How to Spoil A Chicken

When you think of spoiled chicken, you probably think of a chicken you bought at the store to cook and now it’s rotten.  Gross!  But my injured chicken is getting pretty spoiled.  We’ve given her so many treats, she thinks we’re supposed to bring her something every time we go down there.

Vince asked for a pound cake with strawberries so I whipped up a pound cake and thawed a package of strawberries.  Not fair for all of us to have some and the chicken not get any so I fixed her a little bowl.

She wasn’t real sure about it at first.

But, one taste and she was thanking me!  Well, she was too busy gobbling it all down and she didn’t really stop to thank me but that’s ok.

And then, I went outside and . . oh, Ruby is not happy that the black chicken is inside getting special treatment.  A few loose feathers and she’s getting pound cake and strawberries!  NO!!!  It just isn’t right!

Sorry, Ruby.  I just hope you’re not the one causing all the trouble in the chicken coop!  (If you enlarge the picture, you can see snow around her beak where she was out pecking in the snow.  Isn’t she cute?)   Who would ever have thought we’d be feeding an injured chicken strawberries and cake.  All I wanted was fresh eggs!


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    Glenda says

    Ohhh, Ruby is giving you the evil eye ! How dare you not give her strawberries and cake. Too funny. The chicks are VERY easy to spoil aren’t they ? Glenda

  2. 3


    Whoa the black chicken is going to think she is queen! This is really getting more and more interesting with each episode 🙂

  3. 5


    I saw on Facebook that you now have TWO chickens in the “hospital”. What’s going on and who is the second patient you had to admit to your ICU???

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    Ruby is giving you the “stink eye”…she can smell that other chicken on you (can chickens smell?)…anyway..she knows…she’s the knower of all!

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    Kathy C says

    A friend told me chickens stop laying eggs when it gets cold. Is that true?
    I wonder how we still get eggs here when its cold?

    • 10.1

      Trish says

      Factory hens don’t know it’s cold; they’re kept in climate-controlled warehouses with lights on, so they don’t know the days are shorter (egg laying is controlled by how much light they get each day), so that’s why there are still plenty of eggs in the stores during the winter. Check out YouTube for some videos about production hens, but be prepared to see some stuff that you may not like…

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    Trish says

    I can’t believe your little black chicken is staying in that box without a top of some kind. If I didn’t keep chicken wire over the totes of the ones I have inside at the moment (2 little Frizzled Bantam Cochins and an EE), they’d be out and hiding behind my washer/dryer in the laundry room! *LOL* I just added 4 White Leghorn hens to the mix today (got them on Freecycle), but they’re in an x-large dog crate with a door for now, so no danger of them trying to escape, thank goodness…

    I’m so happy to see your girl is on the mend and that I’m not the ONLY one who spoils her chickens!

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    Pam says

    Thanks for all of the education on chickens. I was raised on a dairy farm and we always had chickens but I never paid much attention to them. My younger sister Carol had the responsibility of the chickens and today, 30 years later, she still has chickens. I have always loved cows. Hubby and I decided we didn’t want to be farmers so the only cows I have had for the past almost 35 years are the collectibles and a few halves and quarters in the freezer!!!!