Finished Socks #1

These socks were supposed to be part of my Socktoberfest but I lost them.  I don’t even know when or where I found them because I was just sitting knitting the other night and I thought . . these socks were lost and now they’re found!

This yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn.  It’s 80% Superwash Merino/20% nylon.  I like knitting with it but for some reason, this yarn seems to take forever to knit up.  I use a size 1 needle, which I use for a lot of my socks so don’t ask me why I always feel like I’m never going to finish socks when using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn.  But, I guess I just proved myself wrong because . . I did finish them!  🙂



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    KatieQ says

    I love the color blend of these socks. This may have been asked and answered before: can wool socks be put in the washing machine with regular wash or do they need special treatment?

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      Some wool (most of it in fact) is called “superwash” and it can be put in the washer. I think most of it is not recommended for the dryer though. I still hand wash all my handmade socks. I have a bucket in my closet and I just toss them in there and then when there are 10 or 12 pairs needing washing, and it’s a sunny day, I wash them all and lay them out on the deck to dry. Doesn’t take any time at all to do it.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Great looking socks, Judy L. I am still looking for a pattern that would be easy enough for a sock beginner to knit. I know how to knit, I have just never knitted socks and really do want to. Can you recommend a pattern/book? Any and all advice appreciated. Just what I need – another addiction !!!
    Judy C in NC

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      There are so many variables. You can knit cuff down or toe up. You can knit two socks at once on circular needles. You can knit one sock at a time on one circular needle. You can use double point needles. You’ll just have to figure out which method you want to try and then there are plenty of sock patterns available on the internet. My favorite, because it’s what I started with and it works for me, is Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter. There’s a link somewhere in my blog. If you can knit, you can easily knit socks. There are tons of videos online you can watch if you get in a jam.

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    They look toasty and now I want to go in and finish my sock today but other things are calling me-hopefully tonight.

    Was that your last lonely sock?

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      I find Lorna’s Laces Shepherd to be not as soft as most other sock yarns I’ve used. I love the feel of knitting it but it isn’t my favorite sock to wear.

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    Dear Ms. Laquidara,
    Ruby called me and wanted me to let you know that those socks are way too big for her little chickie feet. She wants you to start over and measure precisely for her.

    Also, the color is acceptable as it will provide a nice contrast to her red feathers. She said that way you won’t have to purchase more yarn. Although she wants you to buy some sheep so you can rove your own wool yarn for the next project she has lined up for her.

    Also, she would prefer that her birdie socks have a monogrammed “R” on them as she is that kind of fashionista.

    Ruby’s biggest fan

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    Lisa says

    Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn is a small yarn. When you use small needles too, it takes forever to knit! I’m currently working on a pair of socks with malabrigo (small yarn) using size 0 double needles. It will take me forever. I’m use to knitting with size 2 needles!

    Beautiful socks!

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    Mary Beth says

    Okay, I have decided that you are the Bionic Woman. You must be…they took her off TV and then a few years later I met you….

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    Love the color. You didn’t find your ipod with this did you?

    I just signed up for a toe-up sock class. I might also take the two at one time class depending how this first class goes.

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    They’re beautiful! I’m glad you found and finished them. I hope to finish a pair for the Southern Summer of Socks. I have one sock done, but got carried away making fingerless mitts and haven’t started sock too. I’m almost afraid to…we have a new kitten who loves to play with thread and yarn!

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    Eve says

    Love ’em, Judy!! I know what you mean about it seeming like you’ll never get done with the socks you make out of the superfine yarns. But I sure do like them once they’re done!

    And, Angela, I ROFLOLed @ your post on Ruby’s behalf!!! You ROCK!!! Eve

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    Darlene S says

    Love the color of your socks AND the length. They look like they would fit me!! Next time they are lost, you might check at my house. I wear lots of turquoise related garments Dar