Finish #3

This quilt definitely qualifies as a UFO.

The blue blocks were made probably four or five years ago.  Last year I came up with a plan for mixing them with these blocks to finish the top, then I quilted it and sewed the binding on.  Finally, yesterday I finished the binding.  It’s done and it will go to Alycia for a QOV.


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    Lynn says

    That is a gorgeous quilt. Another one to comfort our wounded. I have 2 waiting for quilters – hopefully I will hear from them this week.

  2. 7

    Jane says

    I LOVE your blog!!! Not only to you accomplish so much (quilting and cooking) I find the plight of the chickens interesting. I also sooo appreciate how you post something at least once, often several times a day! Alot of the other blogs I follow don’t do that. I can always count on you to have something interesting to check up on throughout the day. Thanks sooo much!!

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    Wow, although you said it is a UFO – it’s another quilt done!!! And you did perfect mixing the blocks an creating a new design. Love also the quilting (Baptist Fan, isn’t it?)
    Congrats for the 3rd one this year.

  4. 9


    It’s perfect as a QOV. I was working with some strips today and was thinking I should think about getting back to the RWB UFO I have. It’s one of the few UFO’s I have that’s not a finished top.

  5. 10


    You aae amazing! Three Finishes for 2010 so far, wonderful. Thanks for sharing all that you do and inspiring myself and others.

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    Darlene S says

    Congrats on another stunning quilt. You are really busting a lot of stash!! I love what you are doing for QOV. I belong to our group here and it is so rewarding. I like watching you come up with such interesting designs.

  7. 13


    I have another title for your quilt, “After the Storm”. As Louisiana girls, we understand how hurricanes can destroy our homes and land; however it is also when strangers come together and form lifetime bonds. For some reason, the whirly blocks remind me of the hurricane formation and the beautiful aftermaths that are seen by all. I MUST be tired after a long day — I get sappy!

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    Judy do you think it’s time we all entered you in the Guiness World record book for the most quilts made in the shortest time. I only have to breathe and you have made another wonderful quilt, well done

    Happy Room Diana

  9. 15

    KatieQ says

    I love the combination of the two very different blocks. The blue blocks are tight and controlled and the pinwheels are open and have lots of movement. This is a great quilt for QOV. I haven’t made one for QOV yet because I don’t think of myself as an accomplished quilter. I think it’s time for me to make one too.

  10. 16

    Judy in Michigan says

    Very striking!! Do you have instructions? EQ6?? I’m most interested in the navy and red pinwheels and I love the other navy and red blocks too. In between all the other things you do…So happy to hear the chickens are going to be outdoors soon.