The Chicken Hospital

All the doctoring we did on the black chicken yesterday didn’t help.  She was worse this morning.  The temps got up to around 15° and even though that’s miserably cold and there’s still lots of snow on the ground, we let them out.

She was the first one out the door . . she just wanted to get away from those pecking sisters!

Many chicken experts, aka blog readers who know a lot about chickens, recommended alfalfa hay.  That’s also what the lady at the chicken store had recommended but she didn’t have any.  One phone call this morning and I found some so we went and got two bales.

We spread that around in the coop and oh, yes . . they were thrilled to have it.  It’s a source of protein and it also gives them something to do . . digging around in there looking for the little tasty jewels.  We hoped that would keep them entertained and they’d leave the black chicken alone.

But this afternoon, the black chicken was worse so we rigged up a hospital room.

All fixed up with a heater, food and water in the downstairs garage.

Vince caught her and doesn’t he look happy about having to do that! 🙂

And, now she’s resting comfortably in her little hospital room.

My hope is that feathers grow back very quickly!  Poor baby!



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    Well I was glad to see that the black chicken has been rescued from the mob. Poor girl, but I wonder who would have been next. Glad that the hay will keep them entertained for a while 🙂 Yes hurry Spring! We are forecast for 28 degrees tonight here in Florida!

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    Ruth says

    I’ve been worrying about your chickens all day. I hope your black chicken warms up and gets better. I have been chuckling about yesterday’s comment to make the chickens a cabbage pinata. What would happen if you gave them a few brussel sprouts – would they go chasing them?

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    Judy says

    When Daddy was raising 50,000 chickens, if they started pecking each other, he would add salt to their feed. They get salt from the blood. It would always stop the pecking.

    You might add a little salt to their feed too. It couldn’t hurt.

    Judy in MO

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    Dear Ruby,
    Please beg your parents for a webcam. We want to watch you and appreciate your beauty. You may know this already, but you have your mommy wrapped around your little beak. I’m sure if you look at her just right, she’d tell Vince to rig up a Ustream just for us! After all, a deluxe, solar powered coop like yours deserves internet access. (Just promise your mommy you won’t use the credit cards on Amazon unless you are buying her books.)

    Oh, and you need to talk to her about making you guys some quilted jackets or maybe knit some chickie booties for you.

    We all know you are the best chicken in the coop!

    Your biggest fan

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I think quiltingreaders’ idea of knitting or making jumpers for your chickens is a great idea. I have some extra fleece you could use. If you want it, let me know. I’d be glad to send it to you for Ruby and the others. Dar S

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    I had no idea that chickens were mean like that. Glad you rescued her. It is supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow in south central Kansas. Hope you receive some of the warm up as well.

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    Carol says

    There is a lady outside of Boston who has a coop cam. Her website is I hope your patient recovers soon. I had read that chickens like company, that you should always have at least two so they can huddle and stay warm. Will she be fine by herself?