A Heat Wave

It’s up to 11° this morning!  Enjoy your time on my back porch Mr. Icicle because your days are numbered!

We haven’t seen the ground since a couple of days before Christmas.  That’s probably no big deal to you northern folks but for me . . I’ve had enough already!

The path from the house to the chicken coop . . well, I think you can see how often we’re heading out there.

When you have a dachshund that would rather “hold it” til spring and not get out in this snow, this is what you do.

We keep a little spot shoveled so Speck can just walk off the patio, onto the ground where there’s no snow and quickly do his “bizness”.

Yep, I’m ready for spring!


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    Diane says

    We try to keep a little patch for Otis too. But sometimes we forget and he reminds us that the snow is now deeper than he is!
    It quit snowing here and the sun came out. It’s about 25 here so you could come over and warm up a bit!

  2. 3


    We are having one too in Nebraska, it’s a high of -8 today. For a reason I will never understand, I decide to go outside with my camera??? Was out about 5 minutes…. NUTS. Keep warm and Spring will come, but only if the 5 foot drift melts from on top of my roses?

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    I want that same heatwave here. We have snow now since around the 17th of december and we don’t have snow very often in the Netherlands (almost never) and it is also freezing cold and also a lot of wind which makes it even colder. It feels around 5 fahrenheit.

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    Here in Maine its warm today….28 degrees. We do have a lot of snow and expect it to hang around and get deeper into April.
    Yours should go away long before ours. Hang in there!

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    I had to laugh when you mentioned Speck holding it until spring. Our Jill (the princess) hates cold weather. Bob shoveled a path to a clear patch of ground – she beelines out does her business – and beelines back in.

  6. 7


    I’d love to see Penny in snow. She doesn’t mind rain at all. I was dreading taking her out the first time it rained, but she just ran out and stayed out the longest time. First doxie I’ve had who liked water.

  7. 8


    Oh the poor short dog! Mine is a black Lab, so he goes any where.
    It’s 10 degrees here now. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day of this cold spell.
    So much for global warming.

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    Sherry says

    I agree! Totally was ready for spring the day after New Year. Glad I don’t have any chickens to tend to. But I love reading about yours.

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    Linda says

    We’ve all had enough already. Just today a library patron was saying that whoever it was that was praying for a white Christmas had better start praying for an early spring.

    And just let me say, you and Vince are very good chicken parents. 🙂

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    Carol says

    Compared to some of you folks, we’re having a heat wave here on Long Island (it’s in the 20’s during the day). It’s not too bad when the sun is out. I have 3 cats who have decided they prefer doing their business indoors. I now have 2 litter boxes rather than 1 so I can keep up! I need cat litter delivered like coal used to be. Hang in there Speck!

  11. 13


    Speck will actually go in that spot all the time? Does he actually go quickly?

    I tried 1 year to shovel a spot to the grass and my 2 inevitably will walk as far away from me as their leash will allow and climb over mountains of snow just to pace and find a spot. God forbid they have to do #2! “Quickly” is not in their ‘bizness’ repetoire! lol

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    Peggy says

    Would you post a picture of your dauxie. We also have one, he is black and tan. Same way doesn’t like to go outside.

  13. 15

    Dorothy S says

    We shovel a patch for our Chihuahua too. The last couple of days have been 50 degrees! YEA!!! I am so over the cold for this year!

    Sterling, CO