Future Socks

Remember the yarn I was working so hard to get last week from The Loopy Ewe? It’s all arrived now but here are the first three skeins of it.

It feels yummy.  100% wool! There’s lots of yardage . . can’t wait to start knitting on it.

These sheep are covered in wool! I’m betting they have no idea how much a pair of socks cost made out of that wool they’re growing.

Kinda hard to imagine that something so dirty and matted and tangled can later turn into this:

That’s pretty amazing .. from those dirty, stinky sheep to soft, warm wool!  I guess it’s about the same as going from a cotton boll to that yummy fabric in the quilt shop and then into a quilt that keeps us warm!  Interesting!


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    pdudgeon says

    i agree! the colors are so clear and beautiful, and the wool looks so soft. enjoy your knitting!

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      Today is the first day that I think the black chicken is looking better. The best news is that there are no more injured chickens, it’s warmer and they’re playing outside.

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    100% wool! There’s lots of yardage . . can’t wait to start knitting on it.

    Is that how yarn is measured?

    BTW I used to bathe my lambs with woolite – no stinkies!

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    My books arrived yesterday and they’re in the backpack. I plan to study them while I’m gone and hopefully when I get home I can try my first pair of socks. Wish me luck!

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    I tried to get some of this yarn but wasn’t lucky. Sock knitting is as addictive as quilting. I don’t think I’ve ever really met a skein of sock yarn that I don’t like!!!! Your socks are so pretty.

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    Bobbie says

    With it being 100% wool-is it washable or what? It is so pretty-if I can only get going on mine (meaing my socks-not “that” yarn). Your sock book is still on backorder. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Deb says

    So, do you have any desire to move on beyond socks? Scarves, sweaters, etc.? Is your family getting tired of socks yet? (Sometimes they only want so many quilts too..) They are all great socks, and that wool looks SO yummy. I LOVE wool.
    Would love to learn to knit, but have learned my lesson with quilting, and I WILL NOT leave any more ‘stashes” for my family to have to figure out what to do with!
    Keep on knitting, for those of us who would like to!

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      I’ve knitted a couple of scarves and haven’t had the desire to do sweaters yet. In college, when I learned to knit, I did several sweaters. I like the socks that are plain because I can do it without having to think.

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    Luscious yarn! Will each of those skeins (are they skeins yet?) make one pair of socks? Without worry of running out? I haven’t got to that point yet. I keep buying 2 skeins–fear factor.
    I love the intense colors. And I don’t think anyone can have too many pair of hand knit socks.

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      There’s so much yardage on these. One skein will actually make a pair of knee socks. Most socks take about 350-370 yards of fingering weight yarn. There’s about 525 yards on the Wollmeise skeins.

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    LOVE THE COLORS!!! Now, could you do me a favor and STOP showing all the pretty yarn and socks?? I am in the midst of my first yarn class and I am ready to turn the heel, but my class was canceled on Monday and I have to wait until next Monday to learn. I’m so eager to work the heel and see whether I enjoy the process before buying anymore yarn. This is torture!! lol

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    Dianah says

    I will tell you it is A LOT of work to wash sheep and get any and all weeds out of their wool before you get them shearred. We would spend hours getting them cleanned and dried off. Then the shaving was so quick.

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      After the sheep are sheared, what happens with the yarn? I don’t have a clue what the next steps are . . going from sheep to socks.

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    I don’t knit but that yarn looks gorgeous. It looks so soft and cuddly just like the sheep it came from. How can some wool be so scratchy and others are as soft as butter? I can’t wait to see what you create with it.

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    Carol says

    What pretty yarn! No wonder it’s so popular. Can’t wait to see pretty socks! Have you ever combine the leftover yarn to knit a pair of socks?

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    Lesa Matthes says

    I totally understand the yarn craze. I’m just getting into sock knitting……what’s your favorite pattern? I’m not sure where exactly to jump into this!