Is it Almost Noon Already?

Where did this morning go?  It’s almost noon and I’m just now getting downstairs to the sewing room.  That never happens!

I cleaned out all the water and food containers for the chickens.  It’s double the work since we have the injured ones separate.  Came in and got the morning inside chores done.  Then I went into the garage.  What’s that smell?  About midnight I had gone out last night to take the trash out and smelled it but pretended I didn’t.  This morning it was still there so I figured we were past the point of pretending.  I called Vince and he said he had smelled it too.  I guess he pretended he didn’t smell it either.  He came home and used some kind of smeller gadget to figure out where it was coming from.  He kept saying “it’s a solvent of some kind”.  I kept staying “it stinks!”  Never could figure out what it was and decided that he must have run through some diesel on the road last night when he was coming in and the smell of the diesel on his tires permeated throughout the garage.  Same thing happened once when he hit a skunk.  It did not smell like a solvent but it did stink! 🙂

He gave up on finding the smell and went back to work.

There was wheat to be ground.

Bread to be made.

The kitchen isn’t real warm so it will take a while to rise.  While it’s rising, I’ll add the binding to the orange quilt. And then I’ll load Bearly Dancing and then I’ll cut out the pieces for Blueberries & Cream so I’ll be ready to sew all day tomorrow!


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    Judy, which grinder do you use again? I love my Country Living grain mill, but I have a friend who’s looking for an electric only grinder… is yours the Nutri-Mill?

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    YOU ARE AMAZING!! Yes, I was yelling! And I’m such a slacker!! (If only I could put that in little tiny letters…) Vince, if you are reading this, you have the most amazing wife in the world! You picked a winner. 🙂 I’m off to, um, do something, even if it’s wrong.


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    Linda says

    Re: The Smell. We had the same problem in our basement—mild at first but getting stronger all the time. My husband blamed the litter box but I kept cleaning it and the smell got stronger. Very odd smell, too. It turned out that a gallon can of etching compound used to etch cars before painting had corroded and was leaking. It wasn’t MY STUFF but guess who got to clean it up? That didn’t take three guesses did it?

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    Bobbie says

    Judy-was it here that “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” was talked about? Where ever it was I went to Amazon and ordered it-they said 2 day delivery-I said “oh yeah” – last night , after dark, heard a car out there and on my porch was the book-I couldn’t believe, plus no shipping charges. Back to the bread-is this the kind you make or have made? It sounds so easy and good. One more thing-what in the world id a pizza peel? Hugs, Bobbie

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    You really are inspiring ! Although I’m cutting myself some slack this weekend (foot surgery last Monday – so still in that recovery week timeframe !) I did finally get to the grocery store (all of my children were STARVING as there was NO FOOD in the fridge) – funny – when I came home – I had a hard time making everything fit in the same fridge……

    No sewing for me this weekend – today is filled with paperwork and pre-tax stuff, and tomorrow is filled with a swim meet – but I am giong to carve out a few hours during the week to make up for it – promise !