Maybe it’s time I stopped sewing, stopped quilting, stopped knitting, stopped stalking The Loopy Ewe waiting for new yarn and . .

. . clean out the freezer!  I just went upstairs to get chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow’s dinner and this is what happened when I opened the freezer.

Solution:  I ate the rest of a carton of Blue Bell ice cream!  That made a little more room in the freezer.  Not so much help for my jeans though! 🙂


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    I am thrilled to know that I am not the only one with that problem. My husband will go through mine and organize everything. A month later it is falling out the door again. Ice cream sounds really good!

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    I think all of us have that type of freezer problem…….actually I think its a problem with all side by side refrigerators…..Next time I’m going back to the style I had before (refrig on top freezer on bottom)….

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    I love my freezer drawer on the bottom! It won’t close if things aren’t down far enough…….no avalanches here! Sure don’t miss stuff falling out on my toes! 😉

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    At least you didn’t get hurt. One of my friends had the same thing happend and a pack of meat landed on her foot and broke it!

    Everytime I see socks that you’ve knitted, I think maybe I should try a pair. Where did you get your pattern and what yarn do you suggest starting with? I haven’t knit socks since I was in high school and knit some for my dad. That was, umm, several years ago! 🙂

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    And I thought I was probably the only one who would ever get an idea like that — that just eating the ice cream was a solution! (I’d probably have eaten the entire container of Cool Whip, too, tho!)

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    Carol says

    Thank goodness I am not the ONLY person this happens to. But sadly, I don’t have any Blue Bell ice cream (I LOVE that stuff!)

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    Angie says

    My freezer gets like this at times too…When it gets serious (like I have to push the door shut)— I don’t buy anymore food! Except fresh to go with whatever is in the freezer or the pantry. I mean we eat it “down” to one package of frozen beans literally, or whatever meat there is. How old are those chicken thighs? It’s really good for me to do this as I sure get inventive with cooking meals. Then I do a good fridge/freezer cleaning and we start this silly food hoarding again. I don’t have a huge freezer. Just the bottom section of my Amana fridge. But it’s amazing what I can cram into it.

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    I think we all have this kind of problem…but I don’t know if we all have thought of YOUR solution…and I like it….eat the ice cream to make more room!!!

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    LOL Judy! If it makes you feel better, last week I was putting a freezer jar of chicken broth in my upright. Just as I almost had it on the shelf, the lid came off and chicken broth went all over everything!

    Since I had to empty the freezer to clean the mess up, mine is now organized. 🙂

    I would have tossed the Great Value corn! Blech! Walmart is close to losing my business because they keep replacing EVERYTHING with their brand. Some things are okay… I think the frozen veggies are terrible!

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      I love the Great Value corn! That’s about all I use. Those bags are going in corn & black bean salad for the weekend and taco soup for next week so they’ll be fine for that but I really prefer frozen corn to canned and I don’t use the good corn that I put up this summer for either the corn & black bean salad or the taco soup.

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    I have a bottom freezer which I love but things get lost in there too because you have to get on your knees to find stuff in the back. One basket/drawer is supposed to pull out but its usually too full and too heavy to move more than an inch or two!

    I prefer frozen corn too. My favorite is the Trader Joe’s Roasted Corn. It adds amazing flavor to everything, including a corn/bean salad and a hamburger soup that I make.

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    ROFLOL. Yeah, I’ll bet that carton of Blue Bell was the whole problem in the freezer! Good thing you got rid of that thing!

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    Deb Myers says

    Frustrating, isn’t it~~ all that freezer stuff…
    You haven’t mentioned the chickens today?? Are the girls better??

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    Funny my freezer attacked me today too!! I have been storing bananas in the freezer for that “banana bread” some day. Well, 6 fall out hit me in my foot, now I have banana bruises on my foot. One hit so hard it took me down with it. Darn bananas!!!!!!

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      Bobbie says

      Sorry girls–my 2 freezers are so nice and tidy-the one with the ice box and the big one out in the” freezer room” (also my canning room” I’ll bet there is not one thing in them that is over 5 years old. I’m so proud!!! Hugs, Bobbie