Quiltathon Preparations

Our first Quiltathon of 2010 is this coming weekend.  Planning ahead is essential in order to devote as much time as possible to sewing during the weekend.  It really doesn’t matter if you sew 2 hours or 20 hours or 30 hours this weekend.  What matters is that you plan ahead and maximize your sewing time.  Because I love to cook, I can spend all day every day in the kitchen but that takes away from my sewing time.  Here’s my menu for this week:

If you click on the menu, you should be able to get a larger version.  On Saturday, we’re having hot tamales, chili and corn & black bean salad.  I’ll make the chili Thursday or Friday.  Tamales are in the freezer.  Corn & black bean salad is better made a day or two ahead so I’ll make that Thursday or Friday.

For Sunday, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad and Crusty bread.  Meatballs are in the freezer.  Spaghetti sauce is from jars that I canned during the summer.  I’ll stir up the bread on Friday or Saturday and bake it right before we eat.  All I’ll need to do is make a salad.

With just a little planning ahead, I’ll hardly have any cooking to do over the weekend and everything we have is yummy!  Except for the green salad on Sunday, every single thing can be done ahead.  I could even buy the salad in a bag already made but I usually don’t.

There will be leftover soup and leftover chicken stuffed manicotti.  Everyone is on their own for lunch on weekends.  I fix a big breakfast and we don’t usually eat til about 9 a.m.  Lunch is usually more snacking than a meal on weekends.

Got your weekly menu made?  Try it . . even if you aren’t doing the Quiltathon with us — you may be surprised what a difference it makes to have everything planned out ahead.


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    I have a three week rotating menu, so all main meals are mapped out 🙂 AND dh has a 4 day weekend this weekend 🙂 I’ve got my cutting table almost all cleared off and new blades ready for the rotary cutter…and a pattern to work on. Dh should be able to reassemble my quilt frame and get the beast of a quilting machine back on it (I have a Voyager) so I can go upstairs and quilt if I need to get out of the sewing dungeon for a while.

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    I don’t have a menu planned but I’d love eat with you and your family. The menu look scrumptous! It’s me and my husband and on Saturdays I’m gone during the day with something or other quilt related and then he goes bowling around the time I’m arriving home. Sometimes we don’t see each other until 10:00 p.m. I don’t even bother to cook on Saturdays anymore. Now, Sundays are another matter. I’m going to make turkey corn chowder soup and your jailhouse bread recipe. That will last a few days.

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      You’re almost close enough to come for dinner but you’d spend more time driving than sewing. Turkey corn chowder sounds great! I hope you like the jailhouse rolls. They’re great with soup!

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    Jane says

    Oh Judy…you are so close to being my all-time idol!!! LOL So organized and everything from scratch!! WOW! I can’t sew this weekend as I will be out of town all weekend with my daughter and her hockey. :o( But maybe I can participate in a quilt-a-thon that is on after hockey season!!

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    Oh man, I’m eatin’ at your house this week!! Judy, you are my cooking and sewing idol! However, I did use my pressure cooker to make elk stew yesterday and it turned out great!! Artisan bread to accompany. 🙂 I have a staff meeting at the quilt shop tonight and they’re providing dinner, but tomorrow’s dinner is being planned. Now I just need to hop down to my sewing room and get busy. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Melinda says

    Okay, so can my quilting weekend involve my moving my sewing area from my really cold back porch and my bedroom down into my semi cold basement?


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    Pam says

    I told my husband that I was sewing this weekend and that he would be on his own for meals. He raised his eye brows, I think I have spoiled him. Not sure I will get much sewing done this weekend with other obligations but I am going to a Guild retreat next week, Monday – Wednesday and can’t wait. My job is to coordinate Quilter’s Retreats so it is especially fun to be able to go to a retreat and just relax, sew and enjoy!!

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    Tamara says

    One question. Can I move in?? You menu sounds super yummy. I am not a cook but I will do the dishes.

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    Rexanna Maxine says

    Hi Judy,

    Could you post about WHY you like to cook? I understand the quilting/sewing thingy, but absolutely do not get the concept of loving to cook. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I wondered about your love of cooking when I looked at your recipes “everyday recipes for everday people” and saw things that a chef would cook. lol Thanks for you blog. Really enjoy it.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I don’t have a menu planned for Saturday. My bestfriend, Lisa, is coming on Saturday and she mentioned wanting to go to the local Mexican restaurant, El Salto’s, for lunch so that’s what we’re going to do. We both love their food, so we’re going to quilt some, then we’ll eat some, and then sew some more. I have several projects I want to get finished, and some more I want to move along. I can’t wait until the weekend. On Friday I’m meeting with my quilt guild mini group and we’re doing a project from the book Happy Village. It will be so much fun!!