If You’re a Blogger

I am a blogger and Vince isn’t.  He doesn’t understand at all.

He doesn’t understand that anything and everything I see is a bloggable event.  I always have my camera with me.  When I buy a cell phone, it matters more to me about the quality of the photos the phone takes vs. the quality of the phone calls it makes.

He doesn’t understand that when fixing dinner, it’s more important that I make a recipe I can photograph and share on Lime Green Kitchen, rather than make something he truly likes.

He doesn’t  understand that one section of the kitchen can be piled to the ceiling with clutter but the other side has to be completely clean for my picture taking for the blog.

He doesn’t understand that no matter how tired I am, I have to keep sewing because I have a stash report and a design wall Monday post to make.

He doesn’t understand that in the unlikely event I fail to make a blog post every day, the world could stop turning,

But now he understands!  Over the weekend we watched Julie & Julia.  At least a dozen times during the movie, Vince just looked at me and shook his head.   I can’t tell you how many times something happens around here and he says “do NOT put that on your blog” or if it makes me look bad, he says “Blog THAT!”

After seeing Julie’s husband tell her that she does NOT have to keep blogging, life will go on . . but Julie just keeps pushing herself to blog . . Vince understands . . at least for the next day or so.

Several blog readers had told me I would like the movie.  Vince downloaded it and I resisted watching it.  Have I said lately how much I hate sitting and watching TV or movies?  Vince insisted I watch it and we both enjoyed it.  I was probably the last person in the world to see the movie but if you haven’t seen it, and you’re feeling a bit compulsive about your blog, or if you like cooking, you might want to watch it.


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    I completely understand Blogging every day, my life does not seem to warrent it everyday BUT
    The year I was 50 I decided to take a photo everyday, sometimes I got into bed and had forgotton to take a photo so had to get up and go find something to snap, my husband thought I was crazy. It is wonderful to look at the photos from 15 years ago !
    Keep blogging I love it, and it’s the first thing I read every morning.
    Happy Room Diana

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    Penny says

    I haven’t seen this yet as I missed it in the cinema and its not released on DVD until March over here. I have read the book though and loved it, I couldn’t put it down!

    I don’t write my own blog, I don’t think I lead an interesting enough life for people to want to read about it but I’m so glad you take the time to blog as I really enjoy reading your posts, from chickens to quilts to recipes and everything else in between.

    Penny X

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    For those that loved the movie I recommend the book Julia Child wrote…. ” My Life In France”. I am not talking about the book “Julie and Julia” as it was so so. If you are a dedicated quilter, knitter, blogger, photo taker, etc. it will make sense to you because Julia Child was absolutely compulsive about perfection in her work. A must read.

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    I haven’t seen the movie yet. . . but since my DH loves to cook I’m sure we will be watching it as soon as Netflix has it available for our queues.

    My blog isn’t all that interesting. . . but I feel bad if I don’t share something on occasion.

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    My husband doesn’t get it either …he too says “Don’t blog that” or “DO NOT put that pic on the blog.”
    HOWEVER, the other day HE took a picture for me to put on the blog….of course it was of the cat but still……

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    I haven’t seen a movie in at least 4 years but I might have to try to watch this one. My husband is the same as Vince. He’s never even looked at my blog.

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      I think the last movie I saw at the theater was “You’ve Got Mail”. I always resist watching a movie even at home but this one was good.

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    I’ve not seen the movie but my daughter gave me the book as one of my Christmas gifts. I am enjoying the book so far and will see the movie once it’s available in my area on DVD. My husband just shakes his head when he sees me putting things in the “picture chair” (which is always kept uncluttered as YOU understand) for me to take a picture and put it on my blog. Husbands, in general, seem to be rather clueless about Blogland (except for a very rare few), I believe.

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    I loved that movie! I just started my blog at the end of December and I had that same feeling of excitement that Julie had the first time I got a comment. And I know what you mean about carrying the camera around. The one rule of blogging that I fully understood before I started my own was that pictures were a MUST! I laughed at your kitchen clutter comment. I am in the process of purging/reorganizing my office and yesterday I posted a picture of my beautifully organized bookcase, while at the same time trying not to fall over the piles that were on the other side of the room LOL.

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    Yup..I understand about blogging. I’ve been doing it for over four years and its part of the daily life!

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    I’ve not heard anything about that movie until now… and now I want to see it! 😉 I try to blog as often as I can… but sadly I’m way behind. Like you I take photos with blog posts in mind…

    I know our road trip back from KY would make a great entry and I even took photos the next day of the tire… but will most likely cheat a little and do a lot of copy/paste from Facebook for a blog post… 😛

    While we were gone to KY 2 weeks I did have my laptop but only got it out a few nights after everyone was in bed… I’m sooo behind on my google reader – it just says 1000+ unread.

    so keep on bloggin Judy!! Yours is in my top 3 I like to visit everyday!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    KatieQ says

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but after reading your comments I must. Shortly after I was married 37 years ago I attended a cooking demonstration at an upscale department store near my job. After the demo I asked the chef if there were any cookbooks she could recommend to help me learn about cooking. She told me, “Go with Julia and she will teach you everything you need to know.” My husband bought me the first volume our second Christmas and I bought others as I was able to. I still use the roast turkey and gravy recipe every time we have the bird and smile at the crayon scribbles my son made all over the page when he was 3.

    I hope to have my first blog post ready for Sunday Stash report and Design Wall Monday this coming week. Maybe then I’ll understand the need to blog.

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    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I LOVED the book. Of course I had to do the audiobook so I could keep sewing so I’d have something to blog about and post a picture of!

    I feel the same way as you do about blogging every day. I’ve not missed a day since I started almost three years ago. I realize no one cares about that little face BUT me but I’m ok with that!

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    Kerri says

    I am really not interested in movies these days either, but watched this one and really enjoyed it.

    Your blog is a must read for me, I am so glad you blog.

    I love being home crafting, but daily blogs are a conduit to kindred spirits in America and such a blessing.

    Vince’s dishwasher comments and demeanor are my husbands during installations almost identically! I showed him and we laughed.

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    I get up just to see what is happening in Blogland some mornings. My DH checks out our childrens Family Blogs through mine. I have them in a special list. I haven’t seen the Movie yet either. I watch the Food Channel and used to watch Julia when she was on the Morning Shows. My children have always teased me about my picture taking. They don’t remember it if I didn’t take a picture of it and put it in their scrapbook. Now I Quilt and Blog so the scrapbooks aren’t getting much attention these days. Keep on Bloggin’ I say!!!

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    loved the movie 🙂 Even dh liked it…we went to the theater to see it (on a very rare date) and he said it was a feel good movie 🙂

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    Nancy says

    How appropriate that you talked about “Julie and Julia” today. I just watched it last night and loved it. I downloaded it from Amazon.com onto my TiVo for $2.99, and enjoyed every second of it.

    Keep blogging. Enjoy your entries and you amaze me at how much you accomplish. Makes me tired, though! 🙂

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Blogging is addictive. I love reading them. I don’t put something on my blog everyday because my life is rather dull. I really need to take my camera with me everywhere. There have been times that I wish I had it with me. I love your stories. The chicken stories amaze me and they bring a giggle to my life. And Vince and think he has been cloned and he is living in my house.

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    Bobbie says

    Your blog is the 1st. thing I go to on the computer. You keep me motavited and I don’t turn quilts out as fast as you, I’m still in there sewing away. My mind of how many quilts I want to do is way bigger than my time is. Right now I’m fixing to go to a site that I can order Laurel Bunch fabric line “Dancing Horses” Just saw it this a.m. and I am a big southwest fan, I’m going to have to have it. My problem will be what can I make with it???? Tell Vince that one lady would be devestated if you ever stopped with your blog and “kitchen”. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Tricia says

    I’m not so worried about YOUR world ending if you stop blogging, it’s MY world I worry about! I can always count on a new post from you…sometimes even twice in the same day! In these miserable times it’s nice to count on something to put a smile on your face or give a little inspiration!
    Thank you!

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    Hi Judy,
    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. It’s great. I’m not an accomplished quilter, but I love to sew. Maybe I’ll learn something from your site. My daughter’s a blogger (I listed her site) and a sewer. I’ll send her here.

    Ava from Happy Knitters

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    Mary Beth says

    I think we are bloggers…because we are talkers. I also like facebook. Rod doesn’t understand that one at all either. Then we talked about it and he I told him that I had heard that in a British study 20% of marriages blamed facebook for their divorce. When I mentioned that, he shook his head and said it is because they are spending too much time on the computer and not talking to/building their relationship with their spouse. He said all of that while keeping his eyes glued to the latest bowl game.

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    We are bloggers..we get it…I went into the blogging thing kicking and screaming. Now I love it. I get it..I soooo get it.


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    I think the only reason Keith checks my blog periodically is to make sure I haven’t posted a photo or written something about him. It makes him a little nervous.

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    Poor Vince! Maybe some day he will join “the dark side” of the blogging life!
    I’ll look for that movie…sounds like something I would enjoy.

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    Your Vince is my mom who complains all the time about me taking pictures…..like a the gas station where there was an interesting ant mound or at the grocery store where I’ve just found an interesting fruit or veggie….LOL

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    Marla Southers says

    I loved the movie too! As a matter of fact, I just bought the book for my Sony Reader that I got for Christmas and going to go upstairs with a glass of wine and start on it!

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    I love to read your posts but could not blame you for wanting to take a day or week off from it! I think it is hilarious about your cell phone camera needing to be better than the phone feature–but we’d have less rich lives if you didn’t get all those great pics you share! Wish I took as many photos as I wanted in Australia–I could have taken 100 just in the grocery stores looking at all the interesting and different products/names/descriptions…

    Loved Julie and Julia too. My mom and I enjoyed that one together—didn’t bother to drag the husbands with us 🙂

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    Great movie and glad you enjoyed it! Yes, it was educational to those non-bloggging-other-halves in many respects!

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    I am so glad you both sat down to watch it! Now you need to watch it again together…it is worth a second time around for the two of you..especially with what you do!! my hubby and I enjoyed it over Christmas week!

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    Carol says

    Loved everyone’s comments. At this point in my life, I’m not blogger material. But, maybe in the future. I love Dianne G’s idea of trying to take a picture everyday. I’ve seen the movie and enjoyed it. I’m reading “My Life in France” and enjoying it as well. As Tricia said, MY world wouldn’t be the same without one of your posts. Thank you !