Hospital Expansion

On Lime Green Kitchen today:

How I Make Meatballs – I make lots of meatballs.  Your recipe is probably different from mine but we love these.

Yesterday we had two separate hospital boxes but that meant two food containers, two water bottles, two boxes to clean so today Vince brought home one big box and we now have both injured chickens together.

They’re happy to be together, I think!  They don’t always show a lot of emotion.  See the chicken in the front.  See where feathers are missing around her neck.  That’s what’s wrong . . someone, probably Lynn . . better not have been Ruby . . pecked her and injured her.

The chicken in the back has the same problem but not nearly so bad.  Not sure how long it takes to grow feathers back but if it happens overnight, I’ll be really happy!  The longer they stay away from the others, the harder it will be to integrate them back into the coop.

Speaking of the coop . . Saturday morning I went out there and that’s when I realized the 2nd chicken was injured.  I went back inside and got Vince to come out with me to get her.  When I opened the egg door, the chickens were running around inside the coop, chasing each other, snatching something from each other.  I said “what on earth is that?”  Vince said it was a piece of bread but I hadn’t given them any bread.  Then I realized someone had laid an egg not in a nesting box and with the alfalfa hay inside the coop, we didn’t see it.  It had frozen solid and they were playing pitch and catch (kinda) with it.  One thing you never want is for your chickens to start pecking the eggs.  Hopefully they were just bored and wanted a new toy because so far, they haven’t messed up any other eggs.

The good news . . the fantastic news, in fact, is that the horribly cold temps are history for now.  Wednesday it is supposed to be near 50.  The bad news is that I’ve been emailing Vince my grocery list and I haven’t left the house since two days before Christmas, except to ride with Vince on Saturday to get alfalfa hay and my excuse has been that I didn’t want to get out in the snow.  Once the snow melts, I’m going to have to start doing my own grocery shopping!  🙂  Worse things have happened, huh?  🙂


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    Are you planning to put the chickens back out in the next day or two or when they heal? Our temps in Arkansas actually hit 52 degrees yesterday. It still seemed much colder because the wind was blowing.

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      Yesterday was sunny and a little above freezing. It’s supposed to warmer today but so far, it’s cloudy and foggy and looks really cold. Yes, we are going to put them back with the others as soon as possible. The longer they’re out, the harder it’s going to be for them to all get along. I’ll probably do it on a warmer day when I can spend more time watching them and then bring them in for a couple of nights til I’m sure everyone is going to be nice.

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    vlynn says

    You probably already know this since you have chickens. They need to eat some shell along with their food. You can buy a bag of shell meal to sprinkle in with their food or, in a pinch, you can rinse your used egg shells, dry them, pulverize them in a processor and sprinkle that in. This satisfies that need for shell in their diet and should eliminate the egg pecking.

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    you know since the last time you left the house we’ve all kinds of new things in this big world…we got colored tv’s, a/c in our cars and phones we can actually walk around the house with…LOL…I would have been completely stir crazy staying in the house that long.

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      You’re too funny. My guess is nothing has changed in my little town. I could stay home forever. As long as I have the internet and cell phone — everything I need is right here at home.

      • Bobbie says

        Judy–don’t forget the sewing machine and the fabric. I’ll just like you, I could care less if I get out–too much fun here!!! Hugs Bobbie

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    Awww, poor chickens! Hopefully they will be better soon.

    I can totally relate to liking to be home. After my husband lost his job a year ago, he took over the grocery shopping and errand running, which was just fine by me. During tax season, grocery shopping was usually the only reason I left the house once a week. Without having to do that, I went weeks last year without going anywhere and had no problem with that at all! Then when I did finally go somewhere, DH asked if I needed medication in order to venture out into the big, bad world. Smart alec.

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    LOL @ what Kelly said!!!!

    Anyways, I hope the chick’s get better soon!! When you go to put them back with the other chick’s, maybe you could just put them back with them while their all out of the coop and for a few nights bring the 2 injured ones in the garage. that might help reintroducing them back into the flock(?). As for them having something to do when bored, A friend of mine has a few chick’s and she had dog toys (non-stuffed type) for them and they played with the toys just like a dog would, was fun to watch.

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      Dog toys is a great idea. I may need to try that if we don’t have grass and bugs soon! Yes, I’ll probably put the out in the day time when I can watch them and then bring them back in at night for a couple of days or til I’m sure they’re not being picked (or should I say pecked) on.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Good morning Judy L- I also love staying at home – I save a lot on make up and “going out” clothes and my face gets to repair itself from the harsh winter heat when you do not need to put “war paint” on. I did check with husband on this and he likes me without make up fine. This morning I noticed over on the Everything Quilts web site they have a kit called “All Cooped Up” by McKenna Ryan and thought of you and your chickens. The chickens must be a panel of fabric I am thinking. Stay Warm from Judy C in N

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    I love your chickens. Maybe it is Lynn and she wants the coop to herself and sees you are removing the chickens she pecks!!!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    You have some lucky chickens. Both my husband and I grew up on farms. Our chickens lived in an unheated chicken house and came and went as they pleased. I don’t recall any ever missing feathers or having problems. I suppose if there WAS a problem that the instigator or the victim or both went into the dumpling pot! You are a good chicken mommy. Stay warm!

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    Now the flock will have to find another chicken on which to henpeck. Its always the lowliest in the group.
    Have you tried hanging a head of cabbage in the coop for the chickens to play with so they don’t have time to henpeck the others? Its worked for others I understand. Keeps them occupied.
    I hope these two are the last that need hospital care.
    Good luck.

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    we are planning on raising chickens in the near future, after reading all of your problems I am wondering if it is a good idea. We would be first time chicken raisers!