A Chip Off the Old Block

Maybe the whole family has some kind of addiction problems.  For me, it seems to be fabric and yarn.  For Vince . . anything on sale!  For Chad . . right now it’s definitely duck calls.

Believe it or not, he does have other shirts.  He just happens to love this one.

He went to Joplin yesterday.  Came home last night with . . what do you think?  Not one but TWO new duck calls.  See the green one?  He was thrilled to have it.  I knew there was one he’d been wanting.  He said guess how much I paid for this! I’m thinking it must’ve been a lot if he’s asking me that so I guessed $10.  NO!  It was regular priced at $150 and he got it on sale for $60. I just have a real hard time believing that . . believing anyone would pay $60 for it and especially believing my son would pay $60 for it.

All I have to say is . . if I’m whining and complaining about him leaving for school in 2 days and 8 hours, someone call the psychiatrist!


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    I hear that my dad’s modelling stuff if pretty pricey too. (I never would have guessed that a duck call was that expensive – NEVER.)

    So how did you cook the duck?

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    I don’t get it, either. Are there so many different SOUNDS ducks make that you need to buy multiple duck calls so that you eventually learn to make the right sound?? And…I am totally astonished that they cost so much. Be thankful he wasn’t willing to pay full-price for it!!!

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    So when he gets married his wife will get to spend the same on her collections/addictions, right? You’re too generous. The noisy toys didn’t get purchased at my house, dad just got to play with them in the toy aisle. I made a promise to my MIL that if she didn’t buy my kids noisy toys, I wouldn’t leave them at her house.

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    Evelyn says

    My Nana used to say – “Each to their own”. No matter how crazy people seemed – it never bothered her and she would just calmly say that. And I have learned that she was so right. But she also would say “Moderation in everything”. I loved all her sayings! I hope his new duck call brings you some yummy dinners! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Now don’t hit me. . . .but I can understand. . . I have purchased 14″ wide Yukata cloth for $35 a yard (yup, 14″ x 36″ and it cost $35).

    It could be worse. . . he could be smoking, drinking or smoking AND drinking.

    You will learn to love the silence & won’t need a doctor of any kind!

    Take care,


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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Chad seems to be so stable, well rounded, and well . . . normal! I know you are so thankful that he is going to school and being a responsible young man even if the duck calling is probably annoying!

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    Linda says

    not that you’re counting the hours or anything!! LOL…when I think about you all upset about Chad leaving home…and me thinking, oh how that will change…I do enjoy being right!! ROFL!

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    You need to make Chad a wall hanging – a duck print in the center and a whole bunch of little pockets to store his toys. I bet he would love it 😉

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    KatieQ says

    It may be an expensive obsession, but it’s healthier than most things people his age are tempted to spend money on. Our local quilt shop is having a sale. Imagine, I could have bought 60 fat quarters for what that duck call costs. At least it doesn’t take up as much room as fabric does.

    I think he’s a great guy. You’re very blessed to have him, quacking and all.

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    Sibyl says

    When you mentioned the shirt—I enlarged his picture. My husband and son were l reading over my shoulder. They loved the shirt. My son is wishing he had one like it. He would be a guy after our own hearts here.

    Don’t be so hard on him, remember when you were crying when he left? At least they are harmless-nosy but harmless–except for those poor ducks and geese.


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    Becky R says

    I was going to comment on the shirt Chad is wearing before I finished reading your post! Chad has good taste!

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    Deb Preston says

    I can understand Chad’s love of duck calls. My brother is the same way………except he has mastered the technique of constructing duck calls. He really is quite good!