine book – and then Vince could really complain about how much time and effort it takes.

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    Margo says

    Judy, I’ve just found your website and love this story about your chickens! DH and I raised chickens for 8 years! Not pets, like yours though. We raised 75,000 every 8 weeks for 8 years! Our pets were the our pigs!! Ruby Begonia and Petunia! Good memories, but I am SO over livestock!! LOL!!