It Never Leaves His Side

This morning I asked Chad to do something for me on my computer.

Notice what he had to sit down on my desk . . a duck call!  I think he has at least 25 of them and he always has one with him.

Sunday!  Sunday after work he leaves to go back to school.  Once he’s gone, you know I’ll be wishing to hear a duck call!  🙂


  1. 3


    Well, not for a day or two. But then you will. The days are okay–it’s when the evening comes and everything is so still that I miss my kids the most.

  2. 7


    Of course you’ll miss him but I’ll bet you’ll be able to hear that “QUACK” in your dreams for quite some time….LOL

  3. 9

    Marilyn says

    Maybe he will leave one home and you can practice. Next
    time he’s home you’ll have it perfected and can go hunting
    with him or not. I love hearing about Chad and his
    hunting escapades, they are so funny.

  4. 10

    Carol says

    You both quack me up! When you can’t beat them, join them. Would that be a duck call or a goose call? Isn’t it duck season?

  5. 11


    I read your post three times and I’m still laughing. I don’t know how we talk ourselves into or out of things and still wind up purchasing………LOL………you sound so much like me. I did manage to whittle down to just one hobby……it took an act of congress, though.
    Take care.

  6. 12

    Norma says

    Sigh, you’ll always miss your kids, no matter what their age. But you have your blogs to look back on for memories instead of a journal. Besides, Chad’s an “only”. He’ll never be far away. Enjoy him while he’s there ’cause he’s making good memories.

  7. 13

    okperi says

    I forgot to tell you, AT&T has a ringtone that is a duck call! I use it for my youngest daughter. It is really funny, sounds just like Chad’s. You really need it!!!!