It’s BFF

Today BFF means Binding Frenzy Friday!

Four quilts to bind and I’d like to get the binding sewn on and finished.  The fifth one . . the tan one on the right, already has the binding on but needs to be finished by machine.  If I could get all five of those done today, that would give me six quilts finished this week.  Don’t get excited . . I didn’t start and finish them all this week.  The tan one was quilted and the binding was sewn on at least six months ago.  The one with the green floral backing sticking up is the pink and green one I did to test a pattern for American Quilter and it was pieced at least six months ago, quilted a couple of months ago.  The pink/black backing is Loose Change and I just recently pieced and quilted it.  The blue one is the blue Saratoga Lights quilt that I recently pieced and quilted.  I think I quilted it this week but it could have been last week.

And, the brown one is:

Got it quilted yesterday.

And, I finished the borders on this one yesterday.  I just love this border!

I’m getting so much accomplished . . if I do have to say so myself!


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    Wow you certainly do set yourself some targets.
    Keep up the good work, like you I love the border on the twirly one. Watched Julie@ Julia last night.. is it based on your life? Loved the film, which is actually not due out here until March.

    Happy Room Diana

  2. 2


    Oh I love the pinwheels and the border. Is that one a free pattern or is it going into a book?

    You are so good!!!

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    As cold as it is today, staying inside and sewing binding is the perfect thing to do. I teach and almost — just almost — wish they would call off school because of the cold temperatures. But then again, I don’t want to have to make up the missed days. I dread going out.

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    You don’t have to say it yourself – I’ll say it for you: You’re getting a TON accomplished!

    I’m jealous – still trying to catch up after a week of traveling over Christmas. This weekend is putting away the Christmas decorations and trying to clear a path through all the new toys. Then maybe I’ll get back to doing a little sewing.

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    karen says

    What a great idea! Between pieceing tops and quilting quilts, binding always seems to take a back seat. Mind if I incorporate your idea into my week?

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    Are you now doing all your bindings by machine? I guess if you are, then doing 6 of them today is possible. Otherwise….I think it would take a LOT longer!!

    • 7.1


      All of these may be done by machine. Loose Change may end up being done by hand. The Black Friday quilt I finished last week . . I did that one by hand.

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    pdudgeon says

    I’m glad that your brown quilt has found a home.
    after all the work you put into it, it’s nice to have that work appreciated! Well done, Judy!

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Way to go Judy! You are so inspiring, but what’s wrong with me? Had a snow day yesterday…did practically nothing and now school is canceled today. Hope I can quilt and finish the tree skirt I wanted to have done before Christmas. Then maybe get out the book and yarn you inspired me to buy and see if I can START a sock. (You shouldn’t even think about that new yarn today and keep going on the binding!! Maybe it hasn’t come yet?) I did bind a large quilt by machine with your instructions. They are GREAT. Stay warm.

    • 11.1


      New yarn will not arrive til next week. After all . . it has to come all the way from St. Louis . . via priority mail. Grrrr! The post office!

      It makes a huge difference when you have one day off or when you’re off every day! I hope the knitting goes well for you.

  9. 12


    Binding is fun for me so I don’t put it off. Even when I hand stitch it down. It’s my one of my favorite steps and ranks right next to taking the quilt out of the dryer for the first time.

    You are a sewing machine and my money says all 5 will be finished before dinner.

  10. 13


    You are my hero if you get those all bound today! And BTW if you do I have 3 here that need binding put on…..LOL


    • 13.1


      Right now I’m sitting upstairs waiting for the oil change guy to come and get Chad’s car. I could be binding! 🙂

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    This is funny because that’s what I’m doing today. I started last night and got the first one done (90″x108″). I have three more big quilts to get done and one smaller one (60″x80″). One of the large ones has the binding sewn on the front, but I still have to do that on the others. I really do like to do the hand sewing, but unfortunately I like piecing better! My goal is to get them done tonight and then I will start working on my next UFO.

  12. 15

    Pam says

    You are one lean, mean quilting machine. Congrats on all of your accomplishments this week. I am jealous, big time. I am dealing with a nasty cold right now so am having trouble with motivation. I should get into my sewing room and work on quilts for the twin grandsons that are due in March. Right now am waiting for the UPS man to deliver our new laptop.

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    Bobbie says

    Judy-You just put me to shame!!!
    I had the biggest mess when I tried binding by machine the 1st. time–such cuss words out of my mouth. But I tried it one more time-on my sons “cover up’ for the couch-simple heavy flannel quilt-I took a wider seam allowance and it worked “pretty good.” Hugs, Bobbie

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    Wow, you are really getting lots done, good for you!!! I am working on getting the binding on two quilts right now and then another one after it gets back from the quilter. BTW, your quilts are beautiful!

  15. 18


    Good luck getting the binding done. I love the pinwheel quilt….nice and cheery on such a cold and dreary day.

  16. 19


    I’ve got binding on my to do list today too. Six finishes is pretty awesome no matter when they were started!

  17. 21

    Darlene S says

    Judy, It really must have been BFF because I was binding a quilt today too. It takes me more than one evening though to get it done by hand. It will be my first finished quilt of the new year. You are such a motivator for me. Keep it up and maybe I’ll finish half the number you do! That would be fantastic for me. Thanks Dar