Design Wall Monday

On Lime Green Kitchen today:

Dilly Sweet Carrots – they’re different and they’re good!

What’s on your design wall?

Peaches and Dreams is on my lineup for workshops this year and the first time I’m teaching it is in March.  Since the one I made went to Chad’s friend for a wedding gift, I’m making another one.  The original one is about 90″ x 104″ but the one I’m making now is going to be about 60″ x 80″.  It will travel around with me and I wouldn’t have minded making it even smaller but when I’m finished with it being in my trunk show, I can donate it so . . 60″ x 80″ is what it will be.  This is where I am with it right now.

What’s on your design wall?  Please share a link to a specific blog post . . not your main blog address.  Links to main blogs are deleted!


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    I see that Knitoid has posted but isn’t listed int eh Links yet.. I stayed up and get to be first. Enjoying my design wall at my own house. Put up my SBS to see how it fills up the wall. Leave a comment when you stop by. Thanks for looking last week too!

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    Please help! Could I get suggestions about mine? Layout 1 or 2? but the main question what should I put arround the black roses? to make it fit the space.

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    This is a GREAT pattern, Judy. When work settles down, I’m going to drag out some jelly rolls and honey buns and get to work on it!

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    Marie says

    If I could post pictures my design wall would be almost identical to yours! My niece loved your Peaches and Dreams quilt so I am making one for her, for HS graduation. Thank you for this pattern!

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    I love your Peaches and Dreams quilt. I would love to make it myself but the unfortunate thing is that you turn out pretty quilt after pretty quilt much too fast and I can’t keep up! 🙂
    I’ve got some blocks from a mystery up on my design wall – what do you think about the sashing? I’d love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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    Hi Judy, Peaches and Dreams is a great quilt patterns, I’m sure Chad’s friends have loved it so much. This small version will be another hit, and I can bet that very sonner you will come with its pictures for us to see. About my Design Wall, this week I picked a UFO to work and it is full. If you go there remember I add the translator botton, so you can read it. Hugs

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    I remembered to take a camera down with me to the sewing dungeon this week 🙂 Too bad it is slightly out of focus 🙁

    I love seeing everyone’s design wall posts 🙂

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    That’s a great donation size and I love this quilt.

    I’m making nine patches today but I’ll wait until a little later this evening to take a photo when I have a few more blocks up there.

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    Why does my name keep being dropped from the list? I have a dedicated page so I’m not understanding what else is needed, evidently.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!